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Flow Cable (Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited)Please allow me a place to describe my complete dissatisfaction about the cable company Flow on removing the computer oriented channel G4 from the basic package.

It seems that Flow’s marketing department is making wrong decisions and expecting us customers to pay extra for channels that we have grown accustomed to on the basic cable package.

I have even heard rumors that more channels will get sliced from the basic package. My concerns are that the educational channels like G4, Discovery, The Learning Channel, History and National Geographic should not be removed from the basic package.

The fact that Flow removed G4 shows that this company does not want to promote education and knowledge instead they want to deprive people and make them pay extra. As we all know G4 is the only computer oriented channel on cable and lots of people rely on it for vital information about computers; I myself being such a person.

I must say lots of people are calling Flow and expressing their dissatisfaction on this issue, and I am sure if Flow does not hear the calls of their customers, lots of them will disconnect cable and take Direct TV.

In my opinion this is a negative move by Flow and it shows that the company is not pushing the nation towards knowledge and advancement instead they are doing all in their power to destroy the learning process and knowledge shared by these channels.


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  1. Wow. The person who wrote this is full of shit. If they rely on G4 for COMPUTER knowledge, they are badly off. They should learn about something called the internet. What’s educational about G4?

    With that said – thanks a lot Flow, for yanking a station away from us, and not even warning or giving people a chance to pay for it so as not to lose it.

    As for movie channels, you’re SUPPOSED to pay extra for it. The cable company before stole their signals!

  2. Bboy G4 has more than just computer knowledge, there are other very good lineups on that channel. Beside that is not the point. The point is that the cable channel would now begin to steal the other channels from our basic package one by one and we will have to continue paying $210.00 monthly anyway. So YOU are full of shit.

  3. Yeah, we’re missing out on the education value of Cops, Ninja Warrior and Heroes.

    I agree about the channel, I’m just saying they look retarded saying they are missing out on”vital information about computers” – you can get videos of people being kicked in the nuts anytime.

  4. Come on Flow get your act together. Who asked for the Africa Channel? I know you want to have an all round coverage but when you pull channels and put s&*it in place of it. Basically every channel people look at they have to pay for in a package. A TIP for the Marketing people and for customers out there, I want NO BASIC s^&it package and I just want to be able to pay for the packages I want, I know you want to make your money but I think the money you make from the local ADs on the cable stations should be able to subsidise the cost to the consumers, after all thats the reason for advertising fees. Quite frankly we dont care for local ads on the cable channels or even local channels buying the so called broadcasting rights and blocking the cable channel. If thats the case I want a refund everytime a channel is blocked. AND what about the quality I mean I know you are in the process of upgrading your infrastructure but can I at least watch a movie on MAX without it sticking so much.

    Once more people IF ALL of us dont buy the cable or disconnect it the Cable company is going to fix their s&*it in order and offer something alot better. Dont let them use their power to offer something we dont want they have to offer something WE want.

  5. Hey there,
    I can see how you would dislike the move to change the channel line up, but if your cable system is going digital, they will most likely provide those channels on the digital line up. You will have to rent or purchase a digital box in order to get those missing channels, but it will be better in the long run.
    Take care.

  6. OOOOkay Bryce I see you did alot of research there buddy.

    We know digital cable is going to be good for us, and we know we need a digital box to receive those channels. BUT we already have the digital box and FLOW in their ads had G4 (the channel in question) listed in their basic now its not available so they playing games with us you catch the drift???? They giving us something we dont want. We would at least like to have a basic package with something to watch and not have to pay for every single channel we watch in some package. If this is the case, I suggested that we simply not pay for a basic and ONLY pay for the packages we want. IF this is not an option ……….disconnection.

    If all of us agree and do this then the cable company may offer something we REALLY DO WANT.

    Take Care.

  7. this is just an update about flow cut on the basic cable package,up to this day flow has not returned g4 back to the basic package,i can only think they are not going to listen to the customers,i am recommending direct tv from now on, i already called direct tv and told them that they can use the negative response of flow as a positive marketing campaign against flow,flow is not a customer caring company they have become swell headed and don’t care,all cable customers should disconnect and get direct tv

  8. This company is just here to rent space , for a while this company is nothing better than the rest of servise company we have in trinidad and tobago , I think they should all pack up and leave , and leave it up to some international company to run this country , we the ppl of trinidad and tobago have to endure shit for to long .

  9. Once again, we have another monopolised industry that can do whatever they want with the service they provide without having to yield to customer dis-satisfaction.

    There were quite a few programs I looked foward to looking at from some of those channels that were cut.

    We need to liberalize the cable industry as well. Bring in a foreign competitor so that FLOW would get its act together. Just like what they did with the cell phone market.

    For now, I’m switching to DirecTV

  10. I am trying to find the “Parental Control Code” for my Analog Cable since i bought a new television and i have to unlock all the channels witht the code.

