Sex Behind the Convent Veil

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe February 18, 2019 From Wednesday to Saturday this week Pope Francis will meet at the Vatican with Roman Catholic bishops from around the world to discuss the global sex abuse crisis that is threatening his “legacy and the moral capital that is the currency of his pontificate” (NYTimes, Feb 5, … Continue reading Sex Behind the Convent Veil

Sexual misconduct haunts public figures

By Raffique Shah November 16, 2017 Amidst an avalanche of allegations of sexual misconduct against a phalanx of prominent men, mostly in the USA, but also in other developed countries, one can anticipate a similar surge here in Trinidad and Tobago, although our litigation procedures are more constrained, some might argue restrictive, than in those … Continue reading Sexual misconduct haunts public figures

Sex and the geriatric preachers

By Raffique Shah June 01, 2016 It is amazing, though not surprising, how easily our people can be distracted from the important issues that we face as a nation, currently galloping crime and an economy in crisis. Last week, everyone, from captain to crook, was consumed in debate over a rather stupid statement that Harrypersad … Continue reading Sex and the geriatric preachers

Zika, sex and pesticides

Sunday, February 21 2016 Newsday – Reporter JANELLE DE SOUZA reviews the debate over the rise of the Zika virus in the Caribbean, as Trinidad and Tobago joins the list of countries reporting cases of the mosquito-borne illness. Could the use of a popular pesticide to control the mosquito population be responsible for the … Continue reading Zika, sex and pesticides

U.S. Says T&T Police and Immigration Officers Involved in Sex Trafficking

2015 Trafficking in Persons Report TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: TIER 2 WATCH LIST United States State Department Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons July 27, 2015 – Trinidad and Tobago is a destination, transit, and possible source country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. Women and girls from … Continue reading U.S. Says T&T Police and Immigration Officers Involved in Sex Trafficking

Sex and Blackmail

DJ marked for death, Rajaee both knew ex-Govt official By Asha Javeed December 07, 2014 – Radio DJ Kevaughn “Lurbz” Savory was possibly saved from being a statistic. But the question he’s being constantly asked now is: who would want you killed? One week after police uncovered an alleged plot to kill him and … Continue reading Sex and Blackmail

What About Dat Sex Ed Ting Jred?

By Corey Gilkes September 04, 2014 I come to pelt jep nest again. In a few days school will be reopened and in light of all the various bacchanal going on, in and out of Parliament, it isn’t surprising that many may have forgotten that the Ministry of Education is supposed to be embarking on … Continue reading What About Dat Sex Ed Ting Jred?