Benny Hinn scorns PM’s ‘prophetess’

‘Prophetess’: I spoke to PM 5 times

By Rhondor Dowlat,
Monday, May 21 2007

Patrick Manning and Benny HinnPRIME Minister Patrick Manning got advice at least five times from a woman who has been described as his “prophetess.”

Newsday visited the woman, who sees herself as a spiritual guide rather than a prophetess, at her West Trinidad home yesterday. She had a few conditions for the interview.

Her identity and address must not be made public. The woman, who is mixed with Chinese and Spanish, spoke for a few minutes outside the gates of her home before inviting me upstairs, into her “counselling room.”

The woman said she invited this reporter in because she thought of me as “a daughter” and decided to have a “little casual chat” with me.

When I asked her about her relationship with Prime Minister Patrick Manning, the woman would only say she met with him on five occasions.

She spoke with the PM on the telephone when he contacted her and also met with him in person. She did not want to say anymore about the Prime Minister, or the visit to American tele-evangelist Benny Hinn at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port-of-Spain last May.

Instead she spoke about her conversion from Roman Catholicism to the Full Gospel (Christian) religion in 1982. It happened when her daughter fell ill, becoming paralysed on the left side of her body.

The doctors gave up on her daughter ever recovering. But someone introduced the woman to the Full Gospel faith. She prayed for a miracle, and her daughter was healed, gaining full use of her body once more.

Afterward, the woman resigned from her job as a bank employee to venture into full time missionary work.

“This is my calling, missionary work, and because of that most of the times I am out of the country. I even travelled all over the world, even to Palestine just before the Persian Gulf War broke out,” the woman said.

“God told me to leave my job and work full-time for Him. He is the only One I follow, I am led by the Spirit. I heed his voice and He shows me things through dreams and visions, even the people that He wants me to visit,” the woman said.

Pressed again about Benny Hinn’s visit, and what she thought of him, the woman only said, “Touch not the Lord’s anointed. Neither do His prophets no harm…”

Asked again if she had given Manning any spiritual guidance, the woman replied, “I met with him on five occasions, I told him certain things but he was not obedient, that is why things are the way it is now in the country.”

At this point she cut short the interview, and said to this reporter, “I understand that you have your work to do but if you write any report for the papers the judgement of God shall fall upon you.” On Wednesday, Oropouche MP Roodal Moonilal revealed in the House of Representatives that Hinn, in one of his This is Your Day broadcasts on TBN, called Manning “foolish.” Moonilal also said Hinn was visited by the PM and a woman. Moonilal reported to the House that Hinn said as the woman put out her hand to touch him he told her, “Don’t touch me. Who lay hands on me, it will lead to damage, not blessing. I don’t know what spirit you are bringing.”

Shortly after Moonilal’s statement, Pastor Rev Levi Duncan issued a statement saying a delegation of three, which included the Prime Minister and himself went to the Crowne Plaza to see Hinn. Duncan did not name the third member but said that “the woman of God, on God’s direction attempted to pray for Hinn by laying on of hands. Hinn objected but the meeting continued amicably and ended amicably.”

Attempts were made to contact Duncan yesterday. A woman, who answered the Calvary Revival Centre church office line, identified herself as Mrs Duncan. She said, “Rev Duncan gave specific instructions that he would not be talking to anyone about the PM, Hinn issue.”

However, Pastor Winston Cuffie of Miracle Ministries, who was a member of the planning committee for Hinn’s visit, sought to clear the air saying the disclosure in Parliament was “just political propaganda.”

Cuffie also said Hinn’s description of Manning as “foolish” was taken out of context, adding it was not an attack on him.

“The whole issue was completely taken out of context, Hinn meant ‘foolish’ in a joking manner because first of all his tone did not come across with anger or vengeance.

“Hinn I know has a high respect for Prime Minister Patrick Manning as the head of the country and I know that he meant no disrespect or offence and if Manning should take offence I know that Hinn would humbly apologise,” Cuffie said. He said Hinn was using the example of the woman to explain the seriousness of the act of the “laying of hands.”

