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Police executed my friends, Morvant man says

‘I played dead to stay alive’

By Francis Joseph
December 03, 2009 – guardian.co.tt

Codi AlvesCodi Alves is living a second life today after he miraculously escaped death when police killed his three friends in Morvant on the night of October 1.

Alves, 30, said he had to “play dead to stay alive,” otherwise he would have been killed by the police. He “played dead” from Morvant to Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he awoke in the mortuary, much to the surprise of the lone policeman and hospital staff. But his three friends—Joel Romain, 19, a former national junior sprinter, Kerwin “Lall” Joseph, 24, and Akee Caballero, 32, were not so lucky.
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