Snatched baby Back in mom’s arms

By Carol Matroo
November 21 2007

Baby NoelNEKEISHA Noel was breathless, shaking, excited.

She ran the gamut of emotions as she stood at the front entrance of the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital, eagerly awaiting the return of her five-day-old baby boy.

It was at this same institution that one of Noel’s greatest fears was realised…her son was stolen from her, just mere hours after she gave birth last Friday morning.

But, yesterday, Noel was finally reunited with her son Jeremiah Obadiah Shawn Henry, in a tearful scene, when police, acting on a tip-off, rescued the child from a house at Oliver Trace, Mt D’Or Road, Mt D’Or.

Noel stood outside the hospital, supported by her boyfriend Sheldon Henry and brother Kendall’s arms, eagerly looking for the unmarked police car that was supposed to take the child from the St Joseph Police Station, where the suspect was being held, to the hospital to be reunited with his mother.

“I want to see him. I find they taking real long. I can’t wait to see him,” she repeated over and over again.

Surrounded by relatives, friends and well- wishers, Noel was visibly elated by the news that she received through a telephone call from a friend.

Squeals and cries of joy and celebration rose in a crescendo, a fitting end to days of worry and pain for the 22-year-old mother of two.

“I am happy. I’m glad and I am rejoicing. It’s finally time to go home. Oh God!,” a gleeful Noel said.
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Safely back in mom’s arms
The “nurse” who is 21 years old will appear in the Tunapuna Magistrates’ Court today, according to police, on a charge of child stealing, which is an offence under Section 54 of the Offences Against the Person Act. Up to press time, police were also said to be contemplating a second offence of impersonating a nurse.

That’s My Baby!
Abducted infant found, young couple arrested
The Express learned that the woman suspected of stealing the baby was taken for psychological evaluation at the hospital after she told the police that she had recently been pregnant and had lost her child.

Security beefed up
Security guards at health institutions throughout the southwest region have been placed on alert and advised not to take chances with anyone visiting health institutions.
“All members of staff have been told to wear their identification badges and visitors should show their passes at all times,” he said.


Newborn baby stolen from Mt Hope Hospital
Sunday 18th November, 2007
Mother of the newborn baby boy who was stolen from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex on Friday, is refusing to leave the hospital until her baby is found.

Mother begs baby-snatcher
Sunday, November 18th 2007
LURKING in the corridor of the maternity ward, the woman who stole Nekesha Noel’s ten-hour-old baby boy stalked mother and child for almost two hours.
In a pre-planned and well thought out ambush, the baby thief pounced on Noel just after visiting hours on Friday, while baby and mom were recovering at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital.
Pretending to be a nurse, the woman sent Noel to go to the bathroom to check if she was still bleeding and then stole the hapless infant.
The woman of East Indian origin, is said to be in her 20s, stockily built and has shoulder-length black hair which she wore “tied up in one”.

‘Nurse’ kidnaps baby from hospital
Sunday 18th November, 2007
A new-born baby boy, only ten hours old, was stolen from his crib, on Friday, which was placed next to his mother’s hospital bed by a woman pretending to be a nurse.

4 Responses to “Snatched baby Back in mom’s arms”

  • What joyful news! Every daily paper trumpeted the joy of these parents, on re-uniting with their baby.One paper suggested that the thief may not have identity papers. This needs to be followed up on.
    Are people likely to kidnapa baby to prove they belong in TnT. Was this mother-the fake one- likely to send this child to school?Give him all his shot?

    For once, the people seemed united with law enforcement, in solving this crime. The Biblical Jeremiah was a prophet. Could this child be foretelling the rise of better relations between the people and the police as a joint crime-fighting team?In any case this beautiful boy child got us off the murder count as an item for page one. He also stopped the political carping. A little child shall lead them?

  • Mt D’or woman to appear in court today
    Kavita Ramdial was last night charged with stealing newborn baby Jeremiah Henry from the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital and is expected to appear before a Tunapuna magistrate today.

    Mt D’Or woman on baby-theft charge
    Kavita Ramdial, a 21-year-old woman of Mt D’Or Road, has been charged with stealing eight-day-old baby Jeremiah Obadiah Shawn Henry…

  • Well we see replications of such crimes in the US often. The woman might just be someone incapable of producing a child and resorted to this kind of criminality as a means of satisfying her motherhood craving.

    In every event like this, one cannot help but feel smatterings of pity for the tormented souls that are caught up in them. This is not a condoning of the act or an excusing of the perpetrator. Behind every act like this are psychological nuances that should be illuminated and examined as a means of identifying its potential in others.

  • I am pregnant and considering having my second baby at Mt. Hope. But this country is not safe no matter where you go. Security guards and nurses at hospitals are very slack and they don’t care about anything but their salary at the end of the month and there are some who are caring and dedicated to their jobs. My experience of labour at Port of Spain General Hospital was the worst they rough you up like you are their children. Maybe if they try being nice many peoples labour would be easier. Anyway, new moms my advice to you is to keep watch on your baby 24 hrs as long as you are in the hospitals of trinidad and tobago. Nurses and doctors care nothing about us……………

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