Kamla takes the cake…icing et al

By Raffique Shah
October 14, 2007

Kamla Persad-BissesarMoney, even politicians will tell you, is the root of all evil. After all, ever since this country’s coffers were boosted by oil dollars back in the 1950s, many an elected member has been accused of stealing from the public purse. When Dr. Eric Williams came on the electoral scene in 1956, one charge he used to crush the burly “Bertie” Gomes with was corruption. Shortly after he was put in charge of the Treasury, Williams would himself be accused of corruption. Or, more accurately, that he harboured corrupt ministers and underlings.
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Good Governance Forever

By Michael De Gale
October 12, 2007

Patrick ManningMr. Manning’s decision to turf the party’s deadweight and replace them with a seemingly talented young group free of political baggage and eager to prove themselves, was a demonstration of decisive leadership, political fortitude and foresight. For too long, the PNM had been burdened with parasites, dinosaurs and political opportunists, who were nothing but an Albatross around the party’s neck, weak links, millstones, liabilities and losers. For this bold and courageous move Mr. Manning should be loudly applauded.
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Flow Cable Upgrade Can Downgrade Your Home

Cable Subscriber
October 09, 2007

Flow Cable Trinidad and TobagoFor those who are having the Cable TV and Internet upgrades, here is what to expect:

They would call you and tell you that your home is scheduled for an upgrade, but they would not tell you upfront that the upgrade means a rewiring of your house, which, depending on how many television sets you have and the parts of the house they are placed, could take an entire day.

Although the Flow cable (Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited) vehicles have water coolers, be prepared to be asked for water continually. You would also have to overhear cellphone conversations continually as their phones ring all the time, and they do speak rather loudly. They would also come to your home with dirty boots, so your carpets would need some work after.
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‘UNC still a force to be reckoned with’

Animated Basdeo PandayExperts: ‘UNC still a force to be reckoned with’
Anyone who thought the United National Congress (UNC) Alliance was a dead political force should now think again, political analysts Professors Selwyn Ryan and John La Guerre said yesterday.
Ryan said that the UNC Alliance’s presentation of 21 candidates on Sunday, which was attended by a crowd of thousands at Mid Centre Mall in Chaguanas, may have proven to be the surprise of the election race so far.

‘UNC Alliance rally was just a big fete’
THE UNITED National Congress Alliance’s Mid Centre Mall crowd on Sunday was an illusion, and it cost $1 million in transport to take people there to fete all day, former UNC chairman Kama Maharaj has said.
He predicted that the COP would get 300,000 votes in the three-way race, and win government.
Maharaj made the comment at the opening Sunday night of the constituency office for attorney Kevin Ratiram, the COP’s candidate for Oropouche West. The office is located at Lall’s Shopping Complex, Debe.
Full Article : trinidadexpress.com

Trinicenter Reporters
October 09, 2007

This election season, many are uneasy about the unpredictability of the outcome of the November 5th polls. Each party wanting victory are hellbent on propagating untruths and they are even judgemental about absurdities that they too are guilty of.

The Trinidad Express published an article written by Richard Charan dated October 09, 2007, titled ‘UNC Alliance rally was just a big fete’.

Here are some interesting points that was published in that article:

“The United National Congress Alliance’s Mid Centre Mall crowd on Sunday was an illusion, and it cost $1 million in transport to take people there to fete all day, former UNC chairman Kama Maharaj has said.”

“Maharaj said he knew the election tricks the UNC used to make a crowd look big.”

“We put tents all around the car park and the inside gets really small. We will bring any amount of people we can find. We never knew that place could hold more than 5,000.”

The reported criticisms by former UNC chairman and now COP member, Kama Maharaj of the UNC could easily apply to his party (COP) as well as to the PNM.
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Kamla committed to UNC Alliance

UNC Alliance Rally
UNC Alliance Rally in pictures

Kamla fights on
Appearing to throw down the gauntlet to the male-dominated leadership of the UNC Alliance, a bloodied, battered, bandaged but unbowed Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday stated defiantly that she would no longer crawl on her belly before anyone.

