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Masked men rape, shoot school teacher

By Richard Charan
Friday, June 13th 2008

ViolenceMASKED men broke into the home of a young school teacher and shot her in the back when she tried to save herself.

And despite her blood and her tears, she was abducted, taken to an abandoned house and raped, sodomised and beaten.
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Cops in ATM Theft

3 officers accused of beating man to get pin number for ‘withdrawal’

Peter Christopher and Anna Ramdass
Wednesday, June 11th 2008

PoliceTHE CAMERA of an automatic teller machine has caught three cops playing robbers.

Three police officers attached to the Tunapuna Police Station are now set to be charged with the robbery of a businessman and will face a Tunapuna magistrate following the completion of identification parades tomorrow.
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PNM councillor in court on sex charge

Councillor to appear in court for indecent assault

Terry RandonA People’s National Movement (PNM) official is expected to appear in the Sangre Grande Magistrates’ Court today charged with three counts of indecent assault.

The suspect, who had been detained by police at the Sangre Grande Police Station since Sunday, is alleged to have assaulted a female soldier assigned to the United States Air Force, during a tour of the Toco area on June 3.

The officer had reported the incident to the US Embassy, which later took the allegations to the Sangre Grande Police Station.
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Dad, baby shot dead

By Nalinee Seelal
Monday, June 9 2008

Baby ZionA 25-year-old man and his baby son succumbed to their injuries after being shot several times while seated in a taxi at Picton Road, Laventille, on Saturday night.

Anthony Jones died at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital at about 11 pm, while his five-month-old son Zion, succumbed to gunshot injuries about 3 am yesterday at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.
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It’s war now

By Lara Pickford-Gordon
Monday, June 9 2008

Dr. Keith Rowley“I will take on from the PM to the cook. I don’t care what office you hold in this country. I don’t care what office you hold in this party. If you challenge my reputation then the war is on,” Member of Parliament for Diego Martin West Dr Keith Rowley announced yesterday as he addressed supporters in his Diego Martin Constituency 4th annual conference at the Pt Cumana Regional Com-plex, Carenage.
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Through a maze of colour

By Keith Smith
Thursday, June 5th 2008

Barack ObamaI heard one of the talking heads on CNN, Tuesday night, talking with some relish – if not awe – of the fortuitous happenstance that sees Barack Obama winning the Democratic nomination (not that Ms Clinton doesn’t seem about to do her damnedest to prevent it, good sense, though, ultimately bound to prevail) on the anniversary of the very day that Martin Luther King gave his now legendary “I Have a Dream” speech.
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Relieve rapists of their tongues

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, June 8th 2008

ViolenceWITH 27 years of writing columns under my belt-I once wrote two columns a week, but never scaled Keith Smith’s one-a-day heights-how well I recall sitting before a typewriter and pondering for hours: what topic shall I choose today? At this sordid point in our nation’s history, that question has reversed itself: what do I not write about? Which is a hell-of-a-dilemma: it’s a sign of the times we live in. So much to write about, so little space.
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Controlling our Food Supply

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
June 06, 2008

MarketDuring the forties and the fifties, Corpus Christi was planting day. On that day, my mother and my brother planted every available piece of land around our house with corn, peas, dasheen bush, tanais and yams. These crops were supplement by breadfruits, a slave food, spinach which grew wildly around the village, mangoes, an import from India, tomatoes, a native plant from South and Central America, and a host of other fruits and vegetables. We purchased cow’s milk from our Indian neighbors who lived in the gutter (El Dorado) and sometimes the Scotts would supply us with goat milk.
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March to secret Govt

By Andre Bagoo
Thursday, June 5 2008

ParliamentATTORNEY GENERAL Brigid Annisette-George was yesterday accused of taking the country one step closer to a secret government as lawyers, constitutional and public service experts criticised her for, on Tuesday, blocking parliamentary questions on the legal fees paid to private attorneys for State briefs.
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Obama’s Achievement

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
June 05, 2008

Barack ObamaTuesday, June 3, 2008, marked a special moment in the history of the United States of America and the contemporary world. It was the day when Barack Obama became the nominee of the Democratic Party to contest the 2008 elections in November. Some said it couldn’t be done; some said that the Democratic Party would never elect an African American as their standard bearer; some even said that even if he were nominated he would not live to realize his dream. They must have been thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King.
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