Suspects Nabbed for Rape of Mother and Daughter

Suspect in Central rapes surrenders on ‘Crime Watch’
By Gyasi Gonzales and Camille Bethel
UPDATED: September 25, 2011 – Trinidad Express

CrimeFour men are now in police custody for the robbery and rape of the Central mother and daughter and police say the arrest of a fifth man in connection with the incident is imminent.

Masked men broke into the family’s house in Longdenville, Chaguanas, around 2.30 a.m. on Thursday, raping the 49-year-old mother and her 17-year-old daughter and beating her two sons who were at home at the time. They stole cash and jewelry and the family’s car.

Two men were held later Thursday morning during a police exercise at Longdenville.

The third man gave up himself at Independence Square, Port of Spain on Friday night.

The suspect claimed he was in the house when the rapes occurred but said he did not commit the crime.

The third suspect is 23 years old and lives in Enterprise, Chaguanas. After surrendering himself to a media crew he was then handed over to Sgt Roger Alexander and a team of officers from the North Eastern Division Task Force who then took the man to the Chaguanas Police.

Friday night’s drama took place between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Ian Alleyne of TV6’s Crime Watch said one of his associates received a call from the third suspect’s mother who feared that her son would be arrested and harmed if the police detained him.

The man’s sister later spoke to Alleyne and arrangements were made to have him picked up in Sea Lots, Port of Spain before the 11 p.m. curfew.

Around 8 p.m. Alleyne and a camera crew picked up the suspect and took him to downtown Port of Spain where the team from the North Eastern Division Task Force was supposed the meet Alleyne and the suspect.

The hand-over point decided on was the Independence Square Branch of KFC.

The suspect, a tall medium built, dark man wearing a brown T-shirt, three-quarter pants and a pair of Clarks shoes, along with Alleyne, his cameraman and the Sunday Express waited near KFC for about 45 minutes for the police who arrested the man.

Police reports state that the fourth suspect, a 19-year-old man, was held with the cellphone of one of the victims at School Street, Enterprise, yesterday morning during an exercise carried out by the Chaguanas CID.

He confessed to police and a statement was taken from him confirming the involvement of the first two men who were arrested and that of a fifth man whom the police are now tracking with the cooperation of the men now in custody.

The first three were arrested in operations carried out by members of the Central Division Task Force and CID on Thursday and Friday.


2 Nabbed

By Nalinee Seelal
September 24, 2011 –

TWO MEN were last night being interrogated at the Chaguanas and Cunupia police stations regarding the brutal gang rape of a 49-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter at their Longdenville home early Thursday morning, during curfew hours.

The suspects, both 23, were nabbed a short while after the brutal attack. According to police, officers led by Inspector Wayne Lawrence went to Penco Street in Longdenville shortly after 11 pm, on Thursday, when the first suspect was arrested and taken to the Chaguanas Police Station.

A short while later, based on information received, officers stormed a house at Constructive Street in Enterprise, Chaguanas where the second suspect was held. This suspect, police said, began to cry as the handcuffs were slapped on him. He begged to be given a second chance. He was taken to the Cunupia Police Station.

Items of clothing, belonging to the two suspects, are to be sent for forensic tests. Police sources said they have received excellent information and are continuing the search for the other two rape suspects who are believed to have gone into hiding.

A silver-coloured Toyota car stolen from the victims’ home was recovered at Jonathan Trace in Cunupia shortly after 5 pm on Thursday. The vehicle has been sent to the Special Anti Crime Unit (SAUTT) in Cumuto for certain tests to be carried out.

The victims were at their Longdenville home on Thursday when at about 2.30 am, four masked men entered the house where they were asleep and ordered the mother to hand over cash and jewelry.

The woman was then taken to a room where she was raped. Her 17-year-old daughter was also raped by the four men and later ordered to take a shower to wash away evidence. They also tied up the woman’s two brothers and threatened to chop them. The men ransacked the house for valuables and then fled in the family’s car valued at $50,000.

The police were contacted and took the rape victims to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where they were treated. The 17-year-old rape victim underwent emergency surgery by a team of doctors who themselves were left emotionally drained after attending to her.

