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Manning and Panday Down in the Polls

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Patrick Manning and Basdeo PandayPM, Bas locked in race to the bottom
Several major findings emerge from this annual survey of public opinion as it relates to governance. Perhaps the most significant, though perhaps not the most surprising finding, was that both the People’s National Movement and the United National Congress are imploding, if we measure that development by the public standing of their political leaders.
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Crime shift from urban to rural districts

By Raffique Shah
December 13, 2009

ViolenceI WISH I could take comfort in the marginal drop in the number of murders this year when compared with last year, the way Acting Commissioner James Philbert does. At a recent year-end function, (Acting) Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Reyes sought to assure citizens that soon we shall not only hear talk about further crime-cuts, but we shall have less crime to talk and write about.
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Property Tax Bills Need Constitutional Majority

By Stephen Kangal
December 13, 2009

HouseI am now convinced that the two draconian property tax bills No 23 and 24 of 2009 must receive the requisite constitutional majority before they can be legitimately passed in the House of Representatives on Friday 18 December without public input. These bills are clearly being introduced in clear defiance of the wishes of the majority of people of T&T. They also are geared to demonstrate sadistically who is the ultimate boss here in the face of rising and widespread dissent.
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