Daily Archive for July 12th, 2007

Cadiz says no to Panday

By Ria Taitt
July 12 2007

NewspapersThe grand alliance of Opposition parties has hit a snag. Basdeo Panday, the acknowledged leader of the majority group within the alliance, the UNC, has been found to be unacceptable as leader by at least one party, YesTT, which is led by Stephen Cadiz.

On Monday night Panday announced that the UNC would fight the General Election as part of a coalition with NAR, Ytt, DPTT and NDP. The coalition is to be known as the UNC Alliance.
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Case against God dismissed in Romanian court

Bucharest, Romania
11 July 2007 04:09

CrossA Romanian man who sued God for “fraud” and “betrayal of trust” for failing to answer his prayers has had his case dismissed in court, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Mircea Pavel (40), who is serving 20 years in prison for murder, brought charges against “the defendant God, who lives in the heavens and is represented in Romania by the Orthodox Church”, the daily Evenimentul Zilei reported.
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Toddler Sexually Assaulted by Pitbull

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