Crime shift from urban to rural districts

By Raffique Shah
December 13, 2009

ViolenceI WISH I could take comfort in the marginal drop in the number of murders this year when compared with last year, the way Acting Commissioner James Philbert does. At a recent year-end function, (Acting) Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Reyes sought to assure citizens that soon we shall not only hear talk about further crime-cuts, but we shall have less crime to talk and write about.

The latter may be good news for the citizenry, but not-so-good for members of the media. True, over the past year editors have grown so bored with murders, they have relegated the daily dosages to the inside pages of newspapers or lower down the order in electronic newscasts. Mad-dog murderers who had hoped to enhance their fearsome reputations through media exposure must be seriously reconsidering their options.

Those of us who are tuned in to what’s happening at grounds zero are painfully aware that in areas where people are inured to crime, the dons also control the prima donnas. In fact, they control everything-who comes and goes when and where, who qualifies for non-molestation and who must be quarantined, where to impose curfews, and so on. Of course for as long as they awaken to see a new dawn, they believe they are not just invincible, they are immortal.

So they thrive on their notoriety. And while the police may have had a hand in lowering the numbers, I wonder if it isn’t that these fellas are running out of targets. Some time ago National Security Minister Martin Joseph said he knew exactly how many gangs there were: he gave a precise number that I do not now recall. If that was close to the truth, then with some 1,500 murders over the past three years, we can assume that if 70 per cent of these were gang-related, the gangs are now severely depleted in numbers.

That may well account for the drop in the numbers of gang-related murders. On the surface that may seem to be a good thing. Beneath it, though, lies an insidious prospect. While gang-warfare may be diminishing for lack of ready targets, the evil that lives in the hearts of these criminals has not diminished. I have heard some chilling stories, as I imagine other would have, too.

In several violent robberies, after the victims are relieved of their possessions and the ‘capo’ decides to move on, most likely to seek out other victims, some junior member of the posse shouts: Leh mih kill she, nah!…ah never kill yet. In one case, I read where the wannabe-killer told his leader: Leh mih shoot ‘im ah want to hear ‘im beg me for he life!

It gets worse. Women are very much part of the crime networks. A few years ago a friend of mine was carjacked when he pulled into a St James gas station to inflate his tyres. He felt cold steel against his temple, metres away from the pumps where cars were being fuelled. No one noticed when the bandit ordered him to drive to a location in Woodbrook where an accomplice was waiting to join his partner in crime.

To sum up the story, he was driven to somewhere in Morvant (by which time he had been bundled into the trunk) where they picked up a woman. He could hear them talking and the woman cackling. They drove to a remote district in the east where they stopped. The two men beat him, relieved him of his valuables then ordered him to run which he was relieved to do. His only concern was that they would shoot after him. They didn’t. But he clearly heard the woman tell the men: Shoot ‘im! Shoot ‘im nah kill the – .!

Ever so often we hear of women being part of criminal activities, sometimes gruesome murders. Only last week two brothers in south, chasing some bandits who had robbed their home, found the driver of the getaway car was a woman. Worse for them, the police let the female criminal go free and arrested the victim! I trust that Mr Philbert will have dealt with that act of rank stupidity by immediately suspending the culprit, without pay, of course.

What I am getting at is as the criminals run out of easy targets in their ‘hoods, they would seek out easier ones near or far from where they normally operate. Already we have noticed a shift in violent robberies from the urban areas into rural districts. I do not believe the increase in crimes in Tobago is coincidence. Criminals always look for easy targets-it’s a basic rule they teach in crime-schools.

So while ACP Reyes assures us that soon there will be less crime, I wonder if the experienced lawman and his colleagues have looked at this grim shift in focus. Bear in mind, too, that while the murder rate has slowed, the recovery of illegal firearms has also slowed. Criminals have more guns than the police and army combined.

Will they now train these weapons on hapless, unarmed citizens, seeing the depletion of targets in their own ranks? It’s a frightening thought. But it’s a fearsome and all-too-plausible prospect.