Medical sources added that the girl was heavily sedated following surgery and is expected to remain warded under police guard. Her mother was discharged from hospital on Thursday and has returned to her Longdenville home.,147749.html

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  1. If these are in fact confirmed to be the men without a resonable doubt based on DNA evidence, I say execute them and use them as shark chum. Send a message to criminals that violent crime will not be tolerated in TNT. If parents care about thier children, they will raise them right. We need to se more young men being lashed and kneeling on grates with thier arms raised high. I would rather have a wouded son rather than some executed felon who created some horrendous crime.
    Idiots like these are the reasons why the Trinidad and Tobago will never become as prosperous as it should be as long as they are around. It’s time to start the executions of violent offenders.

  2. Excellent work by the police. Give them all a raise or at least a congratulations plac with $1000. Women can sleep a little better knowing these five monsters are behind bars. Let us hope the justice system keep up with the hard working officers and ensure that these sick young men spend a long time in jail. Over to our illustrious DPP.

    1. “Following the attack, police have intensified patrols in the area and have put in place several anti-crime initiatives to deal with criminal activities.” Interesting, and I’m glad to finally hear of beefed up security , in ‘an already hotspot, as well as public kudos for our already overwhelmed , demoralized officers.

      Whether correct or not, some might conclude that this is an example of ‘de Chicken coming home to roost.’ Just hope that his mothers’s murderer was found just as quickly , and more importantly , he too was able to acquire full justice. Obviously still needs help to deal with his lingering trauma.


    By Nalinee Seelal
    September 25, 2011 –

    A teenager has confessed to the brutal rape of a mother and her teenage daughter in Longdenville, Chaguanas, last week. He told police he was very sorry for the rape of the women, but said he was distraught over the recent death of his mother and believed this was responsible for his actions.

    The teenager, 19, was nabbed at his Enterprise home at about 3 am yesterday, after a party of officers led by Supt Johnny Abraham and Insp Wayne Lawrence, raided his School Street, Enterprise home. The young man, who was asleep at the time, told police he had just returned from a curfew party and began crying when arrested by the team of officers. Police searched his home and seized two cellphones and a quantity of items linked to the victims of Thursday’s rape and robbery.

    The young man, who is employed at a popular bread and cake-making company, yesterday confessed to raping a 49-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter, robbing them of a quantity of cash and jewelry and their Toyota motorcar valued at $50,000.

    The suspect told officers that he and his accomplices were scouting around on Thursday night for a vehicle to steal, and they walked through several dirt tracks before reaching Longdenville, where they saw the garage gate of the victims’ home open. He said they used the opportunity to gain access into the home, where they proceeded to rob the matriarch of the home and then rape the woman and her daughter. He said after committing the rapes and robbery, they drove away with the victim’s car and abandoned it at Jonathan Trace in Cunupia.

    The man, however, told investigators that his mother was murdered earlier this year at Enterprise, Chaguanas, and this had a devastating impact on him. He pointed out that he became full of hatred after losing his mother, and this prompted his actions while carrying out a series of minor crimes.

    He added that after his actions on Thursday, he became remorseful and was very sorry for what he had done and asked the victims to forgive him. However, he said he was ready for any penalty which awaited him based on his actions.

    Yesterday, following his arrest, neighbours of the man gathered outside his house and began clapping as officers escorted him to a nearby police vehicle. They were full of praise for Abraham and his men for apprehending the suspect, and pointed out that the police service needed more officers like Abraham to bring criminals to justice.

    The man was yesterday quizzed at the Chaguanas Police Station by a team of senior officers, who later recorded a statement from him. Police are expected to approach the Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard, today for directions on how to proceed in the matter.

    Yesterday, the same party of officers who arrested the suspect returned to the victims’ home with the cellphones seized, which were identified by the 19-year-old son of the elder victim. The young man told officers his mother had used glue to stick the cellphone after it had broken and based on that, he was quickly able to identify it. The phone also still contained pictures he had downloaded on it prior to its theft. The teenager was high in praise for the police in quckly finding the perpetrators.

    “I now feel relieved that finally the persons who committed these hateful acts against my mother and sister are now in custody and I want them to be punished for what they did to my family,” he told Sunday Newsday.

