PM: Drug dealers against me

By Cecily Asson
March 24, 2010

PM Patrick ManningPRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning has accused the country’s drug dealers of being “against me” ever since his government’s acquisition of tens of millions of dollars worth in security technology including a radar system, fast patrol sea crafts, interceptors and helicopters to tackle the drug trade.

And in a strange twist, Manning said that as a result of drug dealers viewing him as “the man who standing in their way”, he is now being attacked daily in the media.

Speaking on Monday night before supporters who gathered at St Margaret’s Junction in Claxton Bay, he said, “This is the price I am called upon to pay. It matters not my friend…I am a soldier!”
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PM: I’m the target of drug dealers
After launch of Coast Guard boats…
Prime Minister Patrick Manning believes his launch last month of drug interdiction Coast Guard boats has something to do with the increased level of attack against him in the media in recent weeks.

2 thoughts on “PM: Drug dealers against me”

  1. Mr. Manning’s string of recent pious mutterings of victimisation,grandeur, and sovereign power,laced with omnipotence, now clearly lodges him in the category of those despotic , insane African leaders who are eventually consumed by their own stupidity.

  2. PM’s drug remarks just ‘silly’ says Matt official
    Vice-president of the Media Association of T&T (Matt) Judy Raymond has said that Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s connection between the launch of drug interdiction coast guard boats and media attacks against him were “too silly to deserve a response.”

    Mr Manning’s paranoid world
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning, by accusing the media of being in the pay of drug dealers, may have been trying to distract citizens from pressing national issues. If so, his ploy was indeed pathetic.

    A desperate man
    WE shouldn’t be surprised at anything Prime Minister Patrick Manning says today, but we are more than perplexed by his sudden claim that he is the target of drug dealers who are supposedly using the media to attack him.

    Lesson from Minister Saith for PM
    A member of the public contributing to the discourses of a beleaguered Prime Minister has noted: Last week it was war with the contractors. This week the conflict is with drug dealers. Who will it be next week and the weeks leading up to the local government (perhaps even general election) polls?

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