Daily Archive for July 8th, 2007

Revamp food production, resuscitate local fruit

By Raffique Shah
July 08, 2007

The MarketEveryone expects the Government to do something to mitigate food prices. It’s true that governments are elected to office to attend to the basic needs of the people-food, water, shelter, health services and so on. But who says that governments have the answers to all our problems? In the case of food security, no government, from the PNM back in 1956 to the PNM of today, seems to have grasped the fundamentals of the post-colonial dilemma.
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Afro-Trini Hindu charges bias against judge

July 08, 2007

HinduAn Afro-Trinidadian Hindu man has complained about a High Court judge whom he said “rolled up his eyes” and “shook his head” when the man asked to be sworn in on the Bhagavad Gita before he gave evidence in a court case.

Presley Roberts, 40, in a letter dated June 5, wrote to Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma as the head of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, charging bias on the part of the judge, also an Afro-Trinidadian.
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