    He pointed out that since the incident on Thursday he has not slept, and has been making phone calls and carrying out his own enquiries to get to the bottom of the incident. He said based on his findings, the men were sent to his home to carry out the acts, but is unsure why his family was targeted.

    Yesterday, he said his mother was at his sister’s bedside at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, but he and his ten-year old brother continue to relive the nightmarish incident almost every minute in their minds.

    On Friday night at about 10.30, a 25-year-old man, also of Chaguanas, contacted head of the North- Eastern Division Task Force, Sgt Roget Alexander, and told him he had information on the rapes of the Longdenville woman and her daughter. The man, who was dressed in a black jersey and three-quarter brown pants, then went to the Independence Square Branch of KFC accompanied by Crime Watch host, Ian Alleyne, and surrendered to a party of officers, which included Alexander, Cpl Sunil Bharath and others.

    The man told police he had information about the incident and was cautioned by officers, who then took him to the Morvant Police Station and later handed him over to the Chaguanas police.

    Yesterday, the man admitted to being part of the group in the Longdenville attack.

    The suspect, who has a criminal record for house breaking and larceny, was expected to be placed on an identification parade along with the 19-year old man in connection with the incident. Yesterday, he was interviewed and also gave a statement to police probing the incident.

    Yesterday, Deputy Police Commissioner, Mervyn Richardson, was high in praise of the actions by the police in apprehending the two main suspects and also commended members of the public for working closely with the police in sharing key information leading to the breakthrough in the probe

    Two men, both 23, who were arrested on Friday at their Chaguanas and Enterprise homes in connection with the same incident have since been released. Police investigators told Sunday Newsday that two accomplices of the two men now detained are to be arrested shortly.

    The victims of the rapes told police they were at their Longdenville home on Thursday when four men entered their home, robbed them of cash and jewelry and then proceeded to rape them.

    The men ordered the teenaged rape victim to bathe after she was sexually assaulted. The teenager, who underwent emergency surgery after the attack, is still warded at the EWMSC and was heavily sedated up to yesterday. Her mother was discharged from hospital on Thursday but is undergoing counselling for the trauma she endured at the hands of the four men.

    The ex-husband of the woman, who is reported to be a fire officer, is now working closely with the police to apprehend the outstanding two suspects.

    The rapes and robbery resulted in neighbours of the victims expressing shock and horror over the incident and they have also been working closely with a private security firm to increase patrols in the area.

    Following the attack, police have intensified patrols in the area and have put in place several anti-crime initiatives to deal with criminal activities especially in the Enterprise area which has been considered a hot-spot crime area for quite a while.,147812.html


    Hunt on for fifth suspect in rape, robbery of Central family
    Police have arrested two other suspects in connection with the robbery of a Central family, in which a woman and her teenage daughter were also raped. This brings the number of men detained to four. Based on information received, however, police are searching for a fifth suspect. The suspects, one of whom gave up himself near KFC in in Port-of-Spain Friday night, are believed to be involved in the attack on the family at their Longdenville, Chaguanas home on Thursday morning. The first two men, both 23, were arrested at their homes at Construction Street, Enterprise and Penco Street in Longdenville hours after the incident.

  4. Torture for one-and-a-half hours

    Sunday, September 25 2011

    Minutes afer identifying a cellphone belonging to his mother, which was found at the Enterprise home of a teenager yesterday, the 19-year old son of the woman who was raped along with her daughter on Thursday, yesterday recounted the nightmare he and his family endured on Thursday morning.

    The man, who is pursuing a degree in Health and Safety Management, told Sunday Newsday that on Wednesday night, he returned from classes, had dinner with his family, assisted his sister and ten-year-old brother with homework and had a short conversation with his mother, who had just returned from a retreat.

    He said he retired to bed at about 11 pm, and at about 2.30 am was awoken by four masked men who began asking him questions about his mother, sister and younger brother.

    He said the men began asking him about bank cards, jewelry and cash and then tied and gagged him.

    The men then proceeded to the second floor of the house where they woke his mother, sister and brother, who were asleep in separate bedrooms, and took them to the lower floor of the house.