Kamla committed to UNC Alliance, T&T

Kamla: I won’t be kept down
Although passed over for the leadership of the UNC Alliance, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says she has no regrets over the sacrifices she made for the party…
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Balisier closes ranks

PNM Supporters braved the inclement weather for the PNM Presentation of Candidates at Woodford Square
PNM Supporters braved the inclement weather for the PNM
Presentation of Candidates at Woodford Square – in pictures

PM: Oddest couple a political absurdity
Prime Minister Patrick Manning has described UNC Alliance leaders, Basdeo Panday and Jack Warner, as the oddest couple in the world…

Balisier closes ranks
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning was surely heartened by the huge turnout of supporters at the PNM’s presentation of candidates yesterday.
Manning’s speech, although it included some moments of passion, did not really excite the crowd. Even several verbal cues he tried to give to the crowd to cheer, such as saying that by his political rivals’ calculations the PNM crowd should number 150,000 people — did not work. Several times the crowd simply did not take up the opportunity he offered them to cheer for the particular point he was making. Even his hilarious attack on a theoretician with fuzzy ideas who would duck and run, failed to elicit the expected raucous laughs of PNMites, or even from his party officers and candidates onstage. “You need steady hands at the helm,” was an assertion that party members should have loudly cheered but was met with dead silence.
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Hinds, Hart, Valley and Achong dumped

Fitzgerald Hinds, Eddie Hart, Ken Valley and Larry Achong

Valley accuses Manning of bias
Diego Martin Central MP Ken Valley, in a strongly-worded letter to his political leader Prime Minister Patrick Manning, has called on the PM to accept his endorsement by PNM’s screening committee and stop imposing his bias against his selection as the party’s candidate for the seat in the November 5 general election…

Browne gets the nod for Diego Martin Central
Valley: I don’t feel hurt

THE ruling PNM presents its election candidate team today in a slate which has “cut” party deputy leader Kenneth Valley out as Diego Martin Central candidate and replaced him with Dr Amery Browne…

Last rites for Valley
PM sticks to his guns

‘I leave in grace, not disgrace’
Outgoing Laventille East/ Morvant MP Fitzgerald Hinds comforted tearful supporters whom he urged to stay loyal to the PNM despite his non-selection to contest the seat in the upcoming General Election.

Bas, Jack to share UNC Alliance leadership

Panday, Warner lead UNC Alliance
Jack Warner and Basdeo Panday will lead the UNC Alliance into the November 5 General Election. The announcement was made last night by both men following four hours of intense, closed-door discussions among members of the UNC Alliance leadership council at Emerald Plaza in St Augustine.

Bas, Jack to share Alliance leadership

It’s Bas and Jack!
Kamla loses race for UNC Alliance leadership

Panday’s re-trial stopped
In an amazing turnaround yesterday, the London-based Privy Council gave Basdeo Panday a chance to prove that the three integrity in public life charges brought against him were filed out of time. The Law Lords’ decision thus, also gave TT’s former PM a new lease on his political life as he won’t have to argue his case until next April.
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The Mighty Duke Speaks

The Mighty Duke Speaks

The Mighty Duke Speaks

Kelvin Pope, known in the Calypso world as ‘Mighty Duke’, is a legendary Calypsonian whose work spans a period of over fifty years. Born in 1930 in Point Fortin, south Trinidad, ‘Duke’ grew up in a period that was marked by striking workers who challenged the colonial authorities by protesting against working conditions, wages, racism and exploitation in the oilfields. Growing up in this turbulent period would have a lasting impact on Kelvin Pope and the music that he would create in years to come. His serious Calypsos reflect a spirit of resistance that is still very much alive up to this day. Influenced by Calypso stalwarts like ‘Lord Syncopator’, ‘Mighty Spoiler’, ‘Mighty Cypher’ and ‘Lord Kitchener’, ‘Duke’ has, over the years, become renowned not only for delivering social commentary, political and witty, humorous songs with equal skill, dignity and lyrical mastery but also for his stately stage presence and for being one of the best-dressed Calypsonians to this day. The only Calypsonian to win the National Calypso Monarch Crown four times in a row, Kelvin Pope’s body of work includes “Black is Beautiful”, “Teach the Children”, “Brotherhood of Man”, “Mathematical Formula”, “Treat Your Woman”, “Land Of Love” and “Pan In Yuh Ruckungkertungkung”. His focus has not been limited to local issues as he has demonstrated the importance of a global awareness in his interest in the liberation struggles in Africa. With such songs as “How Many More Must Die” and “Apartheid” he was a vocal critic of apartheid in South Africa.

On Thursday 27th September, 2007, Kelvin ‘Mighty Duke’ Pope shared some of his perspectives and life experiences with TriniSoca.com.
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Foul-mouthed Ganga Singh

Dear Editor,

Ganga SinghThe election race is on and understandably some politicians will get carried away with the moment. What is not understandable or acceptable is the verbal abuse of citizens as demonstrated by the Congress of the People’s Ganga Singh.

I know some of the women in the leadership of the COP and therefore know that, by now, they would all have individually and/or collectively reprimanded Mr. Singh for his despicable behaviour on the platform some nights ago as he sought to assert his masculinity and his political brawn by denigrating Minister Camille Robinson Regis.
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