Visiting guru held on sex charges

By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford,
Monday 21st May, 2007

HinduA Guru who arrived in Trinidad last week to give religious discourses (sat sangh) throughout the country on Hinduism has been detained in connection with the alleged rape of 22-year-old Guayanese woman.

The 85-year-old man, who is unable to speak English fluently, is on a one-month visit to T&T.

He was arrested by police at a house in Palmiste late Friday night.

According to a police report, at around 11.30 pm on Friday, the woman went to the home of the man to reportedly get spiritual healing.

The man, the report stated, told the woman to take off her clothes.

He then sprayed a liquid on the woman’s entire body then sprayed himself with the same liquid.

The woman claimed that the man then began to fondle her and ordered her not to move.

The woman told police she was then made to perform oral sex on the man after which the man had sexual intercourse with her for approximately one hour.

She was then instructed to leave the house.

Yesterday, devotees were seen carrying a mattress and a pillow to the San Fernando CID where the guru is being detained.
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NEWS UPDATE: May 22, 2007

Accused swami made to surrender passport
CLUTCHING a cane, an 85-year-old swami dressed in a saffron coloured kurta hobbled up the staircase of the prisoners’ dock in San Fernando Magistrates’ Court yesterday, to answer two counts of sexually assaulting a 22-year-old Guyanese woman…

Lawyer slams ‘mischief’
Elderly swami charged with rape

A Hindu holy-man too feeble to walk without help was carried into court yesterday, charged with two sex crimes-which his defenders said he had neither the time nor the energy to commit.

Swami rape charge big news in India
Trinidad and Tobago made the headlines in India yesterday, after newspapers and news websites there carried news of the arrest of famous Hindu Swami Ram Tripathi’s here on charges of sexual assault.

NEWS UPDATE: May 25, 2007

‘Eternal saint’ awaits day in court
Swami on rape charge has worldwide following
The Hindu holy man charged with rape and molestation in Trinidad heads a worldwide spiritual organisation with devotees who believe him to be an eternal saint.

Ram Kripalu Maharaj, 85, is considered by followers to be the first jagadguru (world teacher or master of masters) to be anointed in the last 700 years.

He is said to be only the fifth jagadguru in 5,000 years.

UPDATE: May 30 2007

Ailing pundit on rape charge

Wednesday, May 30 2007

CITING religious commitments in other countries and health reasons, an 85-year-old Hindu pundit from India, yesterday pleaded through his attorneys, for the start of the inquiry at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court into a charge of rape levelled against the pundit.

The elderly pundit, dressed in a white kurta (Hindu garment) with a saffron smeared on his forehead, reappeared before deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington to face the charge which alleges he raped a 22-year-old Guyanese woman on May 18 in South Trinidad.

The accused pundit’s attorney Prakash Ramadhar described the charge as a fabrication and said the pundit is revered by followers in India and other countries and was elevated to the highest level of Hindu spiritual attainment — Jagadguru.

The pundit, who cannot speak English, was accompanied to court by translator Dinesh Maraj, 19. Attorneys Prakash Ramadhar, Chaitram Sinanan and Jagdeo Singh, represented the pundit. Told the prosecution was not ready to proceed, Ramadhar told Wellington: “We’re eagerly awaiting to deal with these serious allegations which we believe to be a gross fabrication to spoil the reputation of a pundit with an unblemished character. We hope to give justice to this man and we will devote all the resources available to us to do so.”

The attorney pointed out that the pundit had already made reservations and bookings to attend several religious functions abroad. During the hearing yesterday, the pundit stood staring silently at the magistrate. Ramadhar told the court that the pundit suffers with a series of ailments including diabetes. Court Prosecutor Sgt Ali informed the court that the complainant — Corporal Dublin — was on study leave. The case was subsequently adjourned.,57983.html

UPDATE: May 31, 2007

Senior Counsel: Rape accused can be named
By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford
Senior counsel Dana Seetahal says that T&T’s current laws allow the publication of the names and photographs of persons charged with sexual offences.
She was speaking in an interview with the Guardian yesterday about the controversy surrounding the publication of the name of an Indian swami charged with rape.
“The law is clear,” said Seetahal, who is also an Independent Senator, referring to the fact that the Sexual Offences Act was amended in 2000.

UPDATE: June 01, 2007

Media can name rape accused
An attorney defending swami Jagadguru Ram Tripathi on sex charges apologised yesterday for a misguided legal submission made by another lawyer who sought to have the Express cited for contempt of court.

UPDATE: June 09, 2007

Accused holy man gets back passport
THE Hindu holy man charged with rape and molestation received permission to continue his spiritual tour of the world yesterday, after his lawyers begged on behalf of millions of his devotees.

UPDATE: July 16, 2007

State Drops Rape Case Against Swami Reporters
July 16, 2007

Swami Ram Kripalu MaharajThe state dropped its case against Swami Jagadguru Ram Tripathi Maharaj who had been charged on May 18th with performing a grievous sexual assault on a 22 year old woman.

The Swami walked out of the San Fernando Magistrates Court a free man after the decision was made by Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard, to offer no evidence in the matter. Mr. Gaspard claimed that the evidence dealing with the alleged rape victim’s lack of consent was tenuous and as such, the state would not be able to make a prima facie case against the accused.

The matter, which was heard in the first court before Deputy Chief Magistrate, Mark Wellington this morning, was then dismissed.

The Swami, who is said to have a large following of Ashrams in several countries including Europe, North America and India, came to Trinidad for a one month trip as part of a devotional tour. He was arrested on May 20th after a 22 year old Guyanese woman claimed that she was assaulted by the Swami in the prayer room of a house where the Swami stayed in Branch Road, Palmiste, San Fernando.

