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Caribbean tourism faces tough UK market

By Darren Joseph
April 03, 2012

Derren JosephBy any measure, tourism remains the biggest industry in the Caribbean region. The UK is a key source market for visitors and many jobs depend on arrivals to the region remaining strong. But the challenges are many as tough economic conditions, taxation and incentives for Brits to stay at home are hard to ignore.
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Tourism in Las Vegas and Trinidad

By Derren Joseph
October 12, 2010

Las VegasOne of the top stories in last Sunday’s New York Times was about the tourist Mecca of Las Vegas facing its deepest slide since the 1940s. As I read the story, I reflected on what is happening in our tourism accommodation sector here at home. Let us first touch on what is happening in Las Vegas. Firstly, visitor numbers are down as its usual customers cut back on recreational travel which is natural during a recession. Secondly, real estate and room rates are down. Thirdly, there is rising tourism unemployment as Nevada’s unemployment rates are now the highest in the US. In short, the overall tourism economy in the state of Nevada is under pressure.
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Tourism from Carnival to Divali

By Derren Joseph
September 16, 2010

CarnivalOn August 26th, there was an interesting article in the International Tourism press. President of the Sychelles, James Michel called upon his tourism industry to engage with the government to map out a new national tourism development plan. On the face of it there is nothing special about such an announcement but three things about that article that struck me.
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Supporting Tobago’s Tourism

By Derren Joseph
August 04, 2010

Tobago TourismLast week, the press carried a story about Deputy House Speaker Dr Fuad Khan urging Trinidadians to spend a portion of their vacation time in Tobago to boost the tourism industry in the sister island. The press report went on to say that occupancy rates at hotels are expected to drop as low as 15% in the coming months.
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Tourism, Culture and Decentralization

By Derren Joseph
June 24, 2010

Maracas BayToday I continue from last week’s exploration of tourism as a key component in our diversification thrust. There are three points to be made – there is a nexus between tourism and culture, domestic tourism is critical and greater decentralization which empowers communities to develop and implement local development plans are necessary.
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Positive Reporting

By Darren Joseph
September 13, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

CrimeA white South African was granted refugee status in Canada, on the ground of “racism.” He claimed that he was attacked six or seven times because of his skin colour. Needless to say, this caused much controversy in South Africa. Prime Minister Harper of Canada asked the Federal Court to review this ruling that so threatened Canada-South Africa relations.
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If only pan music were the food of love…

By Raffique Shah
August 09, 2009


SteelpanEver so often I wish I can forget the sad state of my country and instead enjoy the luxury my columnist-colleague Keith Smith does. I can see Keith’s eyes “open wide”, blurting out: “Luxury? What luxury? Dis man mad or what?” No, I’m not mad. Over the past week, to use one example, Keith has focused on his community, Laventille, on the tenth anniversary of its pan festival, a feast I enjoyed in its early years, but which, sadly, I have not attended for maybe five years.
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British couple beaten, chopped

By Indarjit Seuraj and Andre Bagoo
August 03, 2009 – newsday.co.tt


Domestic ViolenceSo horrific was the beating and chopping of 59-year-old British vacationer Murium Greene at her home in Bacolet Tobago on Saturday, that tears of blood streamed from her swollen eyes as she lay on a bed yesterday at the High Dependency Unit of the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope.

At the Intensive Care Unit of the EWMSC, Greene’s husband Peter, 65, lay in a medically induced coma, his head and face covered in cuts and chops. Doctors expressed concern that bleeding in his brain, caused by the traumatic injuries, had not stopped.
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‘We are the land of opportunity’

By Derren Joseph
June 06, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Trini PeopleIn difficult economic times, the sensitive issue of immigration tends to get even more sensitive. It is hard not to notice this. In England for example, there is much debate about an apparent increase in popularity of a far-right political party called the British National Party or the BNP.
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5th Summit of the Americas News: April 21, 2009

Spouses of the visiting Heads of Government Retreat to Point-a-Pierre

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

What a Summit!
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning has succeeded, perhaps beyond his wildest dreams, in his goals of giving regional leaders a safe and amiable forum to talk, and in showcasing Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage.
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