Masked men rape, shoot school teacher

By Richard Charan
Friday, June 13th 2008

ViolenceMASKED men broke into the home of a young school teacher and shot her in the back when she tried to save herself.

And despite her blood and her tears, she was abducted, taken to an abandoned house and raped, sodomised and beaten.

The 23-year-old woman was listed in a serious condition at hospital last night. She was left for dead but survived and stumbled through the bush until she made it to a house.

In the hospital with her is her boyfriend, who was shot in the right leg during the attack, which occurred around 3 a.m. yesterday, while the couple slept at her apartment.

The atrocity occurred in a part of Trinidad where the wave of crime sweeping the country is but a smother, and where police officers have been credited, despite a critical manpower shortage, with keeping the crime rate lower than other areas.
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Two Tobago men in court for raping girl

By Karl E. Cupid
Tobago Bureau
Friday, June 13 2008

A TOBAGO lighting technician yesterday appeared before a Scarborough Magistrate charged with raping a teenager at a house in Plymouth on June 1, while his assistant stood in the same court charged with having sexual intercourse with the same girl.

Arthur Peterkin, 56, of Arnos Vale, Plymouth, Tobago stood before senior magistrate Annette Mc Kenzie and was denied bail on the rape charge, while his assistant Terry Hillaire, 36, was also denied bail on charges that he had sexual intercourse with the teenager without her consent on two occasions on June 7.

Both men were remanded in custody and are to return to court next week Tuesday. The two were held by police at a house at Arnos Vale, Plymouth, last Tuesday.

In another matter, Peterkin was ordered to pay a fine of $1,500 or serve 30 days in jail with hard labour after he pleaded guilty to being in possession of .8 grammes of marijuana.

The drugs were found in a box of matches during a police search.,80665.html

Tobago men charged with having sex with minor

FIFTY-FIVE-year-old lighting technician, Arthur Peterkin of Arnos Vale and Terry Hillarie, 36, of Argyle, appeared before Senior Magistrate Annette McKenzie yesterday morning, charged with having sexual intercourse with a minor.

Both men were not called upon to plead when they appeared in the Scarborough Magistrates’ Court, as the charges were laid indictably.
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Vincentian man on rape charge

A Vincentian man charged with having sex with a teenager was yesterday denied bail when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Annette McKenzie in the Scarborough First Court. Milton Trumpet, a national of St Vincent, is accused of having sexual intercourse with a female under 16 on June 7.
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3 thoughts on “Masked men rape, shoot school teacher”

  1. Lord. have mercy. Now we have an epidemic of rapes in the country.Send every accused rapist before a female magistrate, so that in listening to the details of the crime she could imagine it being her, or her child or her sister. Then let them each impose the maximum possible sentence. These men, as part of their sentence, should be required to learn woodworking, and build furniture for schools and nurseries, or wooden toys for children. This way, the country will get some small benefit from their incarceration. And if they come out, they will have another useful skill.

  2. my god what is happening here too many rapes , as the saying goes hang them …… in woodfrod square and cut it off.

  3. It is very sad to listen to the terrible news about the crimes which are occurring in Trinidad a country which I left a long time ago but one which I continue to cherish as one of the most beautiful places on earth and one which I remember to be very safe our house did not even require a lock on the front door or any other door.As children there was no need for our parents to be worried when we went out to play we were cared for by every adult in the district.I grew to adulthood and never heard of a murder in our district or the surrounding villages. Who brought this to Trinidad ? It is difficult to believe that it is home grown.

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