Miss Universe Pageant

Tue, 29 May 2007

Miss UniverseGood Morning,

My family and I were very disappointed in not seeing Miss Trinidad in the Miss Universe Pageant. Then to read it was lack of financing. It seemed untrue. So many people think Trinidad is a third world country and after defending it and spouting it’s attributes not to mention it’s an oil country and one of the better off islands… last night was very deflating.
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The East Indian Challenge

By Stephen Kangal
May 28, 2007

IndiansThe genuine way forward to nation building for the Indian Community is identifying the challenges to be faced in forging a New Arrival in which entrepreneurship and professionalism (social and economic mobility) must go hand in hand with programmes designed to increase and promote human welfare and progress notably in the rural communities.

We all must want to create a just and caring people-centred society in which all groups will feel a sense of ownership of Trinidad and Tobago and where no one feels excluded or limited in its quest for excellence. All must play their part and not benefit vicariously from the work of other citizens.
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Obeah, necromancy rampant in T&T

By Raffique Shah
May 27, 2007

Patrick Manning and Benny HinnAs I watch with amusement the pseudo-religious shenanigans of our leaders, I cannot help but thank my semi-literate parents for steering me away from superstition for as long as I can remember. That, in turn, led me to later rely on reason rather than religion for my spiritual sustenance. I know my mother would be happy had I embraced Islam the way the rest of my family did. But I am not sure my long-deceased father would have been too disappointed in me. He was religious to the extent that he believed in God and he attended mosque at least twice a year. But he was irreverent, and maybe smart, too, in that he never judged an imam by his purported knowledge of the Qu’ran or pronouncements from the pulpit, but by his every deed.
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Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago

By Dr. Kumar Mahabir
May 25, 2007

IndiansThe Indian heritage day will be observed as a national holiday on Wednesday May 30th.

On May 30th 1845, the Fath Al Razak docked in the Port of Spain harbour in Trinidad and Tobago with 225 adult passengers on board. The passengers were immigrants from India who had come to the British colony to work in the sugarcane plantations after the abolition of African slavery. They had spent 103 days on sea during the arduous and dangerous journey that spanned 14,000 miles (36,000 km). The immigrants were contracted for five to ten years to work in the sugarcane estates in a system that ended in 1917.
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Artistes face assault charges

Left: Kernel Roberts, Zan, Machel, Machel’s Father, Elizabeth and Marcus Montano
Left: Kernel Roberts, Zan, Machel, Machel’s Father, Elizabeth and Marcus Montano

3 face Zen fracas charges

By Nalinee Seelal, newsday.co.tt
Thursday, May 24 2007

HEAD of the Port-of-Spain Division Snr Supt Steve Waldron yesterday instructed the Belmont police to lay charges against three men stemming from an alleged fracas which occurred outside the Zen nightclub, Port-of-Spain, on April 26.
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Visiting guru held on sex charges

By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford, guardian.co.tt
Monday 21st May, 2007

HinduA Guru who arrived in Trinidad last week to give religious discourses (sat sangh) throughout the country on Hinduism has been detained in connection with the alleged rape of 22-year-old Guayanese woman.

The 85-year-old man, who is unable to speak English fluently, is on a one-month visit to T&T.

He was arrested by police at a house in Palmiste late Friday night.
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Benny Hinn scorns PM’s ‘prophetess’

‘Prophetess’: I spoke to PM 5 times

By Rhondor Dowlat, newsday.co.tt
Monday, May 21 2007

Patrick Manning and Benny HinnPRIME Minister Patrick Manning got advice at least five times from a woman who has been described as his “prophetess.”

Newsday visited the woman, who sees herself as a spiritual guide rather than a prophetess, at her West Trinidad home yesterday. She had a few conditions for the interview.

Her identity and address must not be made public. The woman, who is mixed with Chinese and Spanish, spoke for a few minutes outside the gates of her home before inviting me upstairs, into her “counselling room.”
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IMF ‘ranking’ blinds us to poverty amidst plenty

By Raffique Shah
May 20th 2007

FinancialNobody should be surprised that international agencies like the World Bank and the IMF have rated Trinidad and Tobago among the leading countries with respect to economic development. It would have taken a complete fool in government, or a big-time bandit so placed, to have done otherwise given the high levels of revenue we have enjoyed over the past five years or so. So our GDP and GNP will have grown in tandem with the steep increases in prices of oil, gas and downstream energy products that account for most of our revenue. These and other indicators used by such agencies will also show a major reduction in poverty levels and almost zero unemployment.
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