Chaguaramas named in $830m drug bust off Spain

By Sampson Nanton
September 24, 2010

CocaineBritish and Spanish police are investigating why 1.5 tonnes of cocaine, worth close to $1 billion, left Chaguaramas earlier this month aboard a yacht headed for Spain. The yacht was traced across the Atlantic Ocean by satellite after it left Trinidad until Spanish Police intercepted it on Monday. The drug haul showed similar signs to one of the biggest drug cases in Ireland two years ago, which also had strong links to T&T. The La Flibuste yacht, a UK-flagged vessel, was moored at Chaguaramas earlier this month before leaving with the cargo of 1.5 tonnes of cocaine hidden in a false roof of two of the cabins.

The cocaine is worth a staggering 83 million pounds sterling, which at today’s exchange rate amounts to TT$830 million. As it left Chaguaramas it was traced by satellite and tailed by British intelligence Officers. On Monday, officers of the Special Operations Unit, of the Spanish National Police, raided the vessel some 120 miles of Cadiz, Portugal, and transported it to Spain. Three men, a Spaniard and two Frenchmen, are being questioned about from whom in T&T they collected the drugs and how they managed to make it out of the country undetected. Spanish police are saying further arrests may follow soon.
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20 thoughts on “Chaguaramas named in $830m drug bust off Spain”

  1. Where were the nearby Coast Guard & Army ‘officers’ as well as the highly touted SAUTT in this internationally exposed drug ‘bust’?

  2. I hope Bro Gibbs our new Edmonton Commissioner did not choose to bit off more than he can chew, when it comes to working in ‘Sweet, Sweet, T&T aka Rainbow Country.’.
    I know the money is good , and the chance to see a Cosmopolitan paradise and all was fine, but this is too much for the fine man , and his departing Scotland Yard bloke . We wish him will.

  3. Seems like the “Drug den for the Rich and Famous” is gone sailing once more. Is anyone surprised anymore by these stories? Does anyone really think that a clothing or fabric store, a restaurant or any number of small businesses, including import/export businesses in T&T can make anyone a millionaire, a few times over; “behind every great fortune is a great crime” claims the old adage and it remains doubly true for Trinbagonians. Do the numbers people, the population demographics cannot support multi-millionaires without copious amounts of ill-gotten gains.

  4. Yes. Trinidad and Tobago is too small to support the number of grossly rich citizens that we have. Something is upside down about this economy.
    I just wonder what we are going to replace the Offshore Patrol Vessels with now. Their cancellation is a gift to these drug-traffickers.
    Even if they’re too expensive they need to be replaced with something. Our Gulf is s sitting duck. Not to mention our Southern coast.

    1. None have been intercepted because the U.S. and European nations need a certain amount of poison to enter their local “black markets” annually.

  5. Why is the media not reporting who these persons are in Trinidad that is involved with this drug it that they are also involved with the Media, Government and Law enforcement agencies in Trinidad and abroad.The people demand to know who these big shots are that is poisoning our kids…..

  6. The article reads like the real intention of the U.K. and U.S. government is to spy on Chavez and Venezuela. The drugs come from Colombia where the U.S. military already has a presence; both the U.S. and the U.K. already patrol the waters near T&T; in addition the actual/final destination of the cocaine is within the borders of both the U.K. and U.S. territories, tell me why T&T should spend the few dollars it receives from either “superpower” for its oil and natural gas, to try to prevent or stop a crime which so far these “superpowers” seem incapable of controling? The government of T&T has a responsibility to its citizens alone, so the focus should be on cleaning corruption within the Police service and maybe using the Army/Regiment to get rid of the guns on the street, the rest is up to the citizens of T&T, be responsible and accountable in your own community.

  7. 1.5 tonnes is PLENTY cocaine. These kinds of things make me so angry. I hate when people make our country look so bad. Coast Guards in Trinidad are USELESS! I doubt there is any non-corrupt CG officer right now.

  8. Don’t worry Jamille in London , I am sure our new progressive government is planning to borrow a few London blokes ,to successfully fight crimes IN T&T, in like manner to the previous clueless PNMites jokers, who naively thought that overpaying a few snotty nose , pompous ,and useless Scotland Yard bums , that they would just show up ,and whalla!,become the panacea for all of our crime woes
    It won’t happen ‘me friend,’ for these Sherlock Holmes wannabes, won’t be able to find the ‘Old Union Jack’ flag , in a haystack, below Buckingham Palace, even if , overweight,redhead, Sarah Ferguson ,was naked , and had one tied around her big toe while running around Trafalga Square, with sleazy media following,desperately attempting ,to catch her for a juicy breaking ,financial scandal story, involving Prince Andrew, and a one time, toe loving ,Texan lover.
    Such phonies! Cannot even tell the different between an Arab , or South Asian terrorist , from a harmless Brazilian football loving nut, even with 1 million cameras spread across London, and yet they are trying to talk about , much less solve crimes ,in Third world countries.