The Swami was granted 50,000 dollars bail on the condition that he surrendered his passport. On June 9th his attorneys successfully argued for the return of his passport so that he could continue his world tour.

Lead defense attorney, Prakash Ramadhar, applauded the move by Mr. Gaspard stating that he continues to be an exemplar in the office of the DPP. However, he condemned the police investigators who charged the Swami.

Addressing his supporters today at Branch Road, Palmiste, Swami Maharaj told his followers that he had forgiven the woman who had accused him of rape. He said the truth had prevailed and the charges were a test of their faith. Swami Maharaj is due to leave Trinidad tomorrow.

78 thoughts on “Visiting guru held on sex charges”

  1. Mo dear. Most of the money that comes to your organization is without any receipt in the form of some innumerable ongoing sevas. All goes into some dark filthy bags. Accountability is a far cry. Whatever is shown on accounts, is what that is used for the public activities as hospital or school construction . Eye-wash.

    It’s a shame for Hindu culture that adult ladies are sharing bed rooms of another man (quite healthy and not ill that doctor has asked for a helper/nurse to stay whole night with him). In Hindu culture, even brothers and sisters, if they are adult are not allowed to share the same room. Father and daughter (if adult), are never allowed to share the same room at night. And here Guruji is openly flouting all Hindu norms and sharing room at night with so many ladies. Good Lord. Lord save the Guru and all his blind devotees.

    Now, as the devotee, Mo, has already accepted that at night, in dimly lit rooms, they all stay with their guruji, now, it is upto them to prove that nothing immoral is happening there.

    This is a social norm and anyone flouting it, even in normal society, faces heavy castigation. Now a Guru is showing the world, that this can be a norm!!

    Mo and your organization: We question on behalf of whole of Hindu community to prove and explain your such socially unacceptable behaviour. And we also have seen the comments from some of your devotees about what happened to them and their friends in such rooms. SHAME. SHAME on YOU, Guruji and Guruji’s organization. Answer back. Thed world would like to know what 5th Jagadguru or Jagadguruttam explains this behaviour from which sloka of which scripture????

  2. While many of Kripalu’s fanatic and rabid devotees keep propagating all sorts of lies about him, here is the actual Supreme Court ruling.

    The Supreme Court ruled that the Nagpur Court had been influenced and ordered the Court to retry the case. The Nagpur Court then issued a warrant for Kripalu’s arrest about 2 years ago. Kripalu is free on bond and was granted leave to travel for ‘medical reasons.’ Meanwhile he was dancing and prancing again at Austin, Texas last month and suddenly became very ‘disabled’ when he was arrested for yet another rape at Trinidad.

    Here is the Indian Supreme Court ruling that went against Kripalu:



    DATE OF JUDGMENT: 11/03/1997




    J U D G M E N T
    Leave granted.
    Heard the learned counsel.
    On 11.5.91, one Purushottam Wasudeo Deshpande lodged a
    complaint at the Dhantoli Police Station, Nagpur that his
    two young daughters, Hema and Meera were kidnaped by Priya
    Sharan Maharaj (Respondent No.1) with the help of Suhasini
    (Respondent No.6) and Sharwari Devi (Respondent No.7.) On
    the basis of this report an offence was registered under
    Section 365 and 366 IPC. Investigation of that offence
    disclosed that Kripalu maharaj (respondent No.2), who claims
    to be a spiritual teacher and has his Ashrams at Vrindavan
    and Mangadh, is a highly immoral person and in order to
    satisfy his lust he, with help of his disciples, including
    Respondent Nos. 1 and 3 to 7, used to entice young girls and
    have sexual intercourse with them against their wish
    Respondent No.2, through his disciples, used to impress upon
    the young girls that he is the incarnation of Lord Krishna,
    that they should treat him as their husband and that what he
    was doing with them was in the nature of ‘Prasad’ of God and
    by such acts they were really blessed. The investigation
    further disclosed that Meera, Hema and one Sulakshana were
    thus subjected to sexual intercourse by Kripalu Maharaj.
    Accordingly, the offence which was registered against them
    earlier under Section 363 and 366 IPC was altered to an
    offence under Section 376 IPC and all the seven respondent
    were shown as accused.
    On being chargesheeted, they were put up for trial
    before the learned Second Additional Sessions Judge, Nagpur
    who had framed the following charge :
    “1. That, you above named accused
    No.2, prior to 1987 at the house of
    one Nilu Chaurasia, in front of
    Vijay Talkies, Nagpur, committed
    rape on one Kum. Meera D/o
    Purushottam Deshpande, aged 26
    years, r/o Nagpur, against he will
    and with her consent, posing
    yourself, you are a devine spirit
    or Lord Krishna. So also, again in
    the month of February, 1991, you
    accused No.2, posing yourself that
    your are a divine spirit of Lord
    Krishna, committed rape on said
    Kum. Meera Deshpande, at the house
    of one Shrivastava, Near Previnamee
    School, Nagpur.
    Again on 16th day of January, 1980
    at about 5.00 p.m. at the house of
    one Khatri, Kadhi Chowk Nagpur,
    committed rape on one Sulakshana
    D/o Shyamsundar Pehankar, a girl
    aged about 14 years, r/o Juni
    Shukrawari, Nagpur. Again on
    14.4.1990, at about 5 p.m. at the
    house of one R.P. Shrivastava,
    nagpur you committed rape on said
    Kum. Sulakshana, posing yourself
    that you are a Divine Spirit of
    Lord Krishna.
    So also, in the month of Sept.
    1986, at the house of one
    Chaurasia, Near Vijay Talkies,
    nagpur, You accused No.2, posing
    yourself, you are a Divine spirit
    of Lord Krishna, committed rape on
    one Kum. Hema @ Brijgauri d/o
    Purushottam Deshpande, aged about
    19 yrs., against her will and
    without her consent, and thereby
    you above named accused No.2,
    committed an offence punishable
    under Section 376 of Indian Penal
    Code, within my congnizance.
    2. Secondly, that above named
    accused No.2 one the aforesaid day,
    date, time and place, committed the
    offence of rape on the said girls,
    and that you above named accused
    Nos. 1,3,4,5,6 and 7, in
    furtherance of your common
    intention, abetted the said accused
    No.2 in the commission of the
    consequence of your abetment. So
    also, you about named accused Nos.
    1, 3 to 7 were personally present
    at the time of commission of said
    offence, and that your all thereby
    committed offences punishable under
    Section 109, 114/R/W Section 34 of
    Indian Penal Code, within my
    Aggrieved by framing of the charge the respondents had
    preferred a revision application but High Court declined to
    interfere as it was open to the respondents to approach the
    Sessions Court itself for granting the reliefs prayed for.
    The respondents, therefore, filed three applications in the
    Sessions Court. Exhibit 36 was for modification of the
    charge and Exhibits 37 and 41 were for discharging them. At
    the time of hearing of these applications, Exhibit 36 was
    not pressed. The learned Additional Judge rejected both the
    applications for discharge.
    Against the order passed by the learned Additional
    Session Judge, the respondents preferred Criminal Revision
    Application No. 130 to 1994 before the Nagpur Bench of the
    High Court of Bombay. The High Court, by an unduly long
    order running into 89 pages, allowed the Revision
    Application, quashed the charge framed against the
    respondents and discharged them. The High Court was of the
    view that as five acts of rape were committed during the
    period from September, 1986 to February, 1991 on three
    different girls, the charge as framed was i n contravention
    of the provisions of Section 219 of the Code of Criminal
    Procedure. It also held that the three girls had told lies
    and developed a false story against the respondents and that
    “no prudent man can dare to accept of believe” it. The state
    has, therefore, filed this appeal.
    The learned counsel for the appellant contended that
    the High Court far exceeded the limits of consideration at
    Section 227 stage and that has led to failure of justice. It
    committed an error of sifting and weighing the material
    placed before the Court by applying the standard of test and
    proof which is to be applied finally for deciding whether
    the accused is guilty or not. What was required to be
    considered at that stage was whether the material placed
    before the Court disclosed a strong suspicion against the
    accused. On the other hand, relying upon the judgments of
    this Court in Union of India vs. Prafulla Kumar Samal & Anr.
    (1979) 2 SCR 229 and Niranjan Singh Karam Singh Punjabi vs.
    Jitendra Bhimraj Bijja & Ors. (AIR 1990 SC 1962), the
    learned counsel for the respondents submitted that while
    considering and application for discharge,
    If there is no sufficient ground for proceeding against
    the accused, the Court has the undoubted power to sift and
    weigh the evidence for the limited purpose of finding out
    whether or not a prima facie case against the accused is
    made out. The material placed before the Court must disclose
    grave suspicion against the accused. When two views are
    equally possible and if the Court finds that the material
    produced before it while giving rise to grave suspicion
    against the accused, it will be fully within its right to
    discharge the accused. He also submitted that at Section 227
    stage the Judge cannot act merely as a post office or a
    mouthpiece of the prosecution, but has to consider the broad
    probabilities of the case, the total effect of the evidence
    and the documents produced before the Court, any basic
    infirmities appearing in the case and so on. This is what
    the learned Additional Sessions Judge failed to do and the
    High court has done. He has thus supported the judgment
    passed by the High Court.
    The law on the subject is now well-settled, as pointed
    out in Niranjan Singh Punjabi vs. Jitendra Bijjaya (1990) 4
    SCC 76, that at Sections 227 and 228 stage the Court is
    required to evaluate the material and documents on record
    with a view of finding out if the facts emerging therefrom
    taken at their face value disclose the existence of all the
    ingredients constituting the alleged offence. The Court may,
    for this limited purpose, sift the evidence as it cannot be
    expected even at that initial stage to accept all that the
    prosecution states as gospel truth even if it is opposed to
    common sense or the broad probabilities of the case.
    Therefore, at the stage of framing of the charge the Court
    has to consider the material with a view to find out if
    there is ground for presuming that the accused has committed
    the offence or that there is not sufficient ground for
    proceeding against him and not for the purpose of arriving
    at the conclusion that it is not likely to lead to a
    What we find from the judgement of the High Court is
    that the learned Judge, in order to ascertain the correct
    legal position, referred to various decisions and quoted
    extensively from them but did not apply the law correctly.
    The judgment also contains some quotations which have no
    relevance. After referring to the case law, the learned
    Judge has observed as under :-
    “Considering the facts and
    circumstances as obtained in the
    instant case, I am reminded of the
    learned observation of their
    Lordships while discussing or
    reflecting on the criminal cases.”
    and thereafter quoted the following passage from the
    decision of this court in State of Punjab vs. Jagir Singh
    Baljit Singh and Karam Singh (AIR 1977 Supreme Court 2407) :
    “A Criminal trial is not like a
    fairy tale wherein one is free to
    give flight to itself with the
    question as to whether the accused
    arrainged at the trial is guilty of
    the crime with which he is charged.
    Crime is an event in real life and
    is the product of interplay of
    different human emotions. In
    arriving at the conclusion about
    the guilt of the accused charged
    with the commission of a crime, the
    court has to judge the evidence by
    the yardstick of probabilities, its
    intrinsic worth and the animus of
    witnesses. Every case in the final
    analysis would have to depend upon
    its own facts. although the benefit
