Daily Archive for July 1st, 2007

Exposing Racism in the Medical Fraternity, Government and Media

By A. Hotep
July 01, 2007

AfricansThere have been many complaints over the years from the public that the medical fraternity discriminates against Africans who seek to become doctors. The response was a generalization that Africans were not applying themselves for entry into the medical fraternity. Many of us knew that was not true, but those in charge did not feel inclined to investigate the racism in many of the learning institutions, including the University of the West Indies. Now that Professor Bartholomew appears to be making a similar claim, suddenly it is being taken seriously.
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Prof hits admission policy of Mt. Hope medical school

Trinidad Express
Sunday, July 1st 2007

DoctorsIn a strongly-worded letter to Minister Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education and copied to the Prime Minister, Patrick Manning; John Rahael, Minister of Health; and the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Dr Phyllis Pitt-Miller; Prof Courtenay Bartholomew, Emeritus Professor Medicine (UWI), has criticised the admissions policy of students for entry into medical school in Mt Hope.
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Fighting high food prices

By Raffique Shah
July 01, 2007

The MarketA few weeks ago I wrote a two-part article for the Business Express magazine in which I pronounced “cheap food a thing of the past”. The headline and contents must have infuriated both my comrades in FITUN, which has mounted a campaign against high food prices, and consumers generally, who, once they remain uninformed, blame greedy grocers and government for their high food bills. I admire David Abdulah’s and FITUN’s tenacity in highlighting the issue of high prices, and trying to do something about it. But I think their focus needs to shift from the blame game to addressing the means by which consumers can empower themselves.
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