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  • Raf: Rumshop killings, wife killings and rape-murder of little girls have always been “country” crime. Pixy Lakhan, Hope Arismndez and the little one snatched while waiting for a taxi to go home somewhere in Central probably never went to Laventille. I think it fair to say that while people percieved crime as happening to “dem others” no one was bothered. Now that the spill over touches other lives that previously focussed on throat cutting and what my nephew calls “slice and dice”, are we going to go through the Art Linkletter’s Daughter syndrome? Once America thought inner city African American areas had a drug problem, and ignored it, until Art Linkletter’s Daughter took a dive out of a multi-story building, believing, in a drug induced haze, that she could fly. Suddenly,the whole country had a drug problem.
    Mano Benjamin did his stuff in Tamana Forest.The murders of two women last year took place on or near Manzanilla Beach. What have you been reading? Crime has been universal in TnT all along. Since the 1980 marijuana growing has been a principal occupation in the Rio Claro area. That, my friend, is not Port-of-Spain.

  • Oh gord the foolishness start again…..

  • First off, I was in awe listening to ACP Reyes’ prediction that we would have less crime to talk about next year, relating this to Martin Joseph’s prediction last year that we would not be talking about crime in the following year. Then to go on to say that Martin Joseph is the best Minister in T&T
    Your suggestion of “running out of targets” is interesting. In attempting to understand why our crime situation has escalated the rate in which ours have and considering the resources expended to fight this escalation, all the info the Minister claims to have on the number of gangs, the membership tally of each gang, the PM’s knowledge of Mr. Big and his divine knowledge on info we do not have (remember his comments on the Tecia Henry’s issue). I can’t help but to think that those in authority is waiting and hoping for this to sort itself out (kill off each other).
    If it is that these criminals have run out of targets, it is logical to think that they would move out of their territory to other areas to continue their “trade”. They would now go to the “rum shops” and kill after robbing their victims. This govnt continues with their “mandate from the people” whilst the mayhem escalates and Martin Joseph, and Reyes would continue predicting, and the blind loyalist would continue defending, and whilst al this going on, somebody bank account getting fat.

  • I cannot speak for him but perhaps Uncle Shah meant to say suburbs as opposed to rural. These are the guys who lives in the enclaves , drives around in expensive cars, and frolic on million dollar Yachts with scantily clad bikini girls ,between Pigeon Point and Westmoorings.
    The insensitive brutes only choose to pay 3:00 TT per hour to have some uneducated joker guard their grand fortresses , pick up their budding bourgeois kids from school, and wipe their noses daily ,yet act surprise when they empty the treasures in the safety deposit box , or demand a share of the choice T&T loot before it is deposited in the Miami or Swiss bank account- often with help from within.

  • Hey Neal yuh so damn right it’s a shame, but until those who elect a government understands this, we would be in this mess for a long time. I have always said that two factors play important roles in electing someone to office, they are the electorate and financiers, however one can be elected by the vote alone, but never by the financiers. Therefore, it is necessary for those who are blindly loyal to any one party to put that away for it has done nothing for them.

  • Raf, today;’s murder statistics- Ms. Khan’s head almost severed, the murders in Tobago, the attempted murder in Maracas show that I was right. These are murders as usual. A man will chop his wife’s head off, no matter where she lives, if she wants to leave him. People will chop you to steal your car. They always have.Perhaps we are noticing it more, that’s all.Ignorance results in murders.Some will keep attacking a particular party, while mostly Indian women get their heads chopped off. Check the names of all who were killed by spouses in the last five years. What has party to do with that?

  • I hope this count as well, as it cut across all demographics.Women and children are indeed an endangered species in our country. One would hope that it is not a social taboo to speak about their plights ? Would building 500 more 5000 bed prisons, or giving ACP Reyes greater fire powered Uzis do the trick? Further, would Kamla or any other politician for present UNC political party position, or wider national office dare to put this on their campaign platform? An inner voice says no, on all scores, but I have been so wrong before.

