Winsford ‘Joker’ Devine Speaks Reporters
September 12, 2007

Winsford 'Joker' DevineCreator of such Calypso gems as “Progress”, “In Time to Come”, “Somebody”, “Steelband Woman”, “Saltfish”, “This World Don’t Like Nothing Black”, “Phillip My Dear”, “Take Me Back Africa”, “Too Young to Soca” “In Time to Come”, “Save our Domestics”, Winsford ‘Joker’ Devine is undoubtedly one of the greatest songwriters of our time. His compositions range from the bacchanal and sexual topics of the Soca genre to the serious social commentaries that analyse and enrich our social space. Over the past 40 years, his compositions have been sung by many singers including ‘Crazy’, ‘Sparrow’, Machel Montano, ‘Singing Francine’, ‘Mighty Trini’, Charlene Boodram, ‘Sugar Aloes’, Marcia Miranda, Karen Asche, ‘Poser’, ‘Baron’, ‘Explainer’, ‘Blakie’ and ‘King Austin’. Many of these songs have become classics of the Calypso artform, but in an arena where most of the public recognition goes to the singer, many persons are unaware of Joker’s involvement. In this extensive interview with, this prolific Soca/Calypso composer talks frankly and vividly about his compositions, the state of the Calypso artform and his general life experiences.
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