    He said, “All four of us were tied up and the men continued to ask us questions about money and jewelry and then they threatened to chop off my sister’s hands with the chopper and also informed my ten-year-old brother that they were going to chop off his toes.

    “At that point in time we were all scared and fearful for our lives, but we continued praying while the men continued beating and torturing us with knives and choppers.”

    He added that while this was taking place, two of the men went upstairs and began ransacking the rooms.

    One bandit stayed with them and at one point, one of the men took his mother to a stock room adjacent to his bedroom where he raped her. He said while this was taking place, one man remained with him and his younger brother, while two of the men took his 17-year-old sister to his mother’s bedroom where they took turns raping her then made her take a shower.

    “I heard her scream out once and then I heard the shower running and then the two men brought my sister downstairs after they had changed her clothing.”

    He added, “Her hair was still wet and she was crying and soon after being brought to my bedroom, the men again tied her up with tie-straps and gagged her.”

    He pointed out that at about 4.03 am when the curfew was no longer in effect, the men drove away in his mother’s car with two laptop computers, toy cars, video games and other valuables.

    He said his mother managed to unloose the tie-straps on her hand and contacted the police, who arrived five minutes later and assisted in untying the other members of his family.

    The young man, who confessed to still being traumatised over the incident, said when the police arrived his sister began crying uncontrollably and began bleeding heavily, and was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where she underwent surgery and received stitches for injuries sustained.

    Speaking with Sunday Newsday yesterday at his Longdenville home, the young man said the rapists even took the opportunity to drink beers, tequila and brandy before committing the cruel acts.

    He said he and his brother have since been receiving full support from their father, who does not live with them, and he is thankful for all the kind words and additional support he and his brother are receiving from persons who care. He believes his family was targeted by the group of men and is happy the police acted swiftly and now have two of the four suspects in custody.

    “Right now we are thanking our lucky stars to be alive but we are praying for the full recovery of my sister, who is still recuperating at hospital, and while I know life will never be the same for us again, I am happy that we are all alive to comfort each other,” said the aggrieved teenager.

    While he is fearful of the crime situation in the country, he said he never thought that during curfew hours, his family would have been so brutally attacked and forced to endure one-and-a-half hours of a painful ordeal which will forever remain etched in his mind as long as he lives.,147821.html

  5. Losing your mother in such a brutal way can cause you to fall into the arms of the devil, who will provide you with enough hate to commit unspeakable crimes. Evil is a progressive thing. It starts with telling a lie, then stealing, then murder and finally a life in prison. I hope the young man can find the courage to do the right thing from this point onward. The law will take it’s course as should be expected. It is always sad when families suffering trauma are not given councilling and enough support.

  6. Not only putting them in jail..they should be flog…so others who want to commit this type of crime who think otherwise..also all who commit kidnapping should be hang for their role..for those mother’s who cries out and say that their sons are good boys…think twice before opening your mouth

  7. “Families suffering trauma are not given councilling and enough support?” Ok neal , you got to give up this foolish information highway driving , as you are getting absolutely no where , with the likes of mamboo,aka , ‘one oh dem’ ardent followers of the ‘close de stable , when de horse is out ,’ theorist.
    Hey buddy, please get it straight,as in case you were not aware ,3 million hours, of counseling ,would not have prevented this young man from resorting to the terrible acts ,he and others foolishly indulged in ,on that unfortunate family, who did him no wrong personally,or indirectly.
    It likewise would not stop a future suicide bomber in Afghanistan , Southern Iraq , or madras educated Karachi,and Islamabad.
    It could not halt what will continue to take place in Kashmir, East Jerusalem , Gaza strip., newly liberated Southern SUdan, Somalia,Gang infested LA , South Side Chicago, or KKK country, Georgia , or Texas USA, where little neo racial idiots, grow up to be senators, judges, juries, Governors, and just maybe Presidents, then use their power to murder mostly Afrikan males , all in the name of American justice.
    The choice is ours mamboo, and here it is. We can place our collective heads in the sand , and build more prisons , like you have called for on dis here blogerspher, place the death penalty on a fast track for those unable to howl to ‘you alls,’ Privy Council , all the while, ignoring our country’s still lingering historical wrongs, and worst yet, cuddling a small elite , as they in turn , fleece , and plunder with impunity,then repeatedly ,cry victimhood ,to any who cares to listen .
    Not saying that you are overly smart, a la de brightest bulb in de building , but I won’t hold it against you ,as even you fully knows ,that such follies , are recipe for failure ,
    yes? Just kidding,… ummmm, maybe.