    of every reasonable doubt should be
    given to the accused, the courts
    should not at the same time reject
    evidence which is ex facie
    trustworthy on grounds which are
    fanciful or in the nature of
    That was not a case dealing with the scope and nature
    of enquiry at the stage of framing of charge. Those
    observations were obviously made in the context of
    appreciation of evidence and standard of proof required for
    convicting the accused. This clearly indicates that the
    learned Judge failed to apply the correct test.
    The following observations again lead us to that
    “Giving conscious thought to the
    rival submission of the learned
    counsel or the parties, it is
    abundantly clear that except the
    statements of prosecutrix, there is
    no evidence directly or indirectly
    to corroborate their testimonies.
    According to Kr. Sulakshana she was
    molested initially on 16.1.1990 an
    subsequently on 14.4.1990 however
    there is no disclosure to anyone
    including her parents. Considering
    her age at the relevant time, no
    injuries were found as indicated by
    Modi. Similarly though Ku. Meera
    alleged that she was molested prior
    to 1987 and in February, 1991,
    instead of disclosing to stay in
    the company of the applicant No.2
    Kripaluji Maharaj and his
    disciples. She not from place to
    place to preach the tenents of the
    cult of Kripaluji Maharaj.
    Similarly, though it is alleged by
    Ku. Hema and she was molested in
    the month of September, 1986, she
    is not the case of the prosecution
    that these two sisters disclosed
    about the indence activities of
    Kripaluji Maharaj amongst
    themselves. Meera and Hema both are
    graduates and Ku. Sulakshna was
    adolesent. It cannot be expected
    from such educated girls to
    continue to accompany the person
    who according to them, proved to be
    demon and to continue in his cult
    propagating his teachings. The
    conduct of all three girls not
    being in consonance with normal
    dispositions of prudent human
    beings corroboration thus, becomes
    a necessity or eminent. Taking
    broad view of the matter,
    particularly various infirmities
    and improbabilities, no man of
    prudence will any importance to the
    story unfolded. It is, thus, clear
    that except the bare words of these
    three girls, their is no other
    evidence to corroborate their
    story. Anything said by victim at
    or about the time of occurrence, to
    their parents/and/or others, would
    form part of res-gestae. Such
    conduct can be a corroborative
    piece of evidence of her/their
    evidence. In other words,
    subsequent conduct not only is
    relevant but important and
    These three girls levelled
    allegations against the applicant
    No.2 Kripaluji Maharaj after the
    lapse of considerable time i.e.
    after months and years and,
    therefore, the probability as
    depicted by the defence that if was
    at the instance of Nityanand,
    cannot be overruled. I needs
    mention that no report was lodged
    by either of the girls ay any
    time. It is also clear from the
    record that Nityanand’s statement
    which was recorded on 11.5.1991
    i.e. on the day on which the F.I.R.
    was lodged by Purushottam
    Deshpande. Subsequently only the
    statements of all the three
    prosecutrix came to be recorded.
    Even in the F.I.R. there is no
    whisper that at any time, the
    applicant no.2 had committed rape
    on any of the prosecutrix or on any
    other disciples.
    So the evidence does not
    become reliable merely because it
    has been corroborated by number of
    witnesses of the same brand.
    In this case, there is
    unreasonable inordinate or extra-
    ordinary delay in leveling
    allegations of physical molestation
    or rape committed, by all the
    three prosecutrix against a saintly
    old man of 69 years of age who
    renounced the world and engrossed
    in spiritual world. The explanation
    as could be revealed from the
    statements as could be revealed
    from the statements of the
    prosecutrix that the disciples of
    Kripaluji Maharaj all the while
    stated that he is an incarnation of
    God and whatever happened with
    them, be taken as a ‘Prasad’ or
    blessing of God and so not to the
    chestity is the jewel of the Indian
    woman and no woman will consider
    the sexual intercourse against her
    will as ‘Prasad’ or ‘Blessing of
    It also does not stand to
    reason that a saintly man who has
    thousands/millions of disciples all
    over India, direct his own disciple
    and in their presence will commit
    sexual intercourse the pracharak of
    his cult.
    Considering the overall effect
    of the evidence collected by the
    prosecution, there is according to
    me, no ring of truth. No prudent
    man can dare to accept or believe
    the infirm and improbable evidence
    of the prosecutrix.
    All these facts go to show
    that the girls evidently told lies
    and developed false story against
    the applicant no.2 and his
    The above quoted paragraphs from the judgment clearly
    disclose that the High Curt was much influenced by the
    submission made on behalf of the defence that Kripalu
    Maharaj is a saintly old man, who has renounced the world,
    who is engrossed in spiritual activity and who has
    thousands/millions of disciples all over India and,
    therefore, he was not likely to indulge in the illegal acts
    alleged against him. It failed to appreciate that it is not
    unusual to come across cases where the so-called spiritual
    heads exploit you girls and women who become their disciples
    and come under their spell. Moreover, the reasoning of the
    High Court that it also does not stand to reason that a
    saintly man who has thousand/millions of disciples all over
    India would commit sexual intercourse with the praharak of
    his cult in presence of his disciples stands vitiated
    because of the vice of misreading the statements. The three
    girls have nowhere stated in their statements that R-2 had
    sexual intercourse with them in presence of other disciples.
    The High Court gave too much importance to the conduct of
    the three victims and the delay in disclosing those illegal
    acts to their parent and the police. What the High Court has
    failed to appreciate is how a victim of such an offence will
    behave would depend upon the circumstances in which she is
    placed. It often happens that such victims do not complain
    against such illegal acts immediately because of factors
    like fear or shame or uncertainties about the reactions of
    their parents or husbands in case of married girls or women
    and the adverse consequences which, they apprehend, would
    follow because of disclosure of such acts. What the three
    girls had stated i n their statements was not inherently
    improbable or unnatural. They have disclosed the reasons why
    they could not immediately complain about those illegal acts
    for such a long time. What the High Court has failed to
    appreciate is that while making complaint to the police or
    giving their statements they were not required to give
    detailed explanations. As stated earlier, what the Court has
    failed to appreciate is that while making a complaint to the
    police or giving their statements they were not required to
    give detailed explanations. As stated earlier, what the
    Court has to consider at the stage of framing of the charge
    is whether the version of the person complaining together
    with his/her explanation is prima facie believeable or not.
    It was, therefore, not proper for the High Court to seek
    independent corroboration at that stage and to quash the
    charge and discharge the accused in absence thereof. It was
    also improper to describe the version of Sulakshana as false
    because no extensive injuries were noticed on her person
    while she was examined by a doctor on the basis of some
    observations made in Modi’s textbook on “Medical
    Jurisprudence and Toxicology”. We do not think it proper to
    say anything further as, in the view that we are taking, the
    accused will have to face a trial and whatever observations
    we make now may cause some prejudice to them at the trial.
    We would only say that the High Court was wholly wrong in
    discarding the material placed before the Court as false and
    discharging the accused on the ground.
    Before us also the learned counsel for the respondents
    had made a grievance that the charge as framed was not in
    accordance wit Section 219 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
    The Application, Exhibit 36, was made to the Sessions Court
    for modifications of the charge so as to make it consistent
    with Section 219. That application was not pressed and the
    Court was invited to dispose of the other application made
    by them for quashing the charge and discharging them. As we
    are inclined to allow this appeal the Sessions Court will
    have to now consider afresh whether the charge is required
    to be altered or amended.
    We, therefore, allow this appeal, set aside the
    judgement and order passed by the High Court and direct the
    Sessions Court to proceed further with the trial in
    accordance with law. The trial Court shall do so after re-
    examining the material and hearing the learned Public
    Prosecutor and the lawyer for the accused on the question of
    amending or altering the charge so as to make it consistent
    with the relevant provisions of the Code and also after
    considering whether it will be possible to try all the
    offences at one trial or that they will have to be tried

