Cops in ATM Theft

3 officers accused of beating man to get pin number for ‘withdrawal’

Peter Christopher and Anna Ramdass
Wednesday, June 11th 2008

PoliceTHE CAMERA of an automatic teller machine has caught three cops playing robbers.

Three police officers attached to the Tunapuna Police Station are now set to be charged with the robbery of a businessman and will face a Tunapuna magistrate following the completion of identification parades tomorrow.

Three weeks ago, the businessman, who owns a bakery, left a casino at Grand Bazaar, Valsayn, after pocketing approximately $80,000 in winnings.

The officers reportedly confronted the man as he made his way home, then allegedly robbed him of his winnings and beat him in an attempt to gain the personal identification number of his bank card, which they also took. After the businessman yielded the information to the cops-turned-robbers, the lawmen made their way to a nearby ATM. It was at the automated teller that the officers were allegedly recorded on a security camera.

The video evidence finally incriminated the officers yesterday, and they were detained and questioned in connection with the incident. Arresting officers were reportedly reluctant to approach the three officers due to their reputation. They are known to have put a dent on crime in the division.
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8 Responses to “Cops in ATM Theft”

  • this has been going on for long time there are a lot of police office in crime in the country.


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  • I wish we could raze Trinidad and start over. Everyday we hear something worse.These policemen should be sent to prison for the rest of their lives, they have abused the public trust.

  • these officers making the good cops look bad,deal with them just like any other civillian

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  • why do they keep on insisting on giving policemen bail jail those no good cops they need to learn now. it will happen again and again.whta is wrong with the system or judges that put these criminals back to normal.

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