    1. Neil you have to believe in the inherent good nature of humanity or else you will forever remain the pessimist. I am not saying he should not feel the weight of the law, the law must take it’s course, what he did was incredibly horrible and sickening.

      However, his confession presents and opportunity for society to target those who may slip under the crack and fall into the wrong crowd. That is the challenge for churches, government and good citizens like yourself to practice the golden rule “do to others as you have them do to you”. So let us look out for those who may fall into this pit.

      Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all follow this rule…..hmmm

  8. I wonder how long it’s going to take the DPP, to release these guys? None of those guys have any remorse, the only thing any of them would be sorry about, is being caught. The guy who gave himself up is guilty for sure, unless he is a sicko, seeking attention, like Granny Quila. The cops must do a thorough investigation and be certain they have the guilty parties, or as I said before, the DPP is going to toss all charges against these “Good Citizens” out, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

  9. No to this resident sarcastic chnnloy. He will do much better, so as to please the likes of you , and similar selectively outraged others ,very thirsty for blood.
    I got it from good source that he would first ,leave them in jail for let’s say ,2 years without any trial, then ,would advise our new prison overseer Israel Khan Jr, tO set their cells afire in the deep cover of night, and just before they burn to death , send some Tethron goons to grabbed them , naked ,and screaming , and feed them, to any of the half dying lions we might still have ,at our Emperor Valley Zoo- or whatever the new name of that relic ,that any culturally wounded , found appropriate, just like was done to the symbol on the Red House a few years ago.
    In the mean time , we know why you creatures love the Privy Council, as opposed to the CCA- the former wear better legal wigs, ennt?
    What a confused nation of people you Trinis are?

  10. It’s about time that those in Government start walking the Talk. Firm and strong should be the penalties for repeaters. You can’t abide by the law of the land-you should be put away from society.
    Deal with some BIG FISHES who have been dirtying up the Pool. I feel so sorry for these ignorant SMALL FISHES who have fallen for the little pittance that are meted out to them from the BIG FISHES mouth.
    Their establishments and empires, your days are numbered- come on down Government: build back the People’s trust in your Broken Systems- Strong leaders cannot only be big mouth speakers, we in Trinidad had enough with Talkers, time for action.
    Since 1962 Trinidad gained Independence-Over 49 years we still can’t prove that we can govern ourselves. Trinidad have all the resources, the man power and all the Money they can ever wish to have.
    Days for who fooling who are over, People not that stupid these days!!! You could fool some of the people some of the time, you could fool most of the people most of the time; but you cannot fool all the people all the Time. Take back T&T- from the edge of the precipice!!! Take it back now- Everybody should work at marking T&T the place it used to be.
    Neighbors visiting Neighbors, Family staying over by family, People traveling to the public places with certainty and security- Every body should be every bodies Neighbor now. This is a Cultural Thing, this is a People thing, this is Children and Youth thing, this includes all parents, teachers, public servants, all law abiding Citizens.
    Even Screw Face said: TAKE IT, AH SAY TAKE IT……

  11. 3 Longdenville rape suspects in custody
    THREE men remained in police custody for last week Thursday morning’s robbery and rape of a Central mother and her daughter. They were still being questioned by detectives up to press time last night. Two other men however who were arrested hours after the incident were released yesterday.

    Surrender to cops
    An Enterprise family is working closely with officers of the Central Division to convince a 20-year-old man wanted in connection with the rape of a 49-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter, to surrender.

    Suspect nabbed in teen rape case
    A 25-year-old Moruga man was arrested by police in connection with the alleged rape of a 15-year-old Princes Town schoolgirl.

    Schoolboys in court for rape
    FOUR teenaged schoolboys who allegedly gang-raped a 13-year-old girl last week are expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate today.