  11. flow internet is now giving trouble 2 connect thru routers,so both the cable tv package and internet now has problems

    up to this date flow has not restored g4 to basic package,i give up flow u win do whatever u want

  12. I got switched over to Digital last year, I was Contacted by a young lady who to be honest did not inform me of all that was to take place at the time of conversion and also about the programming. I’m still very angry that this had to be done because I have lost 2 of my favorite Channels. MSNBC and PBS…Now these Channels were very informative Channels and not having the availability to look at them is disappointing. I have sent letters, yes letters since last year March and I know others have sent letters adhering to their dissatisfaction of having to endure this loss, and no surprise we have not received a reply and of course it’s not back on the basic line up. So Mr. Krisram at least G4 IS available to you, but just the same I understand your plight. But it is Fortunate for me at times that I have developed a connection with one of their customer service reps that has been their since the days of AJ Cable and she assists me when she can, which is most of the time, if not personally she puts me on to others who can and this is the ONLY good thing about FLOW. Yes I have had cable that long and she is why, she assists me with getting my issues resolved. As much as I have lost my Favorite channels, it’s bearable to hold on in the hopes that Flow would hear our plea and add these channels back on.
    If this person decides to leave (and let me tell you there are others like me who have grown accustomed to her assistance) we the fortunate customers who have the assistance of MS Gonzales Now Khan I believe, are truly blessed. I wonder if Management acknowledges her Value at Flow. She has been out of office on extended leave, but I am anxiously awaiting her return.


  13. Dear Flow you have gone absolutely mad.What is going on with the cable channel MSNBC,which I look at every night (8.00pm&9.00pm)so what you are telling me is that I am stock with that BIAS news station FOX.This sound like pure politics to me, I hope I’m wrong.PLEASE FIND SOME WAY AND PUT BACK THAT CHANNEL.THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  14. I would like to know why u guys keep blocking live English football on FSC.channel on the basic package.This is unfair and I’m very dissatisfied along with my neighbours and we are planning to disconnect the cable if that continues.We don’t get sportmax or setanta sports and u guys still block it.

  15. I have three digital cable boxes at home. On the 3rd February 2009 it was temporily out of service for the entire day. It came back at the wee hours in the morning 4th February 2009, but only box is working and the second one is still saying temporily out of service…I called your office several times this morning and waited for several minutes while being transfered to someone else and was never answered to…My only choice is through email

  16. oh my god customer service can be really horiabble at times please this is a business u guys a running one persons says one thing and when u call back about the very same problem another persons says something totally different.

  17. To all the UN-HAPPY customers I feel for you, living abroad you are accustom to A-1 service, here these people sit on their fat ass and give us the F-1 service. I think we as customers should protest not by letters cause its of no use, is by not giving them business no!! business!! no!! money!!. They are taken our money and giving us crap!. I wonder what if everyone would give them back their cable box and ask for a refund what would happen and that goes for all sector of service. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY AND KEEP YOUR CRAP!!!.. Thank you

  18. the simple fact that your paying 200 for a basic package an your not even getting at least one hbo or max or even a cityvibe is total crap that’s jobbing customers.If you got to make people pay for movie channels at least give the option of not taking the basic package cause there’s absolutely nothing good there. It come like ya paying for 99 channel 6 cause they show the same shit over an over again ya could hardly get a good movie to watch what kind of shit is that is only when competition come on d block is then alya go act right.

    1. Direct Tv is no better and the programming its horrible; lots of Spanish where you can actually see the people speaking English.

  19. Flow Cable Company is very insensitive to customers. I have switched to Direct Tv and is currently awaiting installation.It is costing me more money, because I have been awaiting digital cable for months now, especially because of the internet package, but with blink and so far so good. If more people switched or disconnected from flow, it will be more realistic for the company.

    thank you

  20. With flow, their cable plus internet package is very good, however, when will they be upgrading the san juan area? because of this i have switched to direct tv and currently have blink so instead of paying $430.00 with flow Digital, I have to pay $239.00 plus $332.00 which totals $572.00

    lucky me!


  22. Anybody notice unauthorised pay-channels in your bill?
    I protested a bill that included 5 hours of pay-per-view that was billed to a box that was not even connected during the time of alleged use. I was told that “only the customer can order pay-per-view”and that I or someone in my house must have used the option. Since the box had been turned off and disconnected while we were out of the country, it seems as if someone went into my house and could find nothing to steal except cable. The ridiculousness of that pat answer angers me every time I have to deal with them I thought the matter had been resolved but 9 months later an unspecified arrears on my December bill turned out to be that trailing fee. Instead of lying to customers and trying to extort money from them under false pretenses, why don’t they get their act in order and find out who is stealing cable within their own organisation? The problem also occured with at least two of my neighbours around the same time. Of course someone can redirect digital addresses at source. Nonsense!!

  23. I would like to know why the Guide is no longer available, and why as paying customers we have to put up with the channels freezing … this is rediculous ….

    Please for all those of us who place our complains and blogs on this page maybe we should get together and start protesting against this company Flow they are blatantly screwing with us as customers and i am tire of it just like i am tired of all other companies who feel that they can provived shabby service and consider them selves as top class service providers

    I we stand up as a people in this country we will get better service let us all come to a decision to remove their service boycot them and then we may be taken seriously

  24. In a capitalist society like ours is, one of the best ways to improve any service is via healthy competition. With our government’s plans to enhance education , by ensuring that each child possess a laptop , one can expect that this question of internet service efficiency, and high cost in other forms of communications, due to monopoly by two agencies , would be a priority on their part. Give it some time my friends.Rome was not built in a day, neither can Sweet, T&T aka Rainbow Country.

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