Bas, Jack to share UNC Alliance leadership

Panday, Warner lead UNC Alliance
Jack Warner and Basdeo Panday will lead the UNC Alliance into the November 5 General Election. The announcement was made last night by both men following four hours of intense, closed-door discussions among members of the UNC Alliance leadership council at Emerald Plaza in St Augustine.

Bas, Jack to share Alliance leadership

It’s Bas and Jack!
Kamla loses race for UNC Alliance leadership

Panday’s re-trial stopped
In an amazing turnaround yesterday, the London-based Privy Council gave Basdeo Panday a chance to prove that the three integrity in public life charges brought against him were filed out of time. The Law Lords’ decision thus, also gave TT’s former PM a new lease on his political life as he won’t have to argue his case until next April.

Panday gets leave to challenge retrial
Former prime minister Basdeo Panday moved one step closer to avoiding a second prosecution for allegedly failing to declare a foreign bank account…

Relieved Panday targets Couva North
SPEAKING on the new lease on his political life after the Privy Council yesterday stayed his Integrity re-trial, a relieved and relaxed UNC leader Basdeo Panday said the Law Lords would not have granted him leave unless the Court was convinced about the strength of his case.

Congress not bothered by ruling
The Congress of the People (COP) said yesterday “it is neither here nor there” whether UNC leader Basdeo Panday had gotten a new lease on his political life following the Privy Council’s ruling yesterday to stay Panday’s October 15 Integrity Commission re-trial.

Researcher tipped to challenge Manning for Sando East seat
George Maharaj, a calypso researcher based in Miami, is tipped to challenge Prime Minister Patrick Manning in San Fernando East on a Congress of the People (COP) ticket.

Coudray joins battlefield with COP
Marlene Coudray, the iron lady at the San Fernando City Corporation, is expected to transfer her strength to the battlefield of the San Fernando West Constituency on a Congress of the People (COP) ticket

Amery Browne replaces Valley
Despite being rejected by the Diego Martin Central constituency executive, well-known HIV specialist Dr Amery Browne is expected to get the nod of the PNM Screening Committee and Central Executive to represent the PNM in that stronghold.

AIDS doc screened
Search for Valley’s replacement:

PNM screens medic for Valley’s seat
A decision on PNM’s Diego Martin Central candidate will be given today after Dr Amery Browne–head of the National Aids Co-ordinating Council–was screened for the seat at Balisier House yesterday.

Kamla: CoP, DPP must probe Nidco
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is calling on Police Commissioner Trevor Paul and Director of Public Prosecutions Geoffrey Henderson to launch an investigation into the National Infrastructure Development Company (Nidco).

Achong rides out
PNM names Gopee as Point Fortin candidate

Achong: Life goes on… ‘It’s all part of the rough and tumble’
Outgoing Member of Parliament for Point Fortin Lawrence Achong predicts that the current rumblings in the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) can have serious repercussions for the party…

COP defends appeal for public donations
The Congress of the People (COP) has defended its appeal for funding from the public, claiming it as a measure to ensure that the party does not find itself obligated to any one group.

Howard Chin Lee bows out
Minister of Tourism Howard Chin Lee has confirmed he will be bowing out of politics. The former National Security Minister said he has decided to return to the private sector and will be re-establishing himself in the active running of Pier I, which is owned by the Chin Lee family.

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  2. It’s not as simply as that, Glenn! The PNM may not have won the popular vote last year, but they had a stronger strategy and won a convincing lead in the constituency tally.

    Given the current boundary delineations and ongoing Gov’t housing construction projects, the popular vote (which, given the system, is really just a bonus, not a necessity) may yet swing their way for future elections. Given this, the poor strategizing, and continual petty in-fighting within the UNC-A, and CoP, I would tend to disagree with you.

    Basdeo Panday is really only just one of the multitude of the problems that the opposition must address, in order to become relevant!

    People may be complaining about the PNM these days, but think about it…it’s the only political party in T&T, that is cohesive, has the experience, and that seems capable of projecting a unified vision for the country.

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