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Marcus Garvey: Millennium Afrikan Hero

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
April 29, 2007

Marcus GarveyAt the dawn of this new millennium, Afrikan peoples should be both proud and knowledgeable of their heroes who have advanced and championed their cause. One such millennium hero is Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

As such, it is now apropos to delineate the positive, potent and posthumous contributions of this Afrikan hero to the total unification and liberation of Afrikan peoples on the Continent and throughout the Diaspora.
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Falling T&TEC Pole Causes Injury, Sparks Protest

T&TEC pole on top of a taxi
T&TEC pole on top of a taxi
April 28, 2007

A T&TEC pole fell on top of a taxi, almost splitting it in half, in Bamboo Settlement #2 injuring four people – Tiab Ali, his wife Ayesha Ali, daughter Natasha and granddaughter Samantha Lopez. The said pole that fell on top of the vehicle and also managed to damage another car near its path.
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PM wants to dance crime away

Patrick Manning To dance or not to dance?
By Ariti Jankie, April 28th 2007
The idea of “dancing crime away” has been welcomed by dance tutors, but has drawn condemnation from some religious educators.

Manning has said that Government planned to use the dance and music option, not hip hop, to draw young people away from criminal activities and expose them to a more wholesome lifestyle.

PM dances crime away
By Richardson Dhalai, April 27 2007
Prime Minister Patrick Manning plans to use dance and music, but not hip hop, to help young people stay away from “unsavoury lifestyles.”

Govt Brass band coming
By Ria Taitt Saturday, April 14 2007
Despite already having a functional, well established and highly-rated Youth National Orchestra, Government has decided to establish a large brass band comprising young musicians.

The advertisement states that applications must be submitted to the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, Whitehall, by April 17.

The advertisement stated that vacancies exist in the various sections, including saxophone, trumpet, trombone; rhythm and percussion sections, and for male and female vocalists.

Club Zen is Open for Business

At Club Zen Tonight
At Club Zen Tonight, April 27th, 2007

Less than twenty-four hours after police moved to close Zen nightclub, club owner Johnny Soong said that Zen is very much open for business. Soong is threatening legal action if his club suffers any losses coming from an extremely controversial string of events.
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Machel Montano in Brawl at Zen Over Spilled Drink
April 26, 2007

In the aftermath of the Akon and Danah scandal at Club Zen, new reports have surfaced of another controversy/incident at the club in which Soca giants Machel Montano, Kernel Roberts and Benjai have been questioned by police. According to reports, twenty-five year old Russell Pollonais of Princess Town was the victim of a physical attack involving Machel Montano and members of his entourage around 2:30 this morning. According to a female relative of Pollonais, he and a group of friends, some visiting from England, went to the Zen Night Club on Wednesday night to celebrate an upcoming wedding when the incident occured.
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Club Zen Has Been ‘Temporarily’ Closed

Today at Club Zen
Today at Club Zen
April 26, 2007

Speaking on TV6 news, Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston Cooper, said that against the background of the information given by the courts to Zen with regards to issuing the club with a license to run the premises, the management of Zen was unable to comply with the courts’ request and as such, was denied a license.
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Machel Montano in Brawl at Zen

Machel at Club Zen last night
Machel Montano and Mr. Howard Chin Lee at Club Zen last night

Trinidad and Tobago News
April 26, 2007

Is it a twist of fate or could it be ‘jumbie’ at Zen? Zen is once more in the news with another controversy; this time, it involves local superstar, Machel Montano who is known for his energetic performances. This incident took place following a function Machel Montano held at club Zen to thank various parties for the success of his Carnival and Madison Square Garden concerts.
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Disappointed in Sir Vidia Naipaul

Sir Vidia NaipaulI am a high school student attending a college under the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha. I witnessed an event at the headquarters of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha on April 20. Sir VS Naipaul was the guest of honour and he agreed to answer questions asked by the students of the various schools who attended the event.

Students approached the microphone with questions for the distinguished author but he chose to ignore them. When he was asked about his reason for evading the questions, he described the questions as trivial and refused to answer them. He even went on to say that he always thought that literature was for adults and not children and he proceeded to say that this was now proven to him.
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The Politics of Akon, Danah and Zen

Martin Daly S.C. spoke on i95.5fm about the wider issues involved.

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Danah’s brother screened for PNM
Wednesday, April 25 2007

Danah and Akon at ZenFifteen-year-old Danah Alleyne’s brother Ian was among those screened by the PNM for the Chaguanas East constituency, party sources confirmed yesterday.

Alleyne, who is president of the Trinidad and Tobago Crime Watch Association, is a well known PNM activist. He was screened at Balisier House last Saturday by the PNM screening committee, which is chaired by Prime Minister Patrick Manning. He was among four persons screened for the constituency.
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Danah’s Conduct at Zen: What’s the Big Deal?

Comment on i95.5fm

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By Heru
From: Trinidad and Tobago News Blog
April 24, 2007

Danah and Akon at ZenWhen this issue first surfaced on the internet and local radio talk shows, before Trinicenter’s article “Akon Did Not Abuse Girl At Zen“, many people were making very racist comments against Akon. Over time, following the exposure of the racism, more photos and other information surrounding this incident, many have shifted blame to club Zen for breaching the law with regards to minors in such places. Many more have shifted the blame to Danah and are being extreme in their condemnations.
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