Daily Archive for November 13th, 2007

Crime …. Scalping suspect surrenders…

ViolenceGirl, 12, critical after rape
A 12-year-old schoolgirl is fighting for her life at the San Fernando General Hospital after she was allegedly tied up and sexually assaulted by two masked men at her Rio Claro home yesterday morning. Police report the men also stuffed a melongene into her body and left her for dead.

Genes and licks linked to murders
Psychologists weigh in on growing violence

“He is most likely not a psychopath, based on the initial report. This is a crime of passion. It is situational. It is not a personality characteristic,” said psychologist Courtney Boxill.
“A psychopath is somebody who commits heinous crimes and his conscience does not bother him, and further more he does not care about the punishment that he may face in the future.”

Santa Cruz Murder
Rural haven becomes deathbed

Scalping suspect surrenders
A man who allegedly chopped and scalped the boyfriend of his former common law wife surrendered to the police at the St Clair office of attorney Jagdeo Singh last night.
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