Hazardous Conditions at Isaac Place Cascade

HelpWater from the Hololo mountains has been destroying the footpath that lead to the homes of families living in the area because there is no watercourse for the water to follow. Numerous letters have been sent to the St George County Council regarding this problem more than forty years ago and to date this problem still persist.

My mother who resides there is afraid to walk in the day much less at night especially due to the fact there has never been any street light.

In addition the heavy rainfall has worsened the already hazardous condition. I am not even sure if the representative for the area is aware or even care about this situation. Someone from the camp of one of the perspective candidates visited the area “you can tell it is an election year” I can only hope this is not idle posturing” again.

Help is needed immediately to rectify this matter, unfortunately this might be my only outlet to bring to light these conditions.