UWI’s Milner Hall: A Living Hell

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University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad Main Administration BuildingI am a first year undergratuate student living on Milner Hall at the University of the West Indies campus St. Augustine. For the past five weeks we have not had water. The probelm all began when the two 400 gallons of water tanks in the basement overflowed, burned the pumps and flooded the basement. To date, we get, only on few occasions, a truck-bourne supply of water which fills the tanks and is used up in no time at all. This newly built building houses 153 persons; both males and females. This situation has been going on too long and is worsening. The administarion informed us that they are woking on the situation but up today we have not even recived an applogy or some light about the situation. This poses a serious health risk and I think the siutaion should be made public just to let the world know what living on campus has been like. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please help me highlight this problem. I must also mention the high prices we pay; it close to $5000.00 per semester.

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TSTT Offers Lower Internet Rates with Higher Speeds

ComputersOn the heels of Flow cable announcing increased internet speeds for lower rates we have TSTT launching Blinkbroadband (www.blinkbroadband.tt).

Currently, TSTT’s residential Dial-Up Unlimited package is $345.00 TT and the DSL 256k package is $460.00 TT, but with TSTT’s Blinkbroadband the residential rates are:

Speed / Cost in TT dollars

256k —— $79.00
512k ——- $149.00
1MB ——- $229.00
2MB ——- $349.00
Up to 10MB —— $699.00


Before you think this is such a great deal, in Denver people pay around $37.00 US for 7MB.

I also doubt TSTT’s customer service would improve any time soon.
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TSTT’s Internet ‘Service’ Down Again

InternetTSTT’s dial-up and high-speed internet service was down for several hours yesterday, October 01, 2007, into late last night. We are unable to ascertain if this disruption was island wide.

We called TSTT’s internet customer service number and the prerecorded message repeatedly said they were attending to other customers while we waited for over an hour and a half. We eventually hung up.

TSTT’s automated telephone response seems to be just a put-off under the guise of service.
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