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Why Are We Giving Away Trinidad & Tobago?

Natural GasEDITOR: It has long been known, that our greatest resources have been given to big business or prominent men from all over the world, especially the United States. However, this didn’t hit home until I was looking up Oil Fields to see who own them. And, under the United States I found Tobago listed as “In Development.” It is amazing to see and hear of corrupt people at home, but I am disgusted by these people and can’t hold back any longer. Our natural resources belong to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, and not to outsiders. Why should the people of Trinidad & Tobago get the smaller percentage?
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Policing Crime In T&T

PoliceIn light of the escalating crime rate in Trinidad and Tobago, and the perceived impotence of the Police Service to arrest the situation, I want to once again bring up the idea of decentralization of the major law-enforcement bodies.

In order to have a potent crime fighting and crime preventing organization, that organization must have:
(1) the tools to fight and prevent crime,
(2) the infrastructure to house and operate from,
(3) the support of the justice system,
and more importantly the confidence and faith of the people they are employed to serve and protect.
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Hazardous Conditions at Isaac Place Cascade

HelpWater from the Hololo mountains has been destroying the footpath that lead to the homes of families living in the area because there is no watercourse for the water to follow. Numerous letters have been sent to the St George County Council regarding this problem more than forty years ago and to date this problem still persist.

My mother who resides there is afraid to walk in the day much less at night especially due to the fact there has never been any street light.
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Flow Cable Upgrade Can Downgrade Your Home

Cable Subscriber
October 09, 2007

Flow Cable Trinidad and TobagoFor those who are having the Cable TV and Internet upgrades, here is what to expect:

They would call you and tell you that your home is scheduled for an upgrade, but they would not tell you upfront that the upgrade means a rewiring of your house, which, depending on how many television sets you have and the parts of the house they are placed, could take an entire day.

Although the Flow cable (Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited) vehicles have water coolers, be prepared to be asked for water continually. You would also have to overhear cellphone conversations continually as their phones ring all the time, and they do speak rather loudly. They would also come to your home with dirty boots, so your carpets would need some work after.
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UWI’s Milner Hall: A Living Hell

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Good day,

University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad Main Administration BuildingI am a first year undergratuate student living on Milner Hall at the University of the West Indies campus St. Augustine. For the past five weeks we have not had water. The probelm all began when the two 400 gallons of water tanks in the basement overflowed, burned the pumps and flooded the basement. To date, we get, only on few occasions, a truck-bourne supply of water which fills the tanks and is used up in no time at all. This newly built building houses 153 persons; both males and females. This situation has been going on too long and is worsening. The administarion informed us that they are woking on the situation but up today we have not even recived an applogy or some light about the situation. This poses a serious health risk and I think the siutaion should be made public just to let the world know what living on campus has been like. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please help me highlight this problem. I must also mention the high prices we pay; it close to $5000.00 per semester.

Yours Respectfully,

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Miss Universe Pageant

Tue, 29 May 2007

Miss UniverseGood Morning,

My family and I were very disappointed in not seeing Miss Trinidad in the Miss Universe Pageant. Then to read it was lack of financing. It seemed untrue. So many people think Trinidad is a third world country and after defending it and spouting it’s attributes not to mention it’s an oil country and one of the better off islands… last night was very deflating.
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IMF propaganda

FinancialTHE EDITOR: IMF representatives at the Central Bank in Port-of-Spain recently advised that the reintroduction of price controls in Trinidad and Tobago to stem inflation and high food prices would be a backward step. It is unfortunate that some people accept the advice of the IMF without questioning the validity of their statements.
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