  • Linda Edwards and Neal seem to get some sort of perverse pleasure in highlighting crime in the Indian community.Crimes of passion committed by psychologically deranged people have been going on for years. There is no monopoly on crime by any particular racial group in TT.As someone who often examines statistics, I can assure you that domestic crime is still an extremely small percentage of the crimes committed in TT.The majority of murders are still drug and gang related; even murder by kidnapping has substantially reduced.
    Rural domestic murders are usually committed by people in need psychiatric care.The point that Raf was making in his article is that the POS criminals are making their was into rural communities after exhausting their criminal options in the city, to commit crimes against strangers to fill their pockets and to entertain themselves because they have guns.

  • Since I am the only woman left who consistently comments on these aparently “male” issues, I daresay Tman should tell these “only a few women” nonsense statistics to Ms. Khan’s female relatives.

  • Let me see , I said “it cuts across all demographics,” and T-Man retorted with “there is no monopoly on crime by any particular racial group in TT.” Am I missing something here ,or is it that the crafty T- Man has been residing too long in Quebec ,and has lost all sense of understanding of the lingo of good old Mother England?
    A young girl for example was raped and murdered somewhere up in John John , or was it Lavantille , and we chastise the PM when he tried to get cheap milage against what appeared on the surface as her neglectful crack -head mom and dad. Don’t we talk at length about lower class Afro Trini kids resorting to ‘suicide by cops’, as they get involved in imbecilic shootout confrontations with police across our nation? As two bit illiterate thugs hold our citizens at ransom from Diego to Santa Cruz , Arima and Curepe, forcing for example the wife of a soldier to drive her vehicle into a police station of sleeping police officers , we lamented about their situations and tried to suggest solutions as outraged nationals should ,I believe.
    I guess T-man feels that the conditions of our brothers and sisters of the Indian Diaspora are of no concern to others outside their communities.
    This phony can sit in Toronto and gloat about his own loving daughter the Canadian state running champion, but choose instead to dismiss acts of perennial abused against lower cast women and children in the Indo Trini community ,as mere “crimes of passion committed by psychologically deranged people,”and think whalla it can disappear. Kamla and similar elite jokers masquerading as new age politicians can speak with eloquence and authority of crimes from inner city New York, London, Paris , Munich , Nairobi , Johannesburg , Beetham, and Las siva Maraval, but not one single utterances about barbaric treatment of women and kids from which they initially emerge. How pathetic!
    Unfortunately, it is one of the principal reasons why we can never move beyond stupid rum and roti old talk about crimes in our country. This fool and others like him feels if he can hide his head and butt in a shell like a Sande Grande Tatoo , while pointing selective fingers at our problem from without , we can make progress in this Twin Republic.
    Remind him that there is a method to our madness, for if the complicit ,corporate media agents would continually refuse to shine the light into the dark recesses of our society , some of us have absolutely no compunction in doing so. We take sadistic pleasure in giving Jack his Jacket where warranted , Jim his Jimboots if it’s deserved, and calling a spade when we see it.
    It is a first , and least coward step towards nation building ,and true sustainable development.
    Ah the plight of the sleeping middle class!


