PNM councillor in court on sex charge

Councillor to appear in court for indecent assault

Terry RandonA People’s National Movement (PNM) official is expected to appear in the Sangre Grande Magistrates’ Court today charged with three counts of indecent assault.

The suspect, who had been detained by police at the Sangre Grande Police Station since Sunday, is alleged to have assaulted a female soldier assigned to the United States Air Force, during a tour of the Toco area on June 3.

The officer had reported the incident to the US Embassy, which later took the allegations to the Sangre Grande Police Station.

PNM councillor in court on sex charge
A People’s National Movement councillor is expected to appear before a Sangre Grande magistrate today on charges of indecent assault.

PNM councillor on sexual assault charge
A 58-year old PNM councillor of Dinsley Village, Tacarigua, was charged last evening with three counts of indecent assault. The charge was laid yesterday by Sgt Beverly Paul of the Sangre Grande Police Station.

Teacher charged with fondling schoolgirls
Primary school teacher Albert Dookie appeared in the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court yesterday, charged with indecently assaulting four female pupils at the Tabaquite Presbyterian Primary School…

Teacher on indecent assault charge gets bail

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  1. It is such a shame that the news cannot print his name. these are the type of people led shame to T&T.

  2. it’s a pity that we allow the media and what the ills of this world to tarnish one person’s reputation…..let’s not be so quick to judge….all of us that judge now may be shamed of ourselves later….

  3. Charged with indecent assault….
    Councillor on $150,000 bail

    Mobbed by scores of People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters after his court appearance yesterday, Toco/Fishing Pond councillor Martin “Terry” Rondon sounded almost defeatist.
    Full Article :

    Hugs, kisses at court for accused PNM councillor
    A large crowd of People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters mobbed Deputy Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Terry Martin Rondon yesterday as he left the district court on three charges of indecently assaulting a female United States Air Force officer.

    Vehicular traffic grounded to a halt in the Eastern town as police officers were called out to ease the human blockade of hugs and kisses for Rondon outside the Sangre Grande Magistrate’s Courts on Toco Road.

    The crowd applauded Rondon as he made his way out of the court and tried to shield him from the throng of media photographers.

    One supporter wearing a PNM jersey countered, “Terry is we Toco boy. They lying on Terry and trying to pull him down. Terry, we love you.”
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  4. J. Alfonso, it is not the media that is tarnishing Mr. Rondon’s reputation. It is the female U.S. Embassy soldier that is doing it!

    She must either be a big UNCA supporter, and therefore has it in for the PNM. Yes that must be it!! Or she just bad mind, and wants to destroy Mr. Rondon for no apparent reason, right?

  5. The women supporting that councillor should waitto hear the evidence. Would they behave the same way if the accuser was their daughter, sister or daughter-in-law? If he did this, perhaps he did it before, perhaps others would come forward. MAny men of power try to geet away with stuff like this.

  6. What a shame on the people of T&T. You get the type of police,politician you want. Having left T&T over 25 years ago it has been a constant lack of law in Trinidad and the people of this beautiful country has allowed it. The constant killings, corruption as I read the news it sounds like hell. You vote the corruption in power the people have no morals or ethics. It trickles down to the very core of the daily lives of the people in Trinidad. The overseas companies get first class treatment while the locals get the don’t care attitude from the Government. Wake up people of T&T these problems has gone on far to long. The attitude of having a good time and party ,party is going to be the death of this country.

  7. print his name we want them to be ashamed of their crime you have shamed that person and their family.
    sex, sex, sex, that’s all they think about.
    we need new government to be strong on female crimes in t&t now. shame on you, shame , shame, shame. jail him no bail, let us see which judge will get him on bail that’s all these no good judges doing.

  8. Whatever anybody from the United States of America gets from a Trinidadian they should take it with a pinch of salt. Just as they feel that we should not get visas to visit the United States, they have no right here. Work in the United States.

  9. What a comical bunch my fellow citizens all are. Did the sexual assault take place because this character was a PNM Councilor? How about the Teacher that fondled little girls in Tabaquite Presbyterian Primary School that decent parents placed under his stewardship, did he do it because he was a teacher, or did the profession merely accorded him opportunities to prey on girls. The Catholic Church has historically been linked to the well known ,disgusting habits and prevalence of homosexual predators on boys that awaited catechism . Is it therefore the doctrine of the Church that says sex with little boys are fine in QRC, Fatima , St Mary’s College, and the million of churches and parishes globally they worship ‘graven images,’ and pray to ‘Hail Mary full of grace,’ or is it the fact that the Church chooses to hire an overabundance of unmarried homosexual young priest ,who eventually becomes Bishops , Archbishops ,and other high end Princes of the institution since Constantine reigned?
    Magic does not work dear friends in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country. You cannot ‘have your cake and eat it,’ at the same time. Who it is that constantly boast daily about exceedingly noble culture , and how it helped ensure that one particular group does well socially and economically in our country on their own since 1962 , while others don’t, but remained dependent on racially skewed political privileges and largesse , are violent savages , un ambitious ,and uncaring about the plight of each other- particularly their own families?
    You therefore have to take the bad as manifested by the alleged superior noble culture clans. This is a predilection for corruption , greed, selfishness, clannish ,insular behaviors , and total disregard for women as ‘par for the course,’ by such members . It remained with them along with their 50 acres of land obtained by the conniving Brits when they initially came from the Motherland.
    In like manner , 400 hundred years of European domination has forced the Kinky head Sun God people of the Virgin Continent to inculcate some of the more despicable characteristics of the Slave masters- namely a thirst for violence, self hatred , fatalism and most recently a destructive nihilistic attitude. Unlike other tribes in our country ,education only helped to re-enforce many of the European orchestrated penchants by the emerging leaders through the decades .
    It has been well documented for those interested, that these Sun God folks with few exception, were hard working, spiritual, family /community oriented people ,before they became contaminate with European savages from the then Dark Continent. It was this trusting , loving , nondiscriminatory ,and welcoming spirit that led to their down fall , and allowed for their present day dysfunctions ,and dispersal globally. Today , they remain like lost sheep , or in our particular case rudderless fishermen boats ,that drifts across our waters into that of our venomous Venezuelan neighbors, that beat them, confiscate their catch , boats ,and equipments, and use the inter-State signed Treaty as toilet paper ,while their great Military pseudo dictator leader ,continually attempts to divide Caricom, and any form of regional unity with his oil ploys. These are well established facts that I have elucidated for your benefits , and the few honest amongst you will all agree.
    Ahh , what a relief to not have to babble on about ethnic cleansing, or similar inconsequential non- issue for yet another day in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow country!
    Sing on Uncle Starlin a premier Sun God disciple of the Black Socrates Movement

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