Dad, baby shot dead

By Nalinee Seelal
Monday, June 9 2008

Baby ZionA 25-year-old man and his baby son succumbed to their injuries after being shot several times while seated in a taxi at Picton Road, Laventille, on Saturday night.

Anthony Jones died at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital at about 11 pm, while his five-month-old son Zion, succumbed to gunshot injuries about 3 am yesterday at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

The death of father and son caused widespread mourning in Beverly Hills, Laventille, and Chaconia Drive, Morvant, where the baby lived with his mother who was treated for shock and sedated yesterday.

Reports revealed that Jones kept the baby at the Beverly Hills home of his mother, while his girlfriend worked at a racing pool.

At about 9.30 pm on Saturday, Jones, a construction worker, called a taxi driver he knew to take him and the child to his girlfriend’s Morvant home.

On reaching Picton Road, Laventille, at about 10 pm, the driver stopped to urinate.

Police reports revealed that a lone gunman emerged from bushes and pointed the gun at point blank range at Jones, whose son Zion, also lovingly called “Fatman”, was asleep in his arms.

Jones begged the gunman to spare his life and asked the gunman to think about the baby. He then covered the baby, using his body as a shield.

An eyewitness told police investigators that the assailant fired nine shots at Jones striking him in the chest, hands and shoulders. Baby Zion, was shot in the chest, arms and legs. The gunman then fled the scene.
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UPDATE: JUNE 10, 2008

Police shakedown follows Laventille double murder

By Geisha Kowlessar
Tuesday 10th June, 2008

Anthony Jones and his son ZionThe resident, who said he was present at the time of the shooting, said three days before Jones was killed, he got into an argument with a popular man from the area, resulting in the man’s windscreen being shattered.

Jones’ brother Gavin, also known as “Pussy,” was shot dead about two months ago, another resident said.

“He (Jones) was a bully. He like to give people gun talk and bad talk.

“If he lend you ten dollars, the next day he want 15. They put him in place to get kill.

“They wanted to take him out long time because they fed-up with him,” the resident said.

He said moments before Jones was killed, three men—one dressed in black and another in red—ran up to the car in which Jones and his son were seated.

Both were in the back seat. Zion was in his father’s arms.

“Jones ask the driver, “Like you putting me in place to get kill?”

“The driver turn round and say he coming now. Then three men run up and all you hear is shots,” the resident said.

Asked about the whereabouts of the driver, the resident replied, “He can’t come back here. He is a dead man.”

Saying that Jones was also known to carry a firearm, the resident said Jones was not responsible for recent shootings.

“He get a reputation from who he brother was.

“He would threaten people who did not want to do as he say,” the resident said.

Mere moments before he was killed, Jones was heard begging the killers to spear his son’s life.

“He tell them I have my child with me.

“The gunman turn and say ‘what f-ing child?’ Then we hear more shots.”

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12 thoughts on “Dad, baby shot dead”

  1. good I love my country but what is it comming ,If they are not raping little girls they are killing babys.I think that they should start imposing the death penalty for these offenders or this will get to the point of no return. I am not a person that normaly press for the death penalty but in these circumstances I am for it.

  2. These people are worse than animals. When being attacked, a male baboon will sometimes grab a nearby infant because it knows no other male will attack it because they fear hurting the young. Apparantly, we have sunk lower than the laws of the jungle.

  3. What is my home town really coming to i cant believe it this makes me have a second thought in returning to my long gone beautiful island. Please stop the crime and bring back sweet T&T

  4. the shooting of a child innocent to the sins of TnT WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED!! I know that there is a God above and when these criminals including those in Authority fail to implement God’s will into the country, there sufferation will be ten times more than what we could ever possibly imagine. This story makes me scared to visit Trinidad with my 2year son. I hope in the next uprising Manning and his team of 40 thieves cannot live to tell the story, in order to be martyred. Trinidad need fresh parliamentary leaders uncorrupted and unmoved by businessmen influence and willing to uphold law and order.

  5. ‘I still smell Zion’
    Sherdeena Durant yesterday struggled to understand why a gunman shot and killed her five- month-old baby son Zion and his father Anthony Jones. “This is too much to bear. How could a man watch an innocent baby sleeping in the arms of his father and shoot that child?” Durant asked, after she viewed her son and his father’s bodies at the Forensic Science Centre, St James.

  6. Iam a trini living in boston and everyday i read the news it is getting worse i think its time to start hanging all those who commit these crime its an eye for as eye .

  7. I am ashame of my Country, it is getting worst, and nothing seem to be getting done about these crime, the need to implement a very strick law to stop these crimes, before T&T demolish, I’m afraid to came and visit after nearing all these brimes.

  8. What is really happening in this country. I’m 18yrs old and i cannot imagine loosing someone close. One day we’ll wake up and get the scent of the coffee but it’s gonna be too late. In the bible they said that we have to be like a child to enter the kingdom of God, but thesr heatless criminals are killing innocent leaders. Shame on whosoever committed this crime. I haven’t wept for Baby Zion. I wept for you. Too many moters are left behind in sorrow and dismay. Something disastrous will happen in this country and it will be too late. I have faith That our God will clean this Earth. But yet still, I’m afraid.

  9. I have just returned from a two weeks visit to Trinidad I am happy to say I did not witness any form of violence not even a fight or argument. What is this world coming to when an innocent baby is gunned down in cold blood? The government needs to bring back capital punishment, then again hanging is too good for these cold blooded criminal they need a dose of their own medicine.

    I hope Zion and his father rest in peace.

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