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Tue, 29 May 2007

Miss UniverseGood Morning,

My family and I were very disappointed in not seeing Miss Trinidad in the Miss Universe Pageant. Then to read it was lack of financing. It seemed untrue. So many people think Trinidad is a third world country and after defending it and spouting it’s attributes not to mention it’s an oil country and one of the better off islands… last night was very deflating.

If a sponsor could not be found for something as important as this what is going to happen to Carnival. The government should be very disappointed in themselves for letting this happen. It made Trinidad look very poor indeed especially when most of the other islands had representatives.

Unbelievable. I am still in shock.


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  1. Trinidad and Tobago isn’t participating in the Miss Universe Pageant? Boo hoo, wah-wah! This letter reads as a joke to me. To be kinder, maybe the writer is uninformed.

    Pray tell, what is so important about this pageant (besides some capitalists making gazillions with false promises of return to host countries)? If you examine the records of past host countries, you would see that these pageants have done nothing to boost their economies nor their countries’ image. Mostly, these countries are in serious debt after taking money from the public purse in hopes that it would boost their tourism. The fact is, it doesn’t.

    Another point: Trinidad and Tobago does have some wealth; wealth that is not being trickled down to the mass of people in this country. At least, with our non-participation, this money would not be wasted on another “beauty” pageant that perpetuates false standards of beauty anyway. Business mogul Donald Trump wouldn’t miss us, I’m sure.

    Also, how does Trinidad and Tobago’s non-participation in this competition change its perception as a “third world country” or a country on the move to economic greatness or whatever the label that foreign countries throw at us? It would take some serious insight and courage on the part of our leaders (like Mugabe and Chavez) for them to put us on the bottom of their lists. Trust me, the foreign investors still have their eyes pierced on our oil, even if a Trini, bikini-clad girl is not parading on the Miss Universe stage.

  2. Get real guys miss universe is not a big deal. Do you know three quarter of the world do not watch the pageant. It is mainly viewed by third world countries. Start talking about things people notice like sports etc.

  3. Ah, the sensible women of TnT are finally speaking out! While I loved the fact that we created history when Wendy handed over the crown to Ms. Botswana, in 1999, my attitude to beauty contests is still one of derision.

    It is no different from the auction block(The poem I sent to trinicenter.com called “Visions of Slavery” was not published, so you can’t see my history of feeling that these women were selling themselves on the block).
    If I am valued for my brains, I do not need a bikini, parading, if I am a virtuous woman, I do not need a bikini in non-beach places, parading.

    Perhaps women like Rhoda Reddock, Lynette Seebarran and Hazel Brown are finally being listened to. The good lord gave women four B’s. The brain is at the top of her body for a reason.

  4. The uninformed feminists like those quoted here are responsible for any destruction of relationships between men and women.
    The women in these contests are not victims, they know full well what they are doing and made the choice to participate in it.
    Contests like this, more then anything else in our regulated societies have the ability to prove to the rest of the world that regardless of status, we are all human beings and we can compete on the same levels.
    It is sad to hear women speak the way Edward and Paul have. I agree with Joanne in her disappointment that Trinidad and Tobago were not a part of a wonderful experience for all involved. Perhaps you two women should not worry so much about other peoples choices and instead try to manage your own lives and relationships, if you have any.

  5. Ah, Larry G, go ahead, plan a future for your daughter based on her parading around half naked.Send your wife on stage for all men to leer at them. GO ON YOURSELF, IN YOUR OWN VERSION OF A MALE BIKINI. THATS WHAT CHOICE IS ABOUT. By the same token, allow educated women their choice of professional career based on intellectual achievements, and personal relationships based on respect among other things.

    History is on your side. Men have always taken women at will.Even marriage ceremonies stil use the word ‘take’. But I don’t want to hurt your head with reasoning.If you are blessed with a pretty daughter, sell her to the highest bidder, an if you get tired of your old wife or her looks fade, you could always have her killed. The murder rate of women by spouses is certainly encouraging. I am glad for decent men who do not think like you do.

  6. Contestants in Miss Universe pageant do not have the monopoly on parading around half naked. Just look at your mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and female counterparts during Carnival and or around your neighborhood and on the beaches on hot lazy days in sweet T&T. The Miss Universe pageant caters to beautiful young talented women with brains who believe they can grasp the opportunity to become a global ambassador to make a difference in uplifting the efforts in fighting for the causes of disadvantaged girls and women around the globe. Civilized Men and women do not leer at the contestants but rather treat them as beautiful gifts from god. Femnists have always tried to potray beautiful women as dunces and things for men to take. The civilized and democratic world have moved a long way in social structure by allowing women the freedom to look and feel beautiful but today’s feminists undermine these women and promote female power by burning bras and wearing mens briefs. No doubt most have to carry on without amale/female relationship. I agree with Larry G whole heartedly. he sounds like a very decent and openminded gentleman.