  3. I re-read my previous post, and wanted to apologize for its length. I merely wanted to show how some people take facts and distort them out of context to fit their own personal view and bias. I wrote that ladies are allowed to press a Saint’s feet, and suddenly it sounds like he’s luring ladies into a darkened room at night. I don’t recall writing that. Like normal people, he sleeps at night. And alone. His nurse rests in her own place outside of his locked door. This pressing thing happens during his resting time in the day. And I wrote that men are also allowed to massage his legs. But it’s either all men or all ladies. Maharajji is strict about keeping unrelated men and ladies separate. In the prayer hall and in the rooms at night, men and ladies are kept apart. I said it before and I’ll say it again…please keep your brains out of the gutter!

    It makes me sad to think that there are people hell-bent on slandering a Saint. I’m beginning to think that whatever truth I write will be distorted to make it sound dirty.

    Remember, every single divine personality who has appeared in this world–Tulsidas, Meera, Jesus Christ, etc–has been insulted, tormented, accused of various crimes. It’s only after they leave this world that people realize who they truly are, and only then are they praised. Please think! A true saint is one who has forsaken the world with all its trappings, and is always absorbed in God’s Love. He is not capable of anger, greed, lust, etc, since God Himself governs all his actions. His ONLY aim is to help us poor souls fall in love with God, and be united with Him. And he gets so much abuse in the process. God Himself cannot forgive a person who insults such a Saint.

    To all the satsangis out there, if I have said anything inappropriate or out of line, I am truly sorry. I just wanted to show that there is nothing to be ashamed about regarding our Divine Master. He has done nothing but make us proud of him; his whole life is one spent selflessly serving humanity. And, if I have said anything false or inappropriate, well, I’ll leave it to my Maker to deal out my punishment.

    May God bless all of you. Jai Shri Radhey.

  4. Here is the Hon’ble Indian Supreme Court ruling that went against Kripalu, Swami Ram Tripathi:

    May these be brought to the notice of relevant authorities in Judicial System in countries concerned and also to responsible authorities as Govts, Media, Clean Spiritual Bodies, and Social Organizations.

  5. If you are so concerned about humanity then go and help the sick and the poor in the slums of india. Talking about the social norms there is plenty of issues that you guys can address within the poeple that have no means. Let us the informed and educated professionals make our own decisions about our spiritual path and as a layperson do not judge the surgeons.
    Most of you have no knowledge on the subject you are talking about and are feeding from each other’s fire. You are better off helping people who really need help but then it does not look like that is your agenda!!

    According to scriptures a Guru is assigned to the souls and when the soul is ready he will be found by his guru so no matter what you do or say you can’t stop that from happening. Let the courts decide what the truth is..oh I forgot…when Maharajji gets out from all charges, you will then say that he bought the Trinidad court too..!! or maybe you will come up with new alligations..

  6. Let me echo the sentiments of millions of victims that the rich will continue to florish and the poor will continue to feel helpless. The status that this “guru” has is what is keeping him free to continue to hurt people. Don’t you think that is it ironic that he has to return to Trinidad even though he is so called innocent. I bet he’ll be too sick on JULY 16th to leave the confines of his home. In that case I hope that his shameless acts will open the eyes of people who still believe in his innocence.