    Why butt- kissing ,neo colonial subjects across the Commonwealth , still see the need to hold on to, much less believe in any thing that emanate from England – starting with the Privy Council-when 2 out of 3 Brits, cannot wait to escape Queen Elizabeth 14 century fiefdom ,for American, South African, Australian, and Canadian paradise , is beyond me?
    2012 Olympics , expect …, ? Well ,your guess , is as good as mine.
    We know exactly what is the intentions of your selective , yet pretensive outrage , so please leave our dedicated,much maligned, and hardworking Civil Servants- in this case our Coast Guards- alone, and hope you can find a work in dreary London to pay to clean up the snow from your congested Flat instead, my friend.

  9. when you sit in chaguaramas at the entrance to the coast guard base ond you observe these officers driving in with these expensive vehicles fully equiped with rims and loud music you ask yourself where these guys get the money from to support these toys ? But my personal interview with a officer confirmed my suspicion that the small drugs / gun runners are boarded by the coast guard and their cargo is taken away and then set free and this is another avenue how the drugs/guns end up in the hands of our youths by the same people who are to protect our boarders . However there are some honest hard working coast guard officers but they are over powered by the corrupted officers .

  10. “However there are some honest hard working coast guard officers but they are over powered by the corrupted officers .’ I like this rejoinder moose, as it proved that dog did not eat your conscience. We know that you and other conveniently placed, talking mouth pieces, are taking the lead on beating up on hardworking Civil Servants , and laying blame left right and center , for all that wrongs that took place in this country during the past 48 years, especially now that onetime champions of the working class, and poor,in acting PM Mc Cloud, and David Abdullah ,are now toothless , Doberman, when it comes to the one time dreams of a once caring Basdeo Panday, as well as the late Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler, and Uncle George Weeks, yes? Here is a suggestion, pay attention to dem unchecked , business containers that have been coming into our country by competing forces, within our business community.As someone humourously said , folks do not become local billionaires ,from selling Apples/ grapes, or cloths,and other second rate cheap imported produces from Yankee land, China,Middle East, and India . No siree!There was more than mortar and the pestle involve, feel me? That’s were your culprits are.

  11. The reasonses are good. British Intelligence already know about the business fronts who could not even afford a toilet seat until they confessed thier massive beginnings with The Dole Chadee/Zimmern Beharry Ring by public documentation. They bought into politician and Law Profession Families, buy justuce to continue in their “Front” businesses. Do not worry British Intelligence was provided a Nice Picture of The “Speed-Boat” owned and operated by the “Front” Business-Man who bragged of Being Dole Chadee’s Nephew and making $300 Weekly, Now published his income of approx. $20 Million. Behind All Successful Businesses in Trinidad is A Politician/Law Profession Family with the ability to assist in these massive miraculous successes, which is very-well supported on all levels, event straight to the Top-Dog.

  12. All with Big-Links in US, Canada, UK, British Virgin Islands, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, New Zealand with Swiss Banking Access and Venezuela confirmed. They Are All Right Under Your Noses.

  13. a drug bust? i hope that the government doesnt turn a blind eye to this, espically when it involves another country, also to the people of T&T it is us who has to take a stand on these things we cannot let these crimminals corrupt our nation

  14. In the recent departure of one of our very last non subjective journalists in the land, in Andy Johnson,we welcome Brother Sweetman Sugarboy, and commend him for a balanced response.
    Hey buddy now that we are getting warm , what did that sharp Trini brain tell you when you notice a certain new government is doing everything fesible to ensure also that certain modern Coast Guard patrol boats remain the London Dry docks , even if it cost our country billions for breach of contracts ,since we stupidly reneged on official deals ,not only for political reasons – obviously.
    Let’s encapsulate this into a nice catchy ditty – that perhaps Crazy , or De Fost could sing next year for possible Road March. It states:- ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune,’ yes? One just cannot antagonize Trini elite , business folks, when they contributed in such massive fashions to one’s political success. Dr Cudjoe ? Here is another matter for Transparency International, your call , as the has a toothache ,

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