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Cadiz says no to Panday

By Ria Taitt
July 12 2007

NewspapersThe grand alliance of Opposition parties has hit a snag. Basdeo Panday, the acknowledged leader of the majority group within the alliance, the UNC, has been found to be unacceptable as leader by at least one party, YesTT, which is led by Stephen Cadiz.

On Monday night Panday announced that the UNC would fight the General Election as part of a coalition with NAR, Ytt, DPTT and NDP. The coalition is to be known as the UNC Alliance.
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Case against God dismissed in Romanian court

Bucharest, Romania
11 July 2007 04:09

CrossA Romanian man who sued God for “fraud” and “betrayal of trust” for failing to answer his prayers has had his case dismissed in court, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Mircea Pavel (40), who is serving 20 years in prison for murder, brought charges against “the defendant God, who lives in the heavens and is represented in Romania by the Orthodox Church”, the daily Evenimentul Zilei reported.
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Toddler Sexually Assaulted by Pitbull

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Dr. Camini Marajh, D.Litt?

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
July 11, 2007

NewspapersThe University of the West Indies (UWI) at St. Augustine has awarded Miss Camini Maharj a Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) degree for a position she does not hold and in a field that does not exist. UWI’s website describes Miss Marajh as an “investigations editor” and tells us that she is worthy of one of the most coveted awards any recognized university can confer because she “has reported in depth,” not necessarily with distinction, “on a wide range of issues, including crime, the legislature, and the environment in Trinidad and Tobago” over the years.
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The Chagos islands: the British government’s recipe for dehumanisation

By Rosemary Ekosso
July 11, 2007

An innate sense of racial superiority
A god complex.

Start in 17th and 18th century
First, uproot people from their homeland
Enslave them or otherwise press them into demeaning service
Then ignore them until a rich and powerful country wants their land
Next, turn your beady eye on this land, viewing the human inhabitants as an inconvenient weed on potentially lucrative real estate
Weed the natives out, referring to them as “Tarzan and Man Friday“, thus playing up racist stereotypes of savages who should be divested of their land because you are better at exploiting it.
Then lease the island to the rich and powerful nation in exchange for an 11 million pound discount on Polaris missiles.
Then lie about it all.

These are the bare bones. Now, let’s flesh it out.
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Fireball’s ‘What I Want’ heats up European dance chart

Rohan 'Fireball' RichardsThe burly Laventille-born entertainer, real name Rohan Richards, is sitting atop the European Club Music Charts this week following the release of a reworked version of his 2007 Carnival hit single “What I Want” in France last month.

The song is signed to legendary House music DJ Bob Sinclar’s Yellow Productions music label and is being marketed across Europe as Bob Sinclar presents Fireball.

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Revamp food production, resuscitate local fruit

By Raffique Shah
July 08, 2007

The MarketEveryone expects the Government to do something to mitigate food prices. It’s true that governments are elected to office to attend to the basic needs of the people-food, water, shelter, health services and so on. But who says that governments have the answers to all our problems? In the case of food security, no government, from the PNM back in 1956 to the PNM of today, seems to have grasped the fundamentals of the post-colonial dilemma.
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Afro-Trini Hindu charges bias against judge

July 08, 2007

HinduAn Afro-Trinidadian Hindu man has complained about a High Court judge whom he said “rolled up his eyes” and “shook his head” when the man asked to be sworn in on the Bhagavad Gita before he gave evidence in a court case.

Presley Roberts, 40, in a letter dated June 5, wrote to Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma as the head of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, charging bias on the part of the judge, also an Afro-Trinidadian.
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Warrants out for Machel and Mr. Slaughter over stabbing

Derek 'Dawg E Slaughter' Pereira and Machel Montano in pictures
Derek ‘Dawg E Slaughter’ Pereira and Machel Montano

By Denyse Renne

Arrest warrants were being prepared yesterday for soca stars Machel Montano and Derek Perreira (Mr Slaughter), following a stabbing incident on Carnival Tuesday last year.

The warrants were being prepared by officers of the Woodbrook Police Station and charges of wounding with intent are expected to be laid against Montano and Perreira.
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Drinking drivers face ban

By Sean Douglas
Thursday, July 5 2007

Vehicular AccidentGovernment is considering outlawing the use of cellphones by motorists, a distraction which in the United States is said to cause 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in road accidents each year.

The concerns were raised as the Senate yesterday debated the Breathalyser Bill, formally known as the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2006, passed by the House of Representatives in June after amendment by a Joint Select Committee (JSC).
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