POLLING DAY 5 weeks away
That’s the general election date which Prime Minister Patrick Manning finally unfolded from his “back pocket” at the end of the fifth and final session of the Parliament yesterday…

PM pulls Nov 5
The election date mystery is no more. Prime Minister Patrick Manning, yesterday dug deep into his back pocket and pulled out November 5 as the date for the General Election, ending one year of speculation.

Kamla: November fifth is judgment day

Dookeran: We are ready to rumble

‘Poll date a disrespect to Hindus’
Out of his back pocket the big announcement came as Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday announced the general election date–November 5…

EBC machinery kicks into gear

Trade unions: Settle with us first
Trade union representatives were yesterday thankful that Prime Minister Patrick Manning had ended the “cat and mouse game” by announcing November 5 as the election date. They are calling for the Government to settle outstanding negotiations.

Election clash for Muslims, Hindus

Ex-alderman tipped to replace Point Fortin MP

Kamla wants Bas, not Jack… to lead Alliance

Sat sends election warning to PM
The last time Prime Minister Patrick Manning called a general election before an East Indian festival, he lost to the opposition party…

Panday: I will die with my boots on

‘PM couldn’t wait’
Manning eyeing COP surge, says Ryan