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Warrants out for Machel and Mr. Slaughter over stabbing

Derek 'Dawg E Slaughter' Pereira and Machel Montano in pictures
Derek ‘Dawg E Slaughter’ Pereira and Machel Montano

By Denyse Renne

Arrest warrants were being prepared yesterday for soca stars Machel Montano and Derek Perreira (Mr Slaughter), following a stabbing incident on Carnival Tuesday last year.

The warrants were being prepared by officers of the Woodbrook Police Station and charges of wounding with intent are expected to be laid against Montano and Perreira.
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Drinking drivers face ban

By Sean Douglas
Thursday, July 5 2007

Vehicular AccidentGovernment is considering outlawing the use of cellphones by motorists, a distraction which in the United States is said to cause 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in road accidents each year.

The concerns were raised as the Senate yesterday debated the Breathalyser Bill, formally known as the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2006, passed by the House of Representatives in June after amendment by a Joint Select Committee (JSC).
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If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee…

By Michael De Gale
July 04, 2007

Donald Rumsfeld's handsI am not a man given to violence nor am I the fanatical follower of any particular religion which advocate cutting off the hands of thieves. However, the more I learn about what appears to be endemic corruption in T&T, massive budget overruns and the widespread breach of public trust, the more I am convinced that there is some merit to this form of punishment. Without appearing to break bread with what some may consider barbarians, I could willingly support the law which states that, “If the right hand offend you, cut it off”. Not to punish poor people who steal to feed hungry children in the cornucopia that is T&T. Not even as punishment for the drug or chemically addicted who are compelled to steal to feed the insatiable cravings of the monkeys on their backs. Such people are desperately in need of professional help and social intervention.
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