    James Hughes on July 24, 2009 – 2:01am
    I’ve recently returned from a week-long ‘vacation’ in Trinidad and Tobago. I place the ‘vacation’ in quotation marks because it was anything but. After 6 days of travelling, I felt lucky to escape with my life and limbs intact.
    I am American (white male), and felt completely unsafe travelling anywhere while in Trinidad and Tobago, where normally I am confident that I can avoid dangerous situations, places, and people. I traveled to try and see some of the world’s most amazing beaches, diving, and natural rainforest beauty, birds and wildlife, but found that T&T is violent, dangerous, and simply NOT a place ANY tourist should ever consider visiting in the near future, especially white tourists. It was the most unfriendly and subtlety racist country I have ever visited – there were no smiles, I had MULTIPLE well-meaning residents warn me to take special care. You think Trinis and Trinbogians would want more tourists! I saw very few tourists (who dared venturing outside the resort gates) even when I was in Crown Point and other supposedly high-tourist areas of Tobago. Port of Spain should be avoided at all costs. It’s a nightmare and cess-pool to visit. I know what I’m talking about as I spent a week travelling in Trinidad and Tobago. I quickly came to realize that travelling by Maxi Taxi was best avoided, as was going anywhere at night. The police, especially on Tobago, seemed to be for show. “Sunday School” was a joke – I left early as it seemed like an invitation to robbery and murder of anyone who looks like a tourist. Flimsy doors, locks, and security, etc. Pigeon Point, the premiere beach, was basically deserted. I could go on and on. It really is very, very bad, and I advise anyone not a native Trinidian or Tobagian, and especially white people not to travel there. It’s not fun. Everyone, including locals, seems afraid and wary, looking over their shoulders. It’s overpriced (even though relatively affordable) for what you get. It’s too bad. Amazing coral reefs and other things, and then nothing seems to be done about protecting a vital industry – tourism. I heard locals, when after having a few beers, really tell you what it’s like – the police don’t solve crime, the government is probably involved in some way. I view Trinidad and Tobago as an emerging dictatorship that is being quite obviously corrupted by massive drug trafficking. One look at the prime minister’s official portrait at Piarco/POS intl airport in his dark-shaded sunglasses and you know you might have stepped into the realm of the tin-pot banana republic. It’s unfortunate, as I met many many T&T’s who were fairly kind, given the circumstances, but on the whole, when traveling outside, people were quite unfriendly. Tourists getting raped and murdered by being chopped up by machetes in a country as small as this with as many natural and economic resources really does tell you something. Until T&T wakes up and corrects the situation it will get inevitably worse, as word like this spreads, and the few remaining (white) tourists who come from Germany, Canada, Holland, etc. (outside T&T) will stop coming because they are targeted. It’s an unfortunate fact, but true. The earlier comment about the rich v. poor divide is also true, as a cause of the crime. Sure, there are nice new buses, good cell phone service, and other things, but you also have very expensive food (a meal at KFC, an American franchise, costs around $38TT (about $6.50US), but wages I saw for, say, an armed security guard pay only $16-18TT/hour. That means one has to work over two hours to buy one meal). Food in regular supermarkets (like Penny Saver) is relatively expensive for locals. Sure, one can buy doubles and roti on the corner for $3TT, but a country where food is expensive will undoubtedly have trouble with crime.)
    The tourism industry is crumbling as I speak. After returning to Miami and going to South Beach, friendly, safe, and beautiful, I nearly kissed the ground. If you like adventure , travel with 24hour armed security, and live off-shore on your own secured yacht, sure, go, but otherwise…don’t. Sorry, beautiful country, but unsafe at the moment.


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  • Neal
    Verbal abuse,name-calling and accusations do not belong in civilized discourse.It is interesting how some resort to these strategies when “caught”.

  • That is why there are more Trinibagonians living outside of Trinidad and Tobago then at home.

  • Island people are migratory people. there are probablty more brits living outside Britain that in, they have been migrating for five hundred years. Remember Zola Budd claiming British citizenship because her grandfather was Briytish?
    Now, in the Edwards-Gonzales-Eccles-Ryan-Guerra-Silva-Baboolal-Ali-Leon-Hollingsworth-Simmons-Williams families who claim kinship to me, somebody is always coming home on vacation. There is hardly a six month period in which somebody living in Europe or North America is not home. Crimes against visitors belonging to this clan? 0
    We are different how? Nightclubs and liming is not our thing, visiting families is. We go to the beach not a man and a woman alone, but by 25 seater maxi, often owned and driven by a relative or old family friend. We are not flashers of fancy jewelry. When we arrive at the airport, we are always met by a family member, and will not leave with anyone else. We sometimes travel by maxi(small) or by bus, but we hardly travel alone.
    These, and a profound faith in God’s guidance, as well as that of our ancestors watching over us, and some sensible pre-planning, have so far kept us safe. Once a trusted friend took me to Bunty’s and something in St. James, and I watched that othe lifestyle in amazement. Hnging out and drinking was never our thing. The name Edwards means “good provider”.Our father was that, so was our mother.I do not believe he ever sat on a rumshop stool in his entire life. Crimes against persons are crimes of opportunity, reducing the opportunity to be a victim, makes sense. When poor uneducated women are in dangerous relationships, they often feel they have no hoice, and their men prove that by chopping thir necks off. I see statistics on women killed by hubands, more that I see statistics of young men playing cowboys, and shooting each other. I am a woman like that. The death of each woman at the hands of boyfriend or spouse, sometimes despite court orders, is a crime against societal norms of enormous proportions, that is also true for angry fathers, also a countryside thing, who poison their children, then themselves.

