Daily Archive for June 29th, 2008

Church and Sexuality

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
June 26, 2008

CrossWhen I was growing up in Tacarigua, Gilbert Jessop, the priest of the St. Mary’s Anglican Church, employed David, a homosexual servant, who was cook, maid, chief bottle washer and the master of his house. Rev. Jessop, the son of the famous English cricketer of the same name, was a bachelor and so David directed the daily routine of his house. Most of the young men in the district liked the arrangement because it gave us free reins to the pastorate which Rev. Jessop turned it into a mini–club house. Rev. Jessop was a master at table tennis–no one ever beat him in a game–and an efficient cricketer. He was the first person I ever saw play the game golf which he did on the Orange Grove savannah.
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Champagne taste, mauby pockets

By Raffique Shah
June 29, 2008

Elite DiningWith NFM announcing last week that the price of wheat flour is set to rise another 29 per cent, there was the usual groaning and moaning from consumers, blaming “de govament” for rising food prices. Really, you’d think these people have just landed from Mars, that they are unaware of the global food crisis, of inflation eating into people’s pockets just about everywhere in the world. You’d think, too, that by now everyone would have adjusted their spending habits to meet escalating costs through focussing on “needs” as opposed to “wants”.
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