Kenneth Valley blanked
Sunday, September 30 2007

Eddie Hart, Ken Valley and Larry AchongDiego Martin Central Mp Ken Valley has been rejected as a candidate by the PNM Screening Committee.

Sources said Prime Minister Patrick Manning in his capacity as Political Leader met with the Screening Committee on Friday evening, shortly after naming the election date and recommended to the Screening Committee that the Diego Martin Central constituency executive be instructed to search for a new nominee(s), from which to select a candidate. The Screening Committee’s decision- that the search continue for nominees — has not yet been communicated to the Diego Martin Central constituency executive. The search for a new candidate therefore has not yet started 33 days before the General Election. However sources said Manning had a candidate already lined up. Sources added that it would not be Foreign Affairs Minister Arnold Piggott, but a political neophite.
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POLLING DAY 5 weeks away
That’s the general election date which Prime Minister Patrick Manning finally unfolded from his “back pocket” at the end of the fifth and final session of the Parliament yesterday…

PM pulls Nov 5
The election date mystery is no more. Prime Minister Patrick Manning, yesterday dug deep into his back pocket and pulled out November 5 as the date for the General Election, ending one year of speculation.

Kamla: November fifth is judgment day

Dookeran: We are ready to rumble

‘Poll date a disrespect to Hindus’
Out of his back pocket the big announcement came as Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday announced the general election date–November 5…

EBC machinery kicks into gear

Trade unions: Settle with us first
Trade union representatives were yesterday thankful that Prime Minister Patrick Manning had ended the “cat and mouse game” by announcing November 5 as the election date. They are calling for the Government to settle outstanding negotiations.

Election clash for Muslims, Hindus

Ex-alderman tipped to replace Point Fortin MP

Kamla wants Bas, not Jack… to lead Alliance

Sat sends election warning to PM
The last time Prime Minister Patrick Manning called a general election before an East Indian festival, he lost to the opposition party…

Panday: I will die with my boots on

‘PM couldn’t wait’
Manning eyeing COP surge, says Ryan

The lion in winter- A pitiful sight

By Raffique Shah
September 23, 2007

Basdeo PandayLast week, looking at a television clip of two jokers from Laventille hugging and dancing with UNC officials, celebrating the “strengthening” of Basdeo Panday’s new alliance to fight the PNM, I was almost reduced to tears. A few nights before that sorry sight, Bas was on a platform begging Winston Dookeran to join forces with the fast-fading UNC in order to defeat the ruling PNM at elections which should be called sometime before mid-December. Matters not how he couched this umpteenth attempt to woo back Winston, it was undisguised political vagrancy.
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Race and Coverage of the Jena 6

The Elephant That is Never Leaving the Room

By Janine Beach

LynchingThe Jena 6 are six African-American high school students from Jena, Louisiana who were arrested and charged with attempted second degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder after their alleged involvement in an assault on a white student. That the students were charged for what amounts to a schoolyard fight is news in itself, but what is more troubling is that the District Attorney, Reed Walters, chose to charge the students as adults.

Jena 6 is a story of tenuous race relations in a town that the Civil Rights Act forgot. At the beginning of the first semester last year, a black student at Jena High School asked for permission to sit under the a tree that had traditionally been a meeting place for white students. He was told that he could sit wherever he wanted. The following day, students arrived to see the tree adorned with three hangman’s nooses, each painted in the school colors.

The story then follows an all too familiar path. Black students protest nooses at school. White students attend a nearby school as punishment while their actions are dismissed as a silly prank. Black student tries to enter largely white party. When white students attack and beat him, the student who breaks bottle over his head is charged with a misdemeanor and given probation.

White student threatens black students with a gun in a grocery store. Black students wrestle gun away from him and are charged with second-degree robbery. White student taunts black student about his beating with racial epithets. Black students beat him and he suffers bruising and concussion. Black students are charged as adults for attempted second-degree murder.
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Sharma: I did nothing wrong

Saturday, September 22 2007

CJ Sat SharmaSuspended Chief Justice Sat Sharma insisted yesterday that he did nothing wrong when he spoke about the Basdeo Panday integrity trial to Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls last year.

Sharma told the three-member tribunal that he was a man of integrity. Sharma is being cross- examined by Stanley Marcus SC, the lead attorney for Mc Nicolls at the hearing at Winsure building, Port-of-Spain.
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Sherman Mc Nicolls: I never took a bribe

By Francis Joseph
Wednesday, September 19 2007

Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc NicollsCHIEF MAGISTRATE Sherman Mc Nicolls stated quite emphatically yesterday that he never took a bribe from anyone in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Ask anyone if they ever offered me a bribe, or gave me a bribe. Not a single one in this country can say I asked for a bribe, or got a bribe. Every single cent I have, I have worked hard for it.”
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Welcome to the upside-down world

By Raffique Shah
September 16, 2007

Last Thursday most Italians decided to deny themselves their supreme daily delight-pasta-because of what they saw as an unreasonable increase in price. A one-kilo pack of the wheat-based staple had increased by 27 per cent, now priced at around TT$12. This was as shocking a protest as one could get in Italy. I had my first taste of spaghetti-cum-meatballs, liberally sprinkled with parmesan cheese, at a sidewalk restaurant in Florence back in 1966, when my Regiment friends and I, then cadets at Sandhurst, toured Italy. During the ten days or so we traversed the country-Genoa, Rome, Naples, Venice-we learned a whole lot about spaghetti, pasta, cheeses and wines. But with spaghetti everywhere, we learned how it’s eaten the Italian way, with the odd combination of spoon and fork.
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Measuring Mediocrity

By Michael De Gale
September 14, 2007

Red HouseIt is a sad state of affairs when mediocrity is the highest standard to which a nation aspires. For as long as I could remember, the people of T&T have bemoaned the poor quality of service they receive from public health, police, education, transportation and virtually all government ministries. So I thought that people would be happy to learn about the poll which shed light on the dismal performance of many government ministers. Yes! A poll was needed to identify these slackers as much as a light is required to see the sun. Nonetheless, the pole confirmed what the public had always known – government ministers are incompetent, lack vision and are incapable of fulfilling the mandates of their ministries. Despite all appearances, they are trapped in a Third World mentality. How else can one explain the sorry state of social services in T&T?
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Six Held for Week-Long Torture of African Female

Details Emerge In West Virginia Torture Case

LynchingSix people have been arrested in West Virginia coal country for the week-long torture of a young woman. Six people, all white, were arrested in connection with the alleged abduction of the black woman. Authorities are investigating the case as a possible hate crime.

Authorities said Megan Williams, 20, was forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from a toilet. She was sexually assaulted, doused with hot water, choked with a cable cord and stabbed in the leg, according to criminal complaints.
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