Anil: Verna’s attack on PM, vile and dishonest

Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Anil Roberts
Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Anil Roberts

December 07, 2012

Verna St. Rose-GreavesMinister of Sport, Anil Roberts, said former colleague Verna St Rose-Greaves’ recent utterances about Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar was because she could not “railroad” the Cabinet into accepting the Gender Policy, without widespread consultation.

Roberts held a media briefing on the sidewalk outside the Office of the Prime Minister, St Clair yesterday to respond to the comments from the former Gender Youth and Child Development.

He told media he was deeply hurt and disappointed by St Rose-Greaves, “a woman I had a tremendous amount of respect, and love for.” Roberts and St Rose-Greaves worked at Gayelle television, and the Sports Minister said he visited her home during Christmas.

He said it was “vile, dishonest, malicious” for St Rose-Greaves to cast aspersions on the PM.

Giving his opinion on her motives Roberts said, she “tried to railroad this Cabinet into her opinion with the Gender Policy. ”

“Verna St Rose Greaves attempted to not only in the media, but also inside the Cabinet, railroad the entire Cabinet and the Prime Minister did not stand for that, which is why Verna is on the outside and she cannot accept that,”said Roberts.

He said the former minister had voiced a “strong opinion” on two issues in the policy–abortion and gay marriage and tried to force her opinion on the Cabinet.

“The PM and my other Cabinet colleagues would not accept that; we wanted to go for thorough discussion.” He questioned how St Rose-Greaves could “put the cart before the horse” and voice an opinion before the consultation process was done. Roberts said she was fired because she had adopted a stance of “her own way, or the highway.”

Responding to a question at the post-Cabinet media briefing on the status of the policy, current Minister of Gender Marlene Coudray said the document was before the Finance and General Purpose Committee of the Cabinet.

“It is almost at the end, but we are making sure we consult with everyone, who has any input to make. The Prime Minister has asked that we call in anyone who wanted to say something,” she said.,170257.html

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  1. Anil: Verna fired for gay/abortion rights
    Former government minister Verna St Rose Greaves was fired because she tried to force the Cabinet into accepting her own position of pro-gay rights and pro-abortion with respect to the national gender policy, says Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

    …AG slams her too
    Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has condemned what he calls the “vindictive, vicious and vile attack” against Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar by former social development minister Verna St Rose Greaves.

  2. Everyone knew that Aunty Verna had a few “screws” missing in her head from day one. The walking around the PM office spitting water and ringing a bell indicated such….

  3. The PM has been criticized for many mis-steps but her appointment of Verna St Rose Greaves was one of her major errors in judgment.In her rush to be inclusive this PM has made several appointments which have backfired.Ironically she has received no criticism for Verna’s appointment or firing.Verna…another psychiatric referral.

  4. ” Verna St Rose-Greaves’ recent utterances about Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar was because she could not “railroad” the Cabinet into accepting the Gender Policy….?” BuddahBlackSunGod , have mercy on the twisted soul of Anil de Shih Tzu pretending to be Her Majestick Queen K’s Pit Bull.
    What I wish to know folks, is when exactly did these immoral political cretins realize that Auntie V was a passionate Human rights/gender rights activist , with some concerns for gays discrimination, and child neglect, issues?
    ‘Me think,’ the ex minister should be applauded , not demonized ,for trying to stand up and push policies when in a position to do so, re matters that she not only ran on prior to toppling the PNM , but spent her entire life fighting over.
    Sorry BUT some wiser than myself think, ‘Anil, aka de ‘Trini Dougla,’swing vote head guru ,’should spend his time better , trying to do his job , and let the PM fight her own gender war with fired ministers from her cabinet. Did they find a way to regularize the immigrant status of Keyshon Cuban coach as yet , or do we want him ,and all other able bodied coaches to run to Jamaica , so they they can continue to dominate the sporting scene?
    Yeah we know , Toco has a new renamed light house, and de Olympian ,a new house in Federation park- now we will wait for the voters in that enclave.
    Some changes we can believe in huh? Ummm humm , 20 mil to bring down Shaq to teach basket ball, and all is now well in Beetham. Ahhh ha a new stadium in Santa Cruz, and a Prominard in POS , and all is well in Cricket land . Yeah , a stadium in Tobago , and Tobago’s’ Dwight YORK’S JOB was DONE.
    Well, the precedent was set back in the UNC days , with Senator Ato Bolton, until he too was no longer useful ….I luv dis land folks!

  5. Anyone that is thrown out of office will rebutt in some form or the other. Verna is entitled to her opinion and she chose this medium to vent. After all it is these statements that sell newspapers. It is preferable that these happenings take place now which means the PP will come out stronger and make them realized, yes; you have been elected by the people to manage the people business but always be careful who you put in office. I have never seen a leader of a newly elected government take such baptism of fire both inside (cabinet) and outside (some pockets of population). It shows the resiliency, beliefs and leadership of this leader. Sometimes, it reminds me of how Chambers was treated by his own.

  6. Loyal Trini said,”I have never seen a leader of a newly elected government take such baptism of fire both inside (cabinet) and outside (some pockets of population)? ”
    What a preposterous comment by this neo tribal party hack/ fan! I am finally convince dat this Loyal Trini creature , either has the mental capacity of a 10 year old in and adult body, or was perhaps locked up somewhere in our 5 Star prison Carara, over the past 40 years , and de only reason today he has access to a computer- much less get on line Trincenter – is because he was released prematurely two years ago ,by the clueless Prison Inspector ,Israel Khan Jr ,due to overcrowding .
    Well, I’ll be dar.. and let me take all that back , after he added this undermentioned rider,simply because his culturally twisted conscience would not make him live with the above lie.Here he adds:- “…….Sometimes, it reminds me of how Chambers was treated by his own.”
    Would someone remind him of Ah we bouy ANR Robinson, who not only was undermined internally by Uncle Bas and his gang, but maligned left , right and center by former PNM stooges , disgruntled public servants, as well as disgusting anti Patriotic bozos, which eventually led to the most revolting political fallout in our country’s entire history – a la fake Islamist Abu Bakr , and his criminal,Muslimeen clowns.
    By de way , is there a commission of enquiry still going on to determine the facts re 1990 Loyal Trini? Are we close to finding out why certain unmentionable political souls were out of Parliament, or worst yet , who got de heads up to fly to nearby Caribbean isles, just before the T&T democracy hijack by a former football police Lenox Phillip , aka Yasin?
    Yet these comedians want yours truly to hate my country. Tell dem that de person that can make me do that ain’t born yet.

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