  7. If you people think that I will be sleeping with “brains in a panty” yuh lie!

    Give me a good looking woman anyday. The last thing I want to sleep with is an intectual “leggo-beast”.

    Give me beauty before brains anyday. I think of those beauties for a long time afterwards.

    For a matter of fact, my fantacies and day dreams of these natural beauties, keep my favourite appendage looking north for what seem like months.

    I absolutly love beauty contests. I never miss them.

  8. Thank you Alphonso for my laugh of the day. What a joyously simpleminded soul you must be! Do you work? How do you fit this “appendage facing north” into your clothing, or do you wear pants that are multi-sizes too big to accomodate it in this tropical heat? I am not a doctor, but priapism, the name for a continuous erection, is a serious medical condition, and I suggest that you check with medical person immediately. Its an irregular blood flow that is also angerous to your heart.

    Meanwhile, know that as you look at these scantily clad women parading, and dream of sex, not of love, mind, but of raw sex, someone is looking at your mother, your sister, your daughter the same way. Just waiting on an opportunity.
    I hope they do not act out their fantasies on some four year old connected to your family. Simple minded people like you are needed in the world. If everyone was a thinker, who would do all the gruelling hard work to be done? I can spend time on the computer- as much as I like, because my “dirty work” chores are done by others. Brains, stupid.

    I have it on good authority that the last thing a man wants at the end of a gruelling day at the office, is some scantily clad bimbo wanting sex, waiting at his door; who has spent the entire day primping for this, while he was working his balls off. He wants a beer and a comfortable chair. Guess what a woman wants, pretty much the same thing, but beer is fattening. A glass of wine or cup of tea is better.

    The thinkers of the world do not think with their gonads.

  9. whoa…. some people are taking this topic WAY to seriously, and it has started to degrade into a forum to insult each other. Alphonso, your comment was a tad extreme and by extension, your response miss Edwards was excessive as well. Miss Universe, like most other beauty pageants started out as shallow competitions where women paraded in bikinis much to the delight of men. However, times have changed, and beauty pageants are now seen respectible and prestigious events. They are now avenues by which many women emerge out of squalor and make careers for themselves. Many past Miss Venezuelas have used the miss Universe as a stepping stone towards careers in politics, govt and television. It is even through beauty pageants that RACISM has been dealt with. For example, concepts of beauty have been challenged and shattered forever, remember when Penny became the 1st BLACK miss universe ever? This year, miss tanzania who is very dark AND had with a low haircut made it to the top ten! Furthermore, several latin american countries like Venezuela and Dominican Republic, have made the little baby steps towards dealing with racism in their countries as a result of these pageants. A few years ago, the D. Republic made history when they choose their 1st black representative. Ms Edwards, I am sure you know how extreme racism is in these countries. Slowly attitudes are starting to change. What amazes me with all of these feminists is that they find fault with women who use there beauty in a positive manner. Remember, Giselle la Ronde used her winings from Miss World to go to Univeristy!Just remember that women who are pin up girls, models and video girls, use that hard earned money to feed their children and provide for their family. This is in stark contrast to the scores of women who use their beauty to attract men, then sleep with them for a few dollars and cents or to even steal from them. Furthermore I will even go so far as to compare Miss universe to cricket, for in the same way that the former colonies beat the english cricket side, is the same way that poor nations, produce intelligent and beautiful women who outshine the ladies from ‘developed’ nations. Again, Miss Universe is not a big deal, but it is sad not to see Miss TnT, espacially since within the last 10 years, our girls have been shining and giving the other countries ‘real licks’ too bad! Go to globalbeauties and see for yourself how the beauty circuit marvels at the beauty and talent of our unique trinbagonian girls.

  10. Linda, you need to relax. No one is holding a gun to these women’s head, if you want to be a feminist, then move to San Francisco. Do yuo participate in carnival? Do you protest the way people (men and women) parade themselves? Are you living an “alternative” lifestyle? I was disappointed in not seeing Ms. Trinidad and Tobago, did I watch the pageant? No…I just wanted to see my country represented. You must be 4ft 9in, 250lbs.

  11. Amazing how people presume that I must be short, fat and ugly! We are totally about body, not mind? As I dance aroud my room for exercise, I am imagining visions of Alphonso trying to do the same, with his heavy baggage in its awkward position of five minutes past twelve. Neighbours who hear laughter, please do not think I have lost my mind!

