In the shadow of Commonwealth excess

By Stephen Chan
December 03, 2009 –

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2009A Commonwealth summit in Trinidad and Tobago was careful to shield delegates from the plight of nearby slum residents

Sea Lots is a slum that lies only a kilometre from the luxury hotels where the presidential and prime ministerial delegations from 53 Commonwealth countries, including the Queen, gathered last weekend in Trinidad and Tobago. Two huge cruise ships were tethered alongside it to provide overflow accommodation for the great and good. Many of them were confined to windowless cabins.
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UNC Support for the Property Tax In the Manday Accord?

By Stephen Kangal
December 05, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Patrick Manning and Basdeo PandayPolitical observers are duty bound to pose the question, in the face of recent bizarre public posturing of the UNC towards the property tax (PT) whether non-opposition or neutrality towards the PT would appear to be a condition of the Manday Accord. In the post- budget debate the UNC, except for the MP for St. Augustine, has been lukewarm in its limited opposition to the PT even though its current and potential political support base stands to bear the brunt of the expected $7bn punitive revenue windfall.
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