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Drug Den for Rich

By Nalinee Seelal and Alexander Bruzual
Saturday, August 21 2010

GunsA day after they made one of the biggest weapons seizures, police described the Valsayn mansion of late millionaire contractor Hafeez Karamath as a drug den for the rich; a factory for the manufacture of exotic high-end hallucinogens.

Investigators estimate the mansion, located on a one acre property in the upscale neighbourhood of Palm Road, Valsayn, is worth more than $12 million.
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Bring OPV Report

Scarborough CG 51 vessel at BAE Systems' shipyard on the Clyde River in Glasgow, Scotland
Scarborough CG 51 vessel at BAE Systems' shipyard
on the Clyde River in Glasgow, Scotland
Newsday Editorial
July 16, 2010 –

WE eagerly await the report recently promised by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on the former regime’s purchase of three Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) that are said to cost $1.5 billion, which would work out at $500 million each.
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Mad Man-ning on the rampage

By Raffique Shah
March 28, 2010

PM Patrick ManningLest I am accused of consorting with the ‘drugs mafia’, or worse, being a drug lord posturing as a journalist, I need to be very careful how I couch my words in this column. With Prime Minister Manning on the warpath against enemies more imagined than real, the last I want is police swooping down on me, looking for ‘crack’ cocaine.
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PM: Drug dealers against me

By Cecily Asson
March 24, 2010

PM Patrick ManningPRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning has accused the country’s drug dealers of being “against me” ever since his government’s acquisition of tens of millions of dollars worth in security technology including a radar system, fast patrol sea crafts, interceptors and helicopters to tackle the drug trade.

And in a strange twist, Manning said that as a result of drug dealers viewing him as “the man who standing in their way”, he is now being attacked daily in the media.
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