  7. He does not return for the trial stating his health reasons. It is not hard to get a false medical certificate since he has many brianwashed doctors under his thumb.
    Nice way to carry on as before avoiding publicity .. ….

  8. Oh dear, dear Trinidad and it’s beautiful people! Wake-up and shake your government and its legal system. Please don’t look at this as Hindu, Christian, etc.

    In God’s name fight for the truth and justice and help this poor girl out. Write, fax and e-mail everyone you can in positions of authority at Trinidad to get the judge to take back Kripalu’s passport and prevent him from leaving the country.

    You will deliver a great blow for God and justice!

  9. I was thinking how easily kripalu gang had succeeded in evading truth and judicial proceedings in Trinidad.
    If I or you or anyone were in his shoes, what would that person would have done? Same thing!

    There are thousands of blind followers who totally believe in his innocence as well as his divinity.
    How could he possibly break their hearts admitting the wrong doings? How could he shatter their faith and hopes on him by getting himself incarcerated?
    In that case, wouldn’t they all become ‘spiritual orphans’ without their beloved ‘papa’!
    For the sake of a handful courageous victims who managed to reveal the exploitation of kripalu cult to public, why should he submit and surrender his hard earned jagadguru-ship and avatar-hood?
    Those who leave his cult for good are already saved themselves spiritually and materially from the traps laid by his gang.
    So his commitment would be only to those eternal dependents, those kool-aid drinkers who still have a persistent need to worship him as god.
    Naturally it is not unwise if he would choose to be around such ignorant fans to derive continued benefits of name, fame, wealth and power by ANY means legal or otherwise.
    Of course that alone is the evident goal of this cult from the start.

  10. I am a practising dermatologist in delhi and have long been associated with Maharajji. I have no doubt in my mind at all that all the charges against him are completely false and baseless. I have observed the lifestyle of Maharajji from close quarters since past many years. A saint who is forever lost in the love and longing of his divine master Krishna would in the least be interested in the human body. Though i never used to believe in gurus before, but after having associated with Maharajji, i have had personal divine experiences, which i could never have after meeting and associating with many other so called saints. Thus, one should never judge a person from the media’s point of view, but only say something about him or form an idea after having seen and associated with him at close quarters. It is very easy to level charges against anyone, but the judicial process is such that it favors very heavily the victim in such cases. Maharajji is a diabetic and a hypertensive and has a pacemaker implanted to regulate his heart rate. He has had a stent put in the heart. He is weak and frail and has a very frugal diet but adheres to a very rigid personal daily routine. He is surrounded by devotees most of the time. ALL THESE CHARGES ARE FALSE AND BASELESS AND MAHARAJJI WOULD COME OUT OF THEM UNSCATHED. AS IT IS, HE IS INNOCENT UNLESS PROVED OTHERWISE.

  11. No matter what propaganda, what justification, what claims of so-called “Godhood” that Kripalu and his organization makes, the cold-hard and undisputable fact remains; that I am a victim.

    Thousands of dollars were taken from me, and I greatly ignored my family. This is a mistake that I am still paying for and trying to recover from.

    My sincerity was raped. I was made a complete fool of. I offered my heart, mind, body, wealth and everything unconditionally to this organization; but they only took it and laughed at the “nobody” they were exploiting behind my back.

    Then they (yes, he Kripalu) tried to lay their hands on my self respect. I had not given them permission for this, I was not expecting this, I was not told this is “leela.” I was just considered so brain-washed that I would be easy picking.

    Well I was not! I fought and am still fighting! When there was no information about any of this, I was fighting. And now, the whole world knows. Now many other brave voices have been raised against untruth, injustice, exploitation and disrespect of women and devotees.

    Isn’t Krishna great!! Is it not obvious how he is pulling the strings that will bring this evil down! Slowly but surely, Hindus and all good meaning people will erase this blot on spirituality.

    Jai meri Radhey

  12. There are numerous people talking bad about different Gurus and blaming their organisation. It amazes me to see long term devotees turn against their own beliefs and go as far as they can go. If it is about money, NO ONE forces anyone to donate to any cause. People give it half heartedly and eventually it catches up to then and now they regret giving anything. Why not just say no in the first place and dont’ donate unless completely sure of it. I am not aware if anyone is threatened to donate in any hindu organisation.
    Sexual blame, go on sulekha and see they were even talking about AdiShankaracharya. So does that mean people will stop believing in Sri Adishankaracharya or Kripaluji Maharaj, I don’t think so. You go on and will find similarly people not sparing Yoganandaji, Vivekanandaji, Ammachi, Brahamakumaries, Asaramji bapu,Swaminarayan Sanstha and offcource SathyaSaibaba and believe it or not Krishana himself. Did that stop their millions of disciples from believing in them. If such was the case then Hinduism might as well just vanish. There are Multimillion of people following these Teachers and benefitting from their teacheing as per their Sanskars then there are few bent on bringing them down. What is wrong with this picture? Maybe some people are missing the point and not looking hard enough for answers. If you do sincere devotion, you will be guided. Its not the teachers or the teachings its the ignorant mind that comes in our way!!!

