Daily Archive for July 29th, 2007

Winston Dookeran invites NJAC to join COP

By Richardson Dhalai
Sunday, July 29 2007

Congress of the PeopleCongress of the People (COP) political leader Winston Dookeran urged residents of Laventille and Morvant to “rise beyond the narrow politics of the past” and usher in a COP regime at the next General Election.

He also called on the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) to “join with” the COP to rescue the nation, when he addressed a public meeting at Harris Promenade, San Fernando, on Friday night.
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The Lord has mercy, I don’t

By Raffique Shah
July 29, 2007

GamblingPrime Minister Patrick Manning has spoken of the deleterious effects gambling has on individuals, families and ultimately the society as a whole. Like him, I have heard some chilling stories about casino gambling. If the PM was astounded by the amounts of money his friends throw away at crap (or whatever) tables at these establishments, he’d be horrified to learn that some people are so addicted to gambling that they sometimes spend sleepless days and nights trying to beat “the house”. Worse, casinos are not averse to ensnaring such fools in debt traps that could ultimately lead to strong-arm measures to recover what is owed, or to gamblers losing their worldly possessions as a result of their greed.
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