UWI’s Milner Hall: A Living Hell

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University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad Main Administration BuildingI am a first year undergratuate student living on Milner Hall at the University of the West Indies campus St. Augustine. For the past five weeks we have not had water. The probelm all began when the two 400 gallons of water tanks in the basement overflowed, burned the pumps and flooded the basement. To date, we get, only on few occasions, a truck-bourne supply of water which fills the tanks and is used up in no time at all. This newly built building houses 153 persons; both males and females. This situation has been going on too long and is worsening. The administarion informed us that they are woking on the situation but up today we have not even recived an applogy or some light about the situation. This poses a serious health risk and I think the siutaion should be made public just to let the world know what living on campus has been like. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please help me highlight this problem. I must also mention the high prices we pay; it close to $5000.00 per semester.

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8 thoughts on “UWI’s Milner Hall: A Living Hell”

  1. Fire Bun you.I livin on Milner Hall 2 and it have odda places you cud bade, u makin d place look bad.live somewhere else if u have a problem

  2. technically milner hall is not on campus it can be more accurately described as an off campus housing facility. secondly milnerites are not too fond of bathing so most milnerites have no problem with the water problem as we can see from Jane Doe. Hence the administration sees no real burning issue in terms of the water problems that your off campus facility encounters on a regular basis. Last but not least Canada Hall is the most Prestigious Hall on this The University of the West Indies.

  3. This one goes out to Jane Doe and Hermit Hermit. I’ll start with Hermit Hermit. My advice to you is simply to grow up and GET A LIFE! All this stupid hall rivalry has gotten waaaaaaaay too serious to the extent where a pressing issue, such as the lack of water (the most important necesity I can think of) is being treated as a trivial issue. To Jane Doe now, that is the most stupid and uneducated piece of advice that anyone can give with regards to a situation of such critical significance. Just for the record, you are the one who is making the university look bad. This institution is “supposed” to house intelligent individuals and, quite frankly, your advice reflected otherwise. I, having lived on Milner Hall a few years well know what it is like to have to face the same water woes YEAR AFTER YEAR. It’s high time for a multi-million dollar institution such as the U.W.I. to view their students as more than just an ID number. Had it not been for us, they would have no jobs, we are the very reason for this university’s existance.

  4. well inform the parents who work hard year after year to send there children to uwi that there are water problems so we can send our students some place else.after all the hall is all so “organised”. one day when your child suffers from such a social ill remember that water is a something basic and should provided at all times.
    and if you are so educated you should know that people deal with one situation in different ways,hence how some ppl choose to react is their business, just remember you did not pay our hall fees,also knowlegde is gained over a eriod of time, so if i made a comment or gave advice that does not appeal to you just remember you were not born with all the knowledge you have. ppl make mistakes is natural.
    promtion of unity is unthinkable at these halls you all only cotribute to how trinidad and tobago is right now.
    so take your educated advice, trying being in a parents shoes when they just saved all they had to send there children to school only to be waking worrying about basic stuff like water being a problem. please have a heart.

    I pledge to uphold the principles and precepts of this Great Hall, and to do all in my power, whenever and wherever possible, to make this hall a beautiful place in which to live, and a home away from home, FOR ON MILNER, TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE!(without water) “YEAH RIGHT”

  5. I lived on Milner for three years and I must say that they were very enjoyable years. Whilst I lived there we had our issues as well and we agitated to get things done. Maybe you guys should hold a demonstration. It alwyas got us a response. After all Milner is supposed to be a home away from home

  6. WOW…I guess you were never grubbed….handle your business privately not internationally. I was there 9 yrs ago and it was all about “together we are one”..it hurts me to know that were are experiencing such problems, but when you look up the history of Milner Hall online I feel a sense of pride to have been there…some of my best days….we made it work. 9 years later being a Milnerite is a big deal to me…WHERE IS YOURS unconcerned human?

  7. Just move out, Milner Hall is a lonely plc for young women, and its an antique now, women shud never be housed there

  8. I’m a fairly new student who currently (2009) resides on Milner. I am a Milnerite although I’m fond to say not as passionate as most so consider the bias in this argument to be negligible to non-existent. I’ll be succinct. 1) The water issue is a scenario no one will like irregardless of what hall you’re on. Do not dislike a specific anomalous situation and allow it to make you dislike a hall with so much passion. 2) Hall rivalry is utterly useless. Yes those years of fightinig is considered utter sillyness to the non-impressionable new generation student. Suggestions: For 1) U.W.I as aforementioned should rectify the problem. It is a campus regulated hall after all. For 2) It’s about time people grew up! Hall rivalry is entertaining, good. but let it remain only as such. Do not allow your passion for or against…. a campus hall delude your judgement and make you seem hilariously stupid.

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