    Police exercise nets 41, Four teens held in rape of Moruga schoolgirl, 14

  12. “persist”

    I also wonder why Indian men persist in living up to their reputations as wife beaters and wife killers.

  13. It was the philosopher Bishop George Berkley who once said, “To be is to be perceived (Esse est percipi).” Or, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”
    The answer to your questions are simple T-Man. All the negatives qualities you have alluded to ,or conveniently , left unstated ,that are linked to the Indian male, such as an unwholesome penchant for wife/ child murdering, spousal physical abuses,corruption,and power obsessions ,with very few exceptions ,persist as part of the package of culture, inherited from the South Asian homeland.
    In contrast , all the ugly qualities ,you can pinpoint, about Afrikans- whether authentic or not – is the result of habits inculcated from 400 years of Euro Barbarian slavery, that no other people on the planet can attest to, irrespective of how much they try.
    With effort , meaningful changes, can develop of mutual benefits.
    Our time across this and similar forums ,would be better spent trying to expose these qualities , then doing what is in our powers to eradicate same, at every opportunity, if our real intentions are to develop a nation , and collective people.
    Let’s face it , if honest , all races are ladened with certain levels of dysfunctions.
    A closer look under the surface , shows that we generally have the same things in common. Therefore for every criminal scoundrel that you can show me within the Afro Trini community , I can find 5 within the Indo Trini community , and vice – versa-depending on what we are referring to as criminal.
    You for example, are justifiably revolted, by any lower class, Afro , blue color thug , and want him ,or her castrated , strangled ,and burnt at the stake.
    I likewise, would like to grab hold of every white color Indo , miscreant, that preys on innocent , and mince them into little pieces ,then fed to starving barracudas along the Boca, after of course ,confiscating all that ill-gotten gains.
    These stupid habits of our nationals, for continually looking over their shoulders, or repeatedly trying to elevate fake elites heroes , across the respective tribes , will get us no where soon, yes?

  14. DNA tests for rape suspects
    THREE men, ages 19, 20 and 25, all of Enterprise Village, Chaguanas who were detained between Friday night and Saturday in connection with the gang rape of a Longdenville woman and her 17-year-old daughter are to be charged shortly with two counts of rape and one count of robbery. The charges could be laid today.

    Cops on the trail of 4th rape suspect
    POLICE investigating the rape and robbery of a Longdenville mother and daughter spent yesterday searching for a fourth man in connection with the attack.


    Girl, 10, assaulted in Cedros
    Police were up to late yesterday searching for a man who indecently assaulted a ten-year-old schoolgirl in Cedros.

  15. DNA? I would argue that a suspect asking for chance is equivalent to a confession. The Law establishes a rule where the statements a suspect makes after arrest and caution is admissable in evidence. In this context there is prima facie evidence to go to trial.

    The Law has to be implemented as it is written. Horrendous though these acts be, the letter of the law cannot be usurped by emotional recommendations.

    Should rape be a crime punishable by death? Well I do not support the death penalty, because as we can see over and over, emotionality tend to take precedence over objective examination of facts and the law, and since jury pools are drawn from random members of the population, final justice would become an outcome of bias, hate and subjective judgement.

    When atrocities like these occur and are examined I believe that the majaority of the population in any society would want to see these turds die, or be skinned alive. The problem is that the both the guilty and the innocent found guilty will be exposed to this standard of justice, and as can be discerned from the Innocence Project run by Attoney Barry Scheck in the US, many will be condemned to die because of our human, emotional, bias and subjective feelings.

  16. as i already said what is the difference between murder and rape should both be non bailable offences

  17. And how many more U.S. prison graduates are heading to T&T in this bunch?

    This convicted killer has lived the majority of his adult live (36years) in the U.S. probably as a resident of their Industrial Prison Complex and now he’s unleashed on an unsuspecting citizenry of Trinidad & Tobago. It is a shame that our government allows such disrespect. But if it’s the U.S’s intention to create chaos in our island, as an excuse to invade, so they can keep Chavez in their sights; maybe T&T should establish new laws for our Americanized Convicts. Isn’t there still space on of those five islands?

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