    • “There is hardly a six month period in which somebody living in Europe or North America is not home.”-Linda Edwards
      Where does that statistic come from? Most Americans don’t have passports. When millions of others are eligible for their vacations, most only have two weeks a year. Many of them never go any further than their city or state.
      Not even 5% of Americans live outside of their country and that’s including the military population.

  • I often boast that for all the idle talk of my post secondary schooling education,perhaps one of the best ,and perhaps most important phase was that received via a six months stint at the St. James Barracks Trinidad, along with a ten year follow up experience, amongst my people , in the land of my birth.Guess what, I won’t trade it for the world.During that time you tend to pick up a priceless gift , and uncanny instinct for understanding human nature , and the true minds of some miserable , conniving human scums in a generally Hobbesian world, that is often “nasty , brutish, and short.”
    Put in more colloquial language , the ability to ‘separate the goat, from the sheep,” or in essence , frauds , phonies, and impostors,from the real deal , authentic , and committed to a genuine cause.I tend not to take characters like T-Man too seriously as I very early detected what he really is: a self loathing , non patriot, that fervently thinks that life began for him when he hopped on that plane to escape our country in 1986.
    Can someone send an SOS to Canadian T- Man ,and his fictitious White Yankee tourist friend, that felt so unsafe here while on vacation ,until he was back on American shores -in of all place Castro’s ex prisoners cesspool Miami ,en-route to -believe it or not- the Italian ,and Cuban Mafia dens of South beach Florida.
    In it, you’ll inform them that every day millions of black men and other unfortunate minorities live in fear in America of been shot by closet racist cops, or jailed for life in her Prison Industrial Complex,and sentenced to death , on trump up charges ,by crooked DA’s , unscrupulous Judges,in connivance with manipulated jurors of similar destructive mindset.
    In addition, despite the presence of some of the most advanced technologies money can purchase , presence of the best security agencies created, and owning the largest military across the industrial world , millions of her citizens and visitors are daily living in fear as well, especially since September 11th 2001. These often naively believe that they could soon become history at the hands of phantom global terrorist , led by the likes of Bin Laden , a 6ft something bearded ,Saudi, Muslim thug, that some so called experts still claims is living in a bat cave in the mountain of Afghanistan,under the protection of Pashtoon Pakistanis , while stuck to a dialysis machine .
    This ghastly pending Armageddon does not frighten citizens of the globe from still lining up outside her embassies to pay a visit either on a temporary or permanent basis T- Man and white friend, neither should a few unfortunate moments in sweet T&T strike fear into his, or any other “white tourist” heart. Advise him to just follow the prudent advice of Ms.L on how one should look, and comport oneself when on vacation whether in Aruba, Jamaica , Antigua , or Barbados, Ireland , Italy , or Columbia.
    As for my country, our people are not the groveling ,desperate ,types you might encounter in traditional tourist enclaves, as they have been spoiled by our natural resources and see these temporary jobs as means to some end.
    Leave the little kids that you are all fond of via global sex trades prevalent throughout parts of Asia , Latin America , and former Eastern Europe/ USSR. Enjoy the hospitality of the people when you come to Tobago , and cease the land speculation escapades, and tendency towards offshore dealings , corruption ,government backed Sir Allen Stanfordish Ponzi schemes attractions that became somewhat vogue in places such as Barbados, St Lucia ,Bermuda ,Antigua ,St. Vincent , and the likes within recent times.
    Leave the snotty nose condescending attitudes, and loud arrogant, ‘ugly American,’ behaviors for when you only visit Paris, London , Red-light district Amsterdam ,White / Asian Cape town , New Brunswick , and Rome ,as their tolerance levels are greater than ours.
    I tell you , I just believe it’s either one or the other:-, First that he T-Man is a provocateur on preretirement with too much time on his hands , and in possession of his first fully owned computer . Secondly, instead of a brain he has a Canadian flag , or hockey puck in place ,due to an attack he experienced in a Toronto back ally by bunch of ice hockey club wheeling , spaced out bikers-and so his blind adoration of that country as well. Finally , it must be an overabundance of Maple leaf syrup that runs constantly through his veins, as a result of his overstay in that country over the past 23 years since he denounced his own country.
    Am I suggesting that all is well in rainbow country T&T? That would be foolish of me ,and Granny did not raise no fool T-Man.
    I wish you both, and selective others well, with any hidden ,grandiose agendas .Please note however that not only can we smell you from a mile off, but also can ‘read you loud and clear.’