  13. From another forum:
    Doubt on Rational Intellectuals in JKP
    Jun 22nd, 2007 – 19:05:09
    Mr. Deepankar, I am not part of your organization, but, we are Hindu to the core of our heart, who accepts everyone in this world with equal love and care. We have no prejudice on anybody, be it a nation, a religion or a organization, as yours. But, one Anonymous wrote about lot of things couple of messages before, and I have the following observation based on that message and your message.
    1. You claim your Guruji as the Supreme Guru of this age, especially of the Hindus after the 4 Jagadgurus of past. So, it means Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj is actually supposed to represent the whole of Hindu community and all the great Hindu spiritual leaders of today. And in case of any crisis like this of rape allegation in Trinidad, the Supreme authority of all Hindus is alleged with such sordid allegation, all Hindus should be deeply concerned and agitated. But, Alas!, no other Hindu organization, spiritual guru or even any common Hindu has been seen to come forward in support of your guru, who claim to be the Supreme Guru of all, and definitely the Hindus. It seems, as if the President of States or President of India is alleged with rape crime, and no ministers, no people have come in support of the President, excepting the President’s office staff. In this case, other than a handful of devotees like you, none came in support of the Supreme Guru. But, the near 2 billion Hindus on Earth and so many great Hindu Spiritual Ministers, Gurus do not seem to be bothered with the allegation on their Supreme Guru. Isn’t it quite laughable? Does it not go beyond all logic? You are an intellectual, by your credentials, published by yourself, and am sure, you would realise that this is a great ridicule on the Supreme Guru by the whole Hindu Community and all the great Hindu spiritual leaders.
    2. I recall, Sankaracharya of Kanchi Muttam was alleged of murder and was put behind bars by a local Govt in India. The whole world knows how the Hindu community, spiritual leaders came onto the streets in support of Sankarachaya. Many politicians, opposed to that local govt, also made scathing comments on public media repeatedly. The whole world prayed openly for the release of Sankaracharya. According to your sect’s philosophy, your Guruji is above all, even the Sankarachrya, yet, the whole world fought for his justice, openly did everything for the release of a junior spiritual leader as Sankaracharya, yet, all those same Hindus, same politicians, never bothered to utter a single word for Supreme Guru of Hindus, when such a charge has been made against him. Mr. Deepankar, you are rational, intellectual. Kindly provide your logical comments. The whole world and Hindu community would like to hear from you.
    3. Also the Supreme Guru, Kripaluji, is charged with repeated rape by some women in Nagpur, India, the name suggests them as Hindu and all of them are members of your sect, not from any outside sect, or religion or political parties. The court whose orders we read is the highest court of india, Supreme Court, and none of them are connected to United States or any other opposing body. What a mockery of the supreme guru of Hindus?

    Friend, we are die-hard born Hindus, please do not make a mockery of Hindu religion in front of the whole world. Do not know, whether, you are also nicknamed as SreeRadha. This SreeRadha is vomiting poisonous spasms in bulk, in different forums, on United States as a country, who is behind charging your Guruji. If it is you, i am sure you cannot be termed rational, but, if it is someone else, better find those non-sense persons out and strongly tell them not to use abusive language on a country. You are hurting all 300 million Americans by such words. If Americans start reacting to that, no Hindus will come to save you, your organization or SreeRadha nicknamed maniac.

    Mr. Deepankar, it’s good to be a part of fantasy filled group, and make self-proclaimation of anything one likes. But, get down to reality. Hindus are neither with your organization nor they consider your Guruji as the supreme guru of hindus.

    I cannot comment on so many other things you wrote, but, as an independent person, but, very much a Hindu, felt, Hindus should write and comment more rationally, on these kind of international forums. You may like to answer to the questions raised and the serious doubts that have been raised through my message. Consider this as a message and question from one of the largest Hindu organizations in the world, present in possibly all countries of the world.

  14. Lot many people who got carried with false allegations against the biggest divine personality on earth Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj and used all sorts of abusive language and thoughts against such a divine person have no refuge now. People declared him guilty before court. They even said he won’t return to Trinidad citing health reason. Proving all such misguided and polluted minds he returned to T&T respecting the courts and justice system despite his age and health. He has been declared innocent beyond doubt. Prosecution withdrew case against him saying there is no evidence at all. Isn’t it surprising that Prosecution itself admitted that there is no evidence in these allegations? I have been advising all such misguided people not to use such abusive language or apply dirty thoughts to such a divine personality because in all religions God himself has said on many occasions that any sin or insult done to me can be pardoned by me but such an act done to my own men (who love him truly) has no pardon and the punishment to these people is imminent and harsh. These acts are termed as “Naam Apradh” (sins of thoughts) and have no repentation available.
    Only possibility is to pray to the Saint against whom this heinous sin has been committed because only he has the authority to forgive. One may think it does not matter at all but the divine punishments are beyond one’s understanding and by the time one realizes it gets too late. So, such misguided people who wrote such things or thought bad about him should sincerely pray to Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj to forgive them and as his name stands he is real saint and full of mercy to do so. He even issued instructions to all his followers and devotees not to blame or curse even the girl who accused him and that shows how generous he is.
    We always disrespect great holy men when they are alive and worship them when they are gone. We must learn from our mistakes and recognize the greatest personality on earth who is here for our spiritual upliftment.
    I request to media as well not to be part of malign campaign honour such great personalities. People working in Media are human beings as well and they will also have to face the God one day as well.
    Jai Shree Radhey
    Jagadguru shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj Ki Jai
    With regards to all
    Manoj Sachdeva
    New Delhi INDIA

  15. Manoj Sachdeva: Your reponse was wonderful…many people don’t know or understand “Naamapradh”. I imagine one does not feel the effects and recognized the implications of these transgressions until the next life; except if you have a Saint like Maharajji who can forgive you if it’s Him you have sinned against. People think this to be a fantasy. I knew nothing about Bhakti Yog at all until I met a Sanyasi preacher and then until I met Maharajji, read the philosophy, etc. I have been an aspiring Sadhak of His for almost 2 1/2 years. It’s so funny to hear from x-devotees like Dharam who are so like me in nature!! Selfish, cunning, greedy, not wanting to part with their money, distrustful, thinking that their selfish relations will love them and deliver them in the end. Bhakti = Seva, right? I have felt and seen this from within so many times. There have been times where I have felt funny about giving donations (having come from a Catholic & distrustful background) but at the same time, every time I do give, God always bestows such amazing inner experiences to me from within that show how kind He is; I call it immediate payback. : ) When dhan, charity is given to a Divine personality, you receive the Divine fruits. You can’t compare such a situation in this material world. It’s not like giving money to a bank, or buying a house, or car or something material. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to stay strong in the midst of all this chaos. Maharajji says, “If you don’t want tests then you don’t want Bhakti”.

