Daily Archive for November 21st, 2007

Snatched baby Back in mom’s arms

By Carol Matroo
November 21 2007

Baby NoelNEKEISHA Noel was breathless, shaking, excited.

She ran the gamut of emotions as she stood at the front entrance of the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital, eagerly awaiting the return of her five-day-old baby boy.

It was at this same institution that one of Noel’s greatest fears was realised…her son was stolen from her, just mere hours after she gave birth last Friday morning.
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Deception Thy Mate is Panday

By Stephen Kangal
November 21, 2007

Basdeo PandayIn the rest of the civilised world politics is the art of the possible and of compromise. In T&T it degenerated in 2007 into a fine art of naked UNC deception that caused some 190,000 unsuspecting people to be so manipulated that they bought into it with their rustic innocence and hero worship of a badly scarred leader.

Panday whose political credibility has reached ground zero deceptively led Mr. Dookeran in October 2005 into the lion’s den under the false illusion that both were participating in leadership succession planning in the UNC. Mr. Dookeran suffered from the worst form of humiliation and total disrespect as Leader of the UNC.
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