Daily Archive for May 12th, 2007

No Mama – No Die

By Michael De Gale
May 11, 2007

Mother EarthLike most Torontonians, I too enjoyed last year’s extended summer and unseasonably mild winter. Red peppers were still growing in my garden in late December and in early February; perennials were promising to bloom – again. I fired up my backyard BBQ in tee shirt and jeans,, washed my car by hand in the scorching sun, and then suppressed the heat with an ice cold beer. “This is the life”, I mused. Dreadfully fearful of bone chilling winters, I wanted summer to last forever. Imagine for a moment, a land of perpetual sunshine, BBQ and beer. On my CD player the incomparable Louis Armstrong sang, “What a Wonderful World” and a wise old friend assured me that “within everything, life hard but it sweet”.
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Murders reach 100

Saturday, May 12 2007

JailTHE country’s 100th murder was recorded yesterday morning when a Santa Cruz man was gunned down while asleep.

In a separate incident, which took place on Thursday night, a 31-year-old auto mechanic was killed in a drive-by shooting in Arima.
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