    I realize that I myself am a weak spiritual aspirant, and this whole drama didn’t have to happen for me to be so unevolved; I am not saying I ever beleived it…it’s been so stupid really. HOWEVER, God and Guru are so so merciful that this leela/scenario (from whatever perspective you come from)is a forum in which God can grace us through Guru. Isn’t it an amazing thing? Only Guru can do this. I am humbled over and over again yet still indulging in mental transgressions which are the worst kind. Mind alone is the doer, right? Our minds are so dirty. In the world we need proof…words & body language, etc. God/Guru only looks in the mind and the heart. I wonder how many minds got bent into this terrible transgression. I feel more sorry for them then my own self, who sins day and night due to the condition of the mind and it’s habits to love the world and to neglect God for our own selfish purposes.

    All these words I am saying I have learned from my Maharajji. Tonight we will celebrate with Pomp in a big Keertan for our
    Guruji. Asked for you Manoj Sachdeva, I hope you do the same.

    Jai Jai Shree Radhey! Jai Jai Shree Radhey!! Jai Jai Shree Radhey!!!

  16. Swami freed of rape Reporters
    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    THE STATE conceded yesterday there was no evidence to make out a prima facie case for rape against 85-year-old international Swami (Hindu priest), Jagadguru Ram Tripathi Maharaj.
    As a result, Deputy Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Roger Gaspard, informed the court that the DPP’s department was discontinuing the matter against the Swami.

    Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington, presiding in the San Fernando First Magistrate’s Court, then informed the Swami that he was free to go.

    This order brought cries of jubilation from the crowd which had gathered in and outside the courtroom, and exchanges of hugs between devotees of the Swami.

    Swami Tripathi Maharaj was alleged to have raped and molested a 22-year-old Guyanese woman in a prayer-room, at a house at which he was staying in San Fernando, when she visited him in May.

    When the matter was called yesterday morning, Gaspard told the court that the State’s evidence in the matter was tenuous and they (the State) would not be able to make out a prima facie case against Maharaj. Gaspard then made an application before the court to have the matter discontinued. Magistrate Wellington said no evidence was offered and he then dismissed the matter.

  17. Dear Dr. Mahesh Ji

    I agree with your views one hundred percent and compliment you for being so clear in your thoughts.
    You are a real devotee of shree Maharaj Ji and I am in queue to be one.
    I came in conatct with shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj just two years ago and realized what a real Saint is. He is not Kripalu by namae but by nature as well. His biggest quality was experience by all the right minded people who saw shree Maharaj ji even refused to ask for an apology and said that he has forgotton and forgiven all who were invloved in mud slinging on his character. Though Saints (Mahapurush) are well above these pity allegations his followes and devotees were quite hurt and he gave instructions to all such people not to protest at all and not even think bad about the poor girl who levelled these misfounded baseless allegations. I have been a part of such sermons by shree Maharaj Ji number of times where people are willing to give any thing to just pay their respects to shree Maharaj Ji and touch his feet. I have been the lucky one who Maharaj Ji hugged at Mangarh during Holi this March of 2007. That feeling refuses to die down and is a constant source of Chintan (Thinking) of shree Maharaj Ji. What is his divine personality can only be witnessed by people who have been touch with him, or has been able to hear his sermons/Kirtan or has read his holy literature which is beyond compare.
    He is a real Guru (though he has not taken anyone as his shishya) and is reverred by millions. Guru is expected to Shotriya (who has knowledge of Shastras) and Brahm Nishtha (has practically experieced God). His knowledge about Shastra is unique and I am yet to hear someone in this world who can quote the origin of Shlokas, Mantras or Sutras recited. My wife happens to be a literary personality and is Ph.D., D. Litt. and her research is on Upadnishads and Bhakt Poets but she has no hesitation to admit that her knowledge compared to shree Maharaj Ji is like a drop in the ocean. Even on scale of Materialistic approach find any literature which is even close to what Maharaj Ji has created.
    People have not realized that who is Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj because they have not heard him or read about him. Furthermore, we have been accostomed for ages to use our (polluted) mind to analyse the stature of a Mahapurush which is like a class 2 student doing same for a professor in University. We get confused with their attire, their deeds (which are same as ours but they are always attached to God while doing daily maya chores) and their appearence and do not see the wisdom, knowledge and divinity they possess. We have been doing this for god knows how many lives so have not been able to meet God. If we surrender to Guru and do what he wants us to (Saadhna) we shall surely get the true love of Guru and God as they are same and all shastras pronounce that.
    We all his devotees are waiting eagerly for his arrival back in India and the day is not far when we would be able to pay our respects to our Pyare Pyare Papa and get the benefit of Darshan Laabh.
    All the best to you with a request to shree Maharaj Ji and Shree Radha Krishan to shower their grace on you so that you get true love of Shyama, Shyam and your Guru..
    Guru Kripalur Mam Sharanam
    Vande ham Sadguru Charanam
    Radhey Radhey
    Manoj Sachdeva

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