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Mairoon Ali’s Send-Off: A Celebration…

Update: December 24, 2009

Mairoon Alis Send-Off: A Celebration of Life

Mairoon Ali's Send-Off: A Celebration of Life

Mairoon Ali’s Send-Off: A Celebration of Life in pictures

Mairoon Ali given spectacular send-off
Beautiful! That’s the most appropriate word that can be used to describe the celebration ceremony of the life of Mairoon Ali at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, yesterday. An almost packed auditorium of family and friends, who came out to pay tribute and bid a final farewell to a treasured woman, were treated to nothing short of the many colours of Ali. Among the gathering were Ambassador Joan Yuille-Williams, MP for Mayaro, Winston “Gypsy” Peters, Peter Minshall and Minister of Information Dr Neil Parsanlal.
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When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like “Avatar”?

By Annalee Newitz
December 18, 2009 – http://io9.com

The Movie "Avatar"Critics have called alien epic Avatar a version of Dances With Wolves because it’s about a white guy going native and becoming a great leader. But Avatar is just the latest scifi rehash of an old white guilt fantasy. Spoilers…
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Backing Bas …or Ramesh

Basdeo Panday, Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj

Basdeo Panday, Kamla Persad-Bissessar & Ramesh Maharaj

By Raffique Shah
December 20, 2009

As a Christmas gift to my colleague of many, many moons ago, I am backing Basdeo Panday for leadership of the UNC in the upcoming party elections. I have taken this decision, not after long and hard examination of the issues at stake, or any analysis of the future of UNC, but purely because Bas is a man. And this country of warped minds where people are whimsical in their outlooks, man must back man.
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Rowley hits property tax

By Sean Douglas
December 20 2009 – newsday.co.tt

Dr. Keith RowleyDIEGO Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley believes that people from all walks of life are angry at the Government’s property tax which they blame on squandermania. Rowley was speaking on Friday in the Lower House on two bills to bring the new tax, the Property Tax Bill 2009 and the Valuation of Land (Amendment) Bill 2009.
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