  • Merry Xmas , Neil and I hope you have a happy and prosperous new year. May your comments keep us entertained in the future!

  • Many happy returns to you as well my friend.

  • World News Tonight will feature a man, of course of African AMerican origins, just released from jail in Florida today, fter sering a 38 year jail sentence for raping a nine year old boy, when he was 19. DNA cleared him. American police precincts, cruel and racist though many of them are, save evidence for years and years.

    This man, who, like Mandela is not bitter, was freed by The Innocence Project, started by a white college profesor of law, who noticed how biased the system is, and got his graduate law students-those working on their Doctor of Jurispudence Degrees- to intensely research some cases where they think they could find evidence of prejudice in reading the trial transcripts. Every citizen, with an interest, can use the Freedom of Information law to get access to these ranscripts, but the legal time it takes to go over the papers and dig deeper, costs more than the average poor, Africn or Hispanic accused can scrape up, thus the students have to do this pro bone.
    I am so sorry this did not happen Texas. He would have been entitled to $80,000 for every year of incarceration.That would be $2,720,000. He may get more if there is no law in Floriday. How ould state, based on faulty evidence send a nineteen year old to jail, and he comes out at 57? How does one restart a life?

    Cases like these exist all over the world. Quite possibly in Trinidad and Tobago too, where the well off have a “lock them up and throw away the key” mentality.
    In death penalty states, a number of people were executed before the innocence project could get to their case.In one case, a judge refused to keep the court clerk available for fifteen more minutes, so that those filing on behalf of a prisoner could get to court. She refused. The man was executed that night. In the original Americas, there were no jails. Columbus set up the first one on Ste. Domingue, and ohn Smith found one necessary at the first English coony in the NewWorld.All other “ciilized, modern”countries have jails, and if you check the ones in Australia, its the inigenous people in them. Tru in South America, and was true in the Amerian West. Now African and Hispanics have joined them.
    Few men, in their conquest of the world havee stopped to notice that we take young men out of the workforce, where they may compete with older men for the attention of the females. Jailing them keeps power in the hands of older political farts. The whole concept of jailing a dissident to silence him/her, comes from that repressive way men have with younger men.

    This is not to say that young men are all angels.Far from it.The injustices created by unequal societal attitudes, sends young men to the grave in TnT and to jail for 38 years in Florida. Their Crime? Being African American in the New World.

  • Newsbreak, Newsbreak, NEWSBREAK
    President Obama’s government has granted the first case of Political Assylum to a battered and threatened wife from Guatemala. She had been trying for TEN years, but was already in the country illegally.This can open the door to refugees/wives who must flee their country to avoid being killed.
    I joyfully forwarded this news to my contacts at papers in TnT, in the Eastern Caribbean and in West Africa.

    Somebody seems to know that a major cause of death of women of childbearing age, in developing countries, is called “husbands and boyfriends”.
    Check YAhoo News for further details, nad rejoice that one man’s governnment “gets it”.

    • Hispanics don’t have much of a problem staying in the United States as long as they do jobs at suppressed pay rates. Not only that, they have a strong social structure that allows them to depend on one another. I doubt if this will assist the needs of non Hispanic Caribbean woman.

