Hazardous Conditions at Isaac Place Cascade

HelpWater from the Hololo mountains has been destroying the footpath that lead to the homes of families living in the area because there is no watercourse for the water to follow. Numerous letters have been sent to the St George County Council regarding this problem more than forty years ago and to date this problem still persist.

My mother who resides there is afraid to walk in the day much less at night especially due to the fact there has never been any street light.
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Political Immaturity in TnT

Basdeo Panday, Patrick Manning and Winston Dookeran
Basdeo Panday, Patrick Manning and Winston Dookeran

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 28, 2007

As TnT becomes fully embroiled in the 5th November general elections euphoria, some overt, scary symptoms of political immaturity seem to have gone astray in its body politic.

Indeed, while on the one hand, Calypsonian Winston “Gypsy” Peters is still being tarred and feathered for contesting elections on a UNC – Alliance ticket, on the other hand, one finds that in 2007, the political seas are calm, unruffled and smooth as Chutney artiste Heeralal Rampartap is contesting the same elections on a PNM ticket. What’s wrong with this picture?
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The secret constitution

by Martin Daly
Sunday, October 28th 2007

Patrick ManningWe are one week away from the potentially catastrophic possibility that the PNM will win the general election on November 5, 2007, with a sufficient number of seats to have a special majority in the House of Representatives.

My concern is not whether the intention to use such a majority lurks somewhere in a secret draft constitution already finalised, waiting to pounce upon and replace important provisions in the existing Constitution, which secures our basic freedoms.The potential for catastrophe lies in our ignorance of the full intentions of Mr Manning prior to the election and what we can infer about those intentions from the statements and machinations of the outgoing administration. No one can be in any doubt that Mr. Manning wishes to replace the existing office of president with the new office of executive president.
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Some Issues and Ideas Confronting the Electorate

By Stephen Kangal
October 26, 2007

Patrick ManningThere is widespread consensus among more than 75% of the electorate that indicated that the current PNM Administration has failed T&T again. With windfall energy revenues derived from our second oil bonanza they could not provide caring, effective, transparent and accountable governance to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. They are not up to the task of governing equitably in a plural society to the benefit of all the diverse people of T&T. South of the Caroni River, inter alia, is now isolated, endangered and neglected even though our patrimony comes from there.
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Real Truth About Moses

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 26, 2007

Ancient EgyptAt the outset, it must be stated that Moses was a black Afrikan man who was born in ancient Kemet (Egypt) during the reign of Pharaoh Harembab (1340— 1320 B.C.). He spent most of his life in Egypt and married an Ethiopian woman named Zipporah. They had two sons Gershon and Elieyer.

According to Dr. Ben Jochannan, Moses, who was born of the tribe of Levi, was miraculously saved by his sister while floating down the Nile River in a bulrush basket. He was put down the Nile by his mother because the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses I was killing all the Hebrew males born throughout the Kingdom.
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Flow’s Internet ‘Service’ is Down Again

TTN Cable Subscriber
October 25, 2007

Flow Cable Trinidad and TobagoFlow’s Internet ‘service’ in the Maraval area where we have their “Internet lack of service” has been down for two days. After calling the Flow company, the person who eventually answered the telephone after several attempts said he had to send an email to their technical department because he could not get through to them on the phone. He said that someone may contact us tomorrow.
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Updating historical societal classifications

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 21, 2007

Trini PeopleWhile Dr. Selwyn Ryan should be lauded for his “Trinidad elections of 2007” survey that was published in The Daily Express on 17 October 2007, however, there were certain outdated, rejected and expunged societal references/classifications of people that this writer felt compelled not only to correct but also to put in their historical context for the edification of the general TnT population.
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Lies, damn lies and politics

by Raffique Shah
Sunday, October 21st 2007

Basdeo Panday, Patrick Manning and Winston Dookeran
Basdeo Panday, Patrick Manning and Winston Dookeran

If only politicians on all sides of the divide would stick to the facts, given the “goods” they have on each other, or on individual targets, they could sway people’s opinions infinitely more than when they spew lies like a person purged. In fact, because character assassination and mauvais langue are easier for not-too-bright speakers to use, these are rampant on almost every platform. And please, don’t confuse the above with “picong”, which is good Trini humour that teases and tickles crowds, hence invaluable to good speakers. The late Dr. Eric Williams was a master of picong. Pretenders to Eric’s throne have no sense of humour. They are mere comics.
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The Manning factor in the mix

Fitzgerald Hinds and Keith Rowley
Fitzgerald Hinds and Keith Rowley

Party insiders accuse political leader and Prime Minister Patrick Manning of attempting to remake both the party and the system of government to perpetuate his own brand of leadership. They contend that the Manning-conducted purge of the new PNM old guard has more to do with a perceived lack of loyalty to the leader than to any popularity contest.

There are claims too of a failed Manning attempt to attack, by proxy, his main political rival in the PNM and MP for Diego Martin West, Dr Keith Rowley. Insiders believe that Manning was part of a conspiracy to take Rowley out on the Landate affair.
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Rectal exam a must at Caribbean Airlines

Sunday 14th October, 2007

Caribbean AirlinesAs part of their terms of employment, Caribbean Airlines flight attendants must undergo mandatory anal examinations, or risk being dismissed.

Viewed as a draconian policy by staff, the company’s demand that flight attendants submit to the rectal procedure is just one in a series of developments that have contributed to flagging employee morale.
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