Cuffie also said there was nothing wrong with the Prime Minister seeking spiritual guidance from anyone.,57468.html

Benny Hinn scorns PM’s ‘prophetess’

By Ria Taitt,
Thursday, May 17 2007

Benny Hinn, the evangelist pastor who prophesied Patrick Manning’s “exaltation” as Prime Minister in 1999, lashed out at him on Monday on his This is Your Day broadcast describing the Prime Minister “as the most foolish man he had ever met.”

Hinn’s “fascinating and mind-boggling” comments about the PM were revealed in the House of Representatives yesterday by UNC Oropouche MP, Roodal Moonilal during the debate on police regulations.
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UPDATE: May 25, 2007

Going where even angels fear to tread

While subsequently Mr Manning, was at pains to distance himself from the sponsorship of Mr Hinn’s second visit he remained numbered among his congregation not only publicly but, as we now know, privately. This was the case although Mr Hinn’s bona fides continued to be questioned even in his native America with questions being asked about the religious integrity of certain church-based organisations that played on widespread credulity even as their leaders enjoyed sumptuous lifestyles from the revenue gained by their dealings.

Now that Mr Hinn has openly disparaged not only at Mr Manning but, by inference, the people who elected him Prime Minister, dare we hope that a chastened Prime Minister, made wiser by Mr Hinn’s insulting words, will be more circumspect about going where even angels fear to tread.
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UPDATE: May 27 2007

Pentecostal push
Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s born again morality is becoming a problem for some members of his Cabinet, and his cavorting with a “prophetess” and spiritual gurus is causing division within his Government. Reports state that prayers are now being said before the start and at the end of Cabinet meetings.
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7 Responses to “Benny Hinn scorns PM’s ‘prophetess’”

  • Why they would seek out Pastor Cuffie as some sort of expert on the matter Lord alone knows….. All I know is that Pastor Manning gots some ‘splainin to do. For those who’s religion is PNM, be very careful that you know what religion your leaders are espousing. One just has to look at the contempt this government holds for ALL of it’s people to know that there is some dark undercurrent lurking in all of this. Some say Obeah! Me… I remain uncertain and it matters little. I strongly believe in the importance of a secular government blind to individual religious leanings. Anyone notice though that ANR Robinson coincidentally fell ill around the same time as this story broke? One can easily imagine a moment where he weakly mutters “What have I done to my sweet country?” before falling ill from worry.

  • In recent times, there has been some high profile religious figures in the news in T&T and they all point to one thing – Religion is really the Opium of the Masses. To think that there are people all over the world who follow idiots like these and blindly believe what they say just proves that people in general are like sheep waiting to be fleeced.

  • PM forgives Benny Hinn
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning has forgiven international televangelist Benny Hinn for the “inaccurate statements” he made about events that transpired during a meeting at the Crowne Plaza last year.

  • Benny Hinn’s statements towards Prime Minister Patrick Manning and treatment of the lady in question, is just another example of Hinn’s true colors shining through. Hinn is not only a loose cannon, but a false prophet, false teacher, and false healer. He leaves a trail of controversy, deception, and tears virtually everywhere he goes. Benny Hinn and his so-called “Miracle” crusades should be avoided at all cost.

  • Rhondor Dowlat,
    Monday, May 21 2007

    Hell, why should anyone believe you. You state quote, ” PRIME Minister Patrick Manning got advice at least five times from a woman who has been described as his “prophetess”, end quote, when the only evidence you produce is what this woman says. Hey, I talked to God five time last week. How about interviewing me with the same level of believability you accord to this knock at Manning.

    And if Manning went to these fake healers who prey on black people, then he needs to be renaissanced back to his roots. The snake oiled salesmen and saleswomen who capitalized on African delusions of the closer you are to white the nearer you are to God ought to come to my cognitive neighbourhood. I and I have long peeped into their putrid mindsets and hath seen the devil in rapture within their very souls.

  • sorry not four but Five daughters

  • KUDOS FOR BENNY HINN!!!!(applause) Whether or not the false prophetess felt offended or not, he stuck to his own advice, used Wisdom (concerning “laying of hands”), and kept himself protected from whatever spirits she may or may not be transmitting. He’s Benny Hinn, I don’t know why she felt the need to offer her “laying of hands” to him in prayer, I’m sure he can pray for himself, if need be. The woman was somewhat out of line, and furthermore, I feel that she has the spirit of false prophet. Whether or not the folks reading this believe in spiritual aspect of this article, Benny Hinn was right to keep himself protected.

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