  12. Caught between arguments, the solution often lies in compromise and not extremism.
    As a woman, and commenting soley on the original Letter-to-the-Editor, I feel that our failure to participate in the Miss Universe pageant falls in the category of a more superficial disappointment rather than some international implication of Trinidad and Tobago as some impoverished third world country.
    Let us be honest, Miss Universe is not the equivalent of a UN Summit. Our standing and perception in and by the international community; is not swayed by the participation and success of some island beauty in the contest. Miss Universe is first and foremost a beauty pageant; nothing more and nothing less. Yes they may ask the contestants 1 question throughout the pageant but for the most part they are awarded points on their poise, their garments and most importantly their figure.
    The winner is intelligent, not necessarily of ‘Nobel Peace Prize quality’ but possesses, hopefully, some degree of eloquence and knowledgeablilty on world topics. She is as much as her post would require of her.
    In winning, she is placed in a position where she can do good that will aid others globally. Raising issues of AIDS in Africa or lending publicity to the issue of chidren sold into the Sex Trade, all amounts as good…if people are willing to listen then steps can be made towards some necessary change, and it helps if the spokesperson is ‘visually appealing.’ So much good can be generated by a seemingly unimportant event.
    But again let’s not exaggerate the pageants importance. It is disappointing that we were not represented this year, but not devastating. And this disappointment comes from a purely patriotic stance. A need to see our country represented on a global scale. But if for some reason it did not come to pass it is no reflection on us as a people or a nation.
    From a female perspective a woman can be smart and beautiful, and should not have to downplay one characteristic in order to reinforce another; and although the Miss Universe competition may not be the ideal test for a woman who possesses both beauty and brains it is a social event and a global forum where we can take pride in the women who represent us. I for one would never forget the year that Wendy was dubbed ‘the most beautiful woman in the Universe,’ there was a general sense of pride that year that I think no true Trinbagonian can deny. And her win boosted the morale of our women, reinforcing the image of a strong, capable, confident, intelligent and, yes, BEAUTIFUL woman; not stripping us of our self respect or undermining our worth as women.
    The only time a person can be oppressed in any way, is if they submit to the will of their oppressors and are broken by it.

  13. for your information trinidad is athird world country and because you have oil doesnt mean anything. your country isnt even apart of OPEC. nonethelsss trinidad isnt better than any island especially since bahamas doesnt rely on oil and they’re the wealthiest island.


  15. I thoroughly enjoyed the spirited and diverse opinions on this topic. It is a pity that I only now pounced upon it, as it as a welcome relief from some of our daily common diets . One can easily understand all sides of this passionate debate , and even appreciate where the original writer was coming from. We can have the extreme ultra feminist that probably views ‘all sex as rape,’ to our provocative friend Alphonso Lewd (ardo ) with his hilarious “tongue-in-cheek,” commentary. The former sees all beauty pageant as exploitation of women , and the other feels that a lap dance should be given to the any of the male heterosexual judges remaining on the panel so that the contestant don‘t end up life miss California in the recent USA pageant .
    Then there are the middle ground and rational folks who can see merits in the contest and would like to see Trinidad and Tobago always represented as long as we do a thorough job to avoid political correctness and not adhere to ‘symbolic affirmative action,’ but find real beauties to represent us that if successful , can finally help elevate the interest of the people that invested in them as expected .
    As a big picture guy myself , I must lament the fact that we were not able to parlay that success on the grand stage to anything of worth . Let me see first there was Penny who came home , married local hunk Bowen who build a few boats , dabbled in some fashion ,and basically lived the chic life to the hilt with the local Westmoorings bourgeois. This was followed by Gisselle Laronde ,who merely dumped her low end old boyfriend soon after victory , used her prize earnings to finish school and elevate herself , then a family, and disappeared into total obscurity in the corporate world. Then finally Wendy, who became a proud role model for out of wedlock, unfortunate ,illiterate mothers , as well as obnoxious ,educated ,middle class confused women. Base on the limited returns for our huge investments , in addition to the limited successes recently , I can sense the critics disgust and feeling that these and similar ventures are a total waste of money and time- especially when John John babies are being raped and murdered by degenerate , low life gang bangers .
    I do not have a problem with any form of competition and the global accolades that nationals can accrue upon being victorious after healthy pursuit. I however have one principal concern , and that is to see the victors give back to their country , as well as do everything feasible to elevate it’s status any where they stand on the planet. This applies to Beauty contest participants and winners, Knighted Nobel Prize winners, competitive political luminaries on the international stage, to Professors teaching in lofty global educational institutions , or ordinary citizens of this blessed land traversing the global village.
    Talking about role model , and making the world a better place. Let’s cut through the chase and watch one of my young modern ‘global black Socrates disciples’ pay tribute to a former James Bond floozy, Academy award winner, 1986 Miss USA finalist, and runner up to our own now deliberately obscure former 86 Miss World Gisselle Laronde.

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