Manning and Panday Down in the Polls

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Patrick Manning and Basdeo PandayPM, Bas locked in race to the bottom
Several major findings emerge from this annual survey of public opinion as it relates to governance. Perhaps the most significant, though perhaps not the most surprising finding, was that both the People’s National Movement and the United National Congress are imploding, if we measure that development by the public standing of their political leaders.

80% of citizens unhappy with Manning Government
Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are not at all satisfied with the manner in which their country is being run by the Manning administration.

PNM, UNC both corrupt
Corruption continues to be an issue that generates angst in the bosoms of many Trinidadians who however seem resigned to the fact that both the PNM and the UNC are corrupt outfits, with little separating them, notwithstanding the rhetoric.

Summits a waste of time, money
Despite repeated assertions that he respects the independence of the judiciary and the media, and that he has no dictatorial or even presidential or monarchical ambitions, Prime Minister Patrick Manning is now widely perceived as hubristic and driven by egomanic ambition to be a statesman of international significance. When asked whether Mr Manning secretly desires to control the media, 59 per cent said yes, while 24 per cent said no. Seventeen per cent were unable to say.

Kamla contests
It was amid thunderous applause from her constituents that Deputy Political Leader for the United National Congress, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, made her announcement to contest for leadership of the party in January 2010.

Kamla: ‘No one will keep me down again.’
“No-one is ever going to keep me down again….no one!” With those words UNC deputy political leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, announced her run for the post of political leader in the Opposition party’s January 24 internal elections.

Kamla to contest UNC elections
Siparia MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she went through emotional turmoil as she deliberated whether to challenge her guru and mentor, Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday, for the United National Congress’ leadership but in the end, she declared she stood ready to take back this country from the People’s National Movement Government.

‘Speech, record not matching’
Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj said yesterday Siparia MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s statements on leadership and courage do not reflect her track record.

Panday: I will be no one’s deputy
OPPOSITION Leader Basdeo Panday has said that he will not be a deputy political leader of the United National Congress (UNC) if Kamla Persad-Bissessar or Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj wins the party’s January 24 elections for political leader.

Panday faction denies firings in UNC

Panday: History in the making
Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday said yesterday history is in the making as the United National Congress’ internal elections nears.

2 thoughts on “Manning and Panday Down in the Polls”

  1. Ain’t life grand? Seems as if both the PM and Opposition leader either went to the same school ,or learned well at the proverbial feet of the master neo-dictator himself. I am speaking of none other than Dr. Eric Williams aka ‘De father of the nation.’
    I recently glean in an article where the Opposition leader, from what he was saying, looked like he was eagerly anticipating the next general election, as the borderline octogenarian is very confident that a Panday led party , can be victorious at the polls. So ecstatic is he ,that I am force to think that not even if Lord Patrick Manning was to assume the mantle of Minister of Finance , Governor of the Central Bank , with the authority to build 50 more 500 million dollar white elephant projects, or ability to influence global leaders to move the World Bank , IMF, the US Treasury , Buckingham Palace, and the United Nation to POS, can stop him.
    There was only one caveat however . The 76 year old Panday was demanding a “ disciplined team.” Sorry Gypsy, Jack Warner , and Ramesh Maharaj. Apparently you guys won’t taking copious notes when he went for the juggler of Deosaran ,just like any rabid cane farmer with a grass cutter in hand ,reaching for the hide of a dangerous mapipi snak,. and in the process destroyed the entire career of this much admired ,but less charismatic ,one time Chaguanas MP.
    Flash back on how the Doc of “ when I talk, no darm dog bark” fame operated ,when any opposition to his reign lurked from then young Finance Minister Robbie to CLR James ,and Karl Hudson Phillip- it was dog house for them. Fast forward through the years to UWI’s Patrick , a loyal student as he assumed the mantle of PNM once the carefree ‘smarty pants’ George Chambers had served his purpose. The political carcasses of John Donaldson,Selwyn Richardson, Overand Padmore, Dr. Cutty Joseph,Wendell Mottley, Muriel Donnawa, and other members of the ‘Fatass brigade,‘Dr.Keith Rowley, and ex police /,Lavantille MP Rasta cousin Hinds have been littered across the land for all to see what happen to any that tries to defy ELSupremo ,‘ and first amongst equal,’ in true Westminster fashion.
    Ironically, today ,the media would occasionally chide the PM for some of his Machiavellian maneuvers, especially when he decided to elevate his close confidant / wife into choice positions that other hard working party hacks felt that she did not deserve , or was incapable of ‘manning,’ like they could – no pun intended.
    Should we hold our breath to see if some of the selectively outraged citizens , particularly within the confines of the illustrious 4th Estate would speak out against this prospect , by Political Czar Panday who exclaimed in reference to past political successes , “ we did it once, nay twice , and we can do it again.I shall leave only when you tell me to go, not those power hungry vultures waiting for me to die so that they can inherit this great party.” Hmmmm! spoken like a true warrior , and statesman indeed.
    South Asian Lords Neruh,and Zufilka Ali Buttho, ain’t have nothing on him, that’s for sure- even as he choose to speak with fork tongue in claiming that ” leadership is not a cow that one could hand over as one would a dowry.”
    Don’t worry Uncle Shah ,those of us who understands history are aware of your role in helping to create this great party from the pillars of the Trade Union ,and your rewards- if any – for loyalty, as the severe backlash that resulted when you pushed then for a more progressive agenda . I know, it has turned into a fiefdom, and no one would step in the way of succession and coronation of his princess.
    One thing we can admire about the British for all the harm they might have inflicted on the world . They are a very politically mature people that does not even need a solid single written Constitution to conduct their affairs. It should be noted that a minister would quickly resign from public office , once any semblance of impropriety surrounds them due to some past action.
    Our neo -colonial friends that love every thing British ,are not too keen to adopt that principle however, and few possess the guts to hold their hands to the fire and demand accountability where warranted.
    Well, there it is , for all his optimism , something tells me that this PNM might just remain in power until perhaps the year 2050, unless someone with higher moral fortitude is prepared to nudge them out.
    Wait a minute , I stand corrected ,for perhaps I should be doing a piece on the merits of political martyrdom Trini style. Nice one Uncle Panday. You had some of us fooled all along, for that might just be the objective – and might even work. Just look at how cousin Jagdeo is running his fiefdom across in Guyana,publicly stating he is no longer interested in political power , but secretly egging on his henchmen to work quickly to change the constitution. Jonestown Burnham ,did not have it so nice.

  2. We still have 3 years to go. What is the purpose of a poll at this time? We still have to face a grim reality while patrick is discussing climate change.

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