    Now you know why I am following the lead of many of my fellow Trini nationals , including a particular unmentionable ,ungrateful ,world renowned Nobel Literature winner, and developing a profound hatred for my own country, Sweet T&T ,so as to become part of the loving big brother / great Northern Industrial Canadian and European toss salad so call inclusive experiment.
    Yeah right! Even with all it’s growing ills, ugly warts , and social problems , I won’t trade this country of mine for nothing that exist across this global village.
    The world would be a better place when equal rights and justice , irrespective of class ,becomes more than catch phrases.

  • Yes Curtis Puerto Ricans are loosing sleep over the cause of Mexicans that are forced to scale walls in Arizona and similar border states as they aim to move American lawns, and work in Korean green grocers stores.
    Likewise , yellow skin Domonican Republics immigrants that did not give a darm about Black / bantu Haitians , are excited about the social plight about their big butts , kinky head fellow brothers not capable of playing baseball , and pedaling ” you know what,’ in Bronx and other parts of Zoo York.
    Although I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, I am with you however, on the subject of the desperate needs for non hispanic woman of color that were not fortunate to sell 400 or more acres of land to run to the USA and settle in Hillside Avenue , Richmond Hill, and similar enclaves.
    Sometimes instead of the true milk and honey so called benefits , their migratory forays have done more to destroy the fabrics of Caribbean families , and societies as a whole- and we have the barrage of statistics to show.

  • Sometimes when I read the comments of the last two posters on this thread, I do have to wonder what the hell they are talking about, as their comments wander all over the place and have no relavance to previus comments or the issue at hand.Moderator, please put ah hand!

  • Moderator- please inform everyone about the reply option so that they are informed about what comments are responses to other comments. If that doesn’t work, perhaps you can post a link to hooked on phonics.
    Someone posted comments about the Obama administration granting political asylum to a Hispanic woman. They went on to inform us that they forwarded this information to the news media outlets in TNT and in West Africa as if that would aid women from those places.
    Pay attention, here the catch. I then posted a comment that hinted to the difference in policy toward Hispanics and woman from other regions such as the women that were the target audience in West Africa and here in TNT.
    It seemed very clear to me. Cause and reaction.

  • Don’t beat yourself up stupid Ms. L. Some of us also a feel the same when we are forced to read and digest some of your confusing , twisted , agenda driven diatribes. Of course , sometimes out of respect , other occasion shear , boredom ,and appreciation that like 90% of us on this board if you too did not have this forum to pontificate would have made an attempt to end your life like a jilted Central Trini lover ,perhaps by jumping into one of ‘dem numerous Dallas oil fields, you have come to favor so much over those from Point Fortin.
    Here we go for the record Ms L. Sunday it’s the wonderful hazel eyes acquired from your French Creole ,rapist, great grand father. Monday we hear about your lofty UWI education.
    Tuesday we are subjected to your global learnings, good deeds, and accomplishments. Wednesday we hear that you in black phony Harvard Professor Gates fashion ,can never be an Indian hating racist,since you must be a distant cousin of uncle Panday, Karmela and Mr. Kegal with Taj Mahal bloods in your veins. Then there is the 365 days lamentations of how evil , sadistic men, has messed up the world , and how women are the only ones to put it back on an even keel. Ah the machinations of Ms. L ,our resident,and only authentic historian , and neo feminist spokesperson!
    First they tell us that all sex with men since creation was rape, next that Jenney will grow up to be quite well rounded , since she has two mummys, when will it end?
    I really wonder why some us, including you Curtis , choose to take ourselves so seriously , and even venture to believe that anyone reading gives a hoot about anything that we have to say on any subject via this blogersphere? For the million and ten time folks, it’s just a gigantic chess game , so please try to figure out the end game of each player. For the record, I am perhaps the only person writing here that can truly say ” that what you see is what you get,”and why one might ask? I hold no allegiance to anyone for past , present, or anticipated noble deeds, or care to impress any, since I desire nothing.
    Keep the faith.

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