Why Are We Giving Away Trinidad & Tobago?

Natural GasEDITOR: It has long been known, that our greatest resources have been given to big business or prominent men from all over the world, especially the United States. However, this didn’t hit home until I was looking up Oil Fields to see who own them. And, under the United States I found Tobago listed as “In Development.” It is amazing to see and hear of corrupt people at home, but I am disgusted by these people and can’t hold back any longer. Our natural resources belong to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, and not to outsiders. Why should the people of Trinidad & Tobago get the smaller percentage?

I understand our government are greedy and have no backbone, but for the love of people, STOP SELLING OUT TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. I challenge the news to seek & give the people a truthful report on the natural resource industries in Trinidad and Tobago, and let the world know who really owns them, and what percentage goes back to the people. My God! You greedy people, don’t you know you cannot take the money and power when you die? Please do for other people, so we can help move the human race and Trinidad & Tobago in the right direction. Thanks.

Colin F. John


I just needed to vent. I know the majority of powerful businesses (such as news media) are often owned by the same rich powerful people, who manipulate people for power and resources. So, I must try and accept that no one will really look out for the true interest of humanity, especially my people. I know if you do, the powers who determine what is printed or not will make the final decision. So, this is just a Trini, who is living abroad just vexed about how our land is just given away.

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  1. The people of TnT have no ownership over the sovereign resources of our nation. That’s a sad but true fact as you have discovered. The government of TnT routinely does business with transnational corporations whose sole interest is to maximize dividend returns to their stockholders in London, New York and other financial centers worldwide. These corporations thrive on pilfering natural resources of other nations, regardless of the social, economic and environmental costs to the people of these nation states. Their bottom line is most enhanced by the criminal exploitation of cheap labor in the host country. Look at the wages of oil workers in Texas and see how these compare to those of workers in this same industry in TnT.

    This has been going on so long that people have come to believe that this is the way it has to be. To break this stranglehold on our natural resources requires an organized effort by the people themselves because, from a logical standpoint this cannot and would not come from those who are in this conspiracy of bribery, kickbacks and treachery to edeny our future generations of the fruits of what is rightfully theirs.

    I only wish more people were as concerned as you are about this matter.

  2. You know what else is disturbing – that the execs of the MNC’s have the audacity to say we need to “incentivize” THEM to do more explorations, with policies like tax breaks etc. In other words – they want T&T tax payers to cover the cost of the exploration as if the MNC’s getting 90% of the profit is not enough for them to scrape by.

    Sounds like we’re getting a raw deal. I think Mr. Manning needs to say ok we’ll cover the exploration costs and take the 10% of any profits – but only on the condition we get a handful of shiny glass beads. Or else de deal off!

  3. The T&T Government, like all those that have been bought by their former colonizers and US imperialism, has been notorious in accepting trinket bribes and kickbacks in exchange for the sovereign resources of our nation. The tax holidays and breaks they call “incentives” are never given to nationals who have ideas and dreams for owning and operating their own businesses. Such are reserved for foreigners who rape, pillage, loot, destroy our environment, displace our people, exploit cheap labor under the guise that they are creating jobs, and fill their saddlebags and depart T&T.

    I don’t know when we would awaken from this senseless sleep and demand and struggle to rid T&T of these local leeches we call a government and foreign parasites who have no respect or interest in our development.

  4. All I can say as you read about situations like this in this day and age is ” WHEN WIIL IT END!”
    Do these Politicians in TNT have no shame?

  5. Did any of you folks viewed the Movie,

    ” The Devil Came on Horseback (2007)”

    One wonders if the people who are suffereing were of a different race will ,”The Devil Came on Horseback (2007)” being a MUST see for every single TNT Citizen if only to ensure it shall never ever take place here ?

  6. This reminds me of the situation in Guadeloupe, where whole sugar cane fields are still owned by descendants of former french colonizer.
    And where most of the big supermarket industries are holded by this same group of individuals.
    We, Guadeloupeans, are not in charge of our economy. We only have the ILLUSION that we do!

  7. I can’t understand how the government to TNT don’t understand the U.S. don’t like anybody. The U.S. will use and devour anything in its path to get. The government is all about grude and self. I only hope Sweet sweet TNT don’t sell out our natural resources to a foreign country whether or not the price is right.

  8. Greetings to all my fellow Trinis,do remember that we are a God blessed Nation and dispite what the ones in athority may think and do the same God who protects us from all those storms and hurricanes will deliver us from the hands of the oppressors,so be confident and stand firm as a native of the land knowing that our resources was and will always be ours…………Just keep the flag flying high.

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