Drastic measures our only option

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, June 28th 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

ArrestedI SENSED the seething rage that simmered behind the genteel persona of Fr Clyde Harvey as he delivered the homily at Tecia Henry’s funeral service last Thursday. Fr Harvey is a priest whose faith and training undoubtedly combine to make him a man of peace. Yet, there he was, for the hundredth time, maybe more, presiding over the last rites for yet another crime victim who had barely known life before it was brutally snatched from her. I don’t know how he and other clerics cope with the tidal-wave of grief and floods of tears that engulf them as the nation drifts into a state of war.
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Friends, Fans Mourn the Death of Michael Jackson

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Michael Jackson is dead

» The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown Record Michael Jackson Tribute
» Michael Jackson Tribute (YouTube Video)
The Game’s New Song “Better On The Other Side” featuring. Chris Brown, P.Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher & Boyz II Men. A Song Tributing Michael Jackson who died of Cardiac Arrest On 6/25/09.
» Coroner on MJ: ‘No Indication of Foul Play’
» Elizabeth Taylor on Jackson death: ‘My life feels so empty’
» Fans from Sydney to Bogota mourn Michael Jackson
» World reacts to his death
» Jackson music, videos quickly sell out after death
» An era of gravity defying dance comes to a sad end
» World mourns King of Pop
» Friends, Fans Mourn the Death of ‘King of Pop’
» Michael Jackson RIP – he will always be remembered
» Pop critics remember Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’
» For his legions of fans, he was the Peter Pan of pop music
» Paramedics Worked To Resuscitate Star For More Than 40 Minute
» Pop star Michael Jackson dead at 50
» AP Source: Michael Jackson dies in LA hospital
We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50. Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.
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Woman killed by hijackers

By Indarjit Seuraj
June 25 2009 – newsday.co.tt


ViolenceYESTERDAY afternoon, just after 1.30 pm, Camille Daniel, 39, wife of a soldier, left her home at Finch Drive, River Estate in Diego Martin to pick up a friend at the VEMCO compound, Factory Road in the Diamond vale Industrial Estate, which is directly opposite the West End Police Station.

As she and her friend sat chatting in Daniel’s gold-coloured Nissan Almera car (PBC 7755), two armed bandits jumped into the back seat, with one of them placing a gun to Daniel’s side and ordered her to drive.
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Powerfully stupid on that smelter

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, June 21st 2009


Aluminum Smelter PlantIN the face of a court ruling against the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) granting a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) to Alutrint, citizens must wonder why the Patrick Manning Government seems intent proceeding with this multi-billion-dollar project. Justice Mira Dean-Armorer declared that the EMA’s decision was “procedurally irregular, irrational and made without regard to consideration of the cumulative impact of the three related projects the power plant, the aluminium complex (and) the port facility.”
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Tecia Henry Strangled

TrinidadAndTobagoNews.com Reporters
June 19, 2009


Tecia HenryAn autopsy revealed that ten-year-old Tecia Henry was killed by manual strangulation. Sources at the Forensic Science Centre said that further tests would have to be performed to determine if she was also raped.

The autopsy was witnessed by Tecia’s grandmother, Patricia James. Speaking with the media afterwards, Ms. James rejected reports that Tecia was killed due to family members’ alleged criminal activities. She said that whether or not there was criminal activities in the family, no one had the right to do what they did to her grandchild and that God, in his own way, would deal with the person who committed this murder.
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Ten-year-old Tecia Henry found dead

TrinidadAndTobagoNews.com Reporters
June 17, 2009 – Updated: 12:15 PM


Tecia HenryTen-year-old Tecia Henry, who was missing for four days, has been found dead and buried in a shallow grave beneath a house in Plaisance Terrace, Laventille. The body was discovered by a C.E.P.E.P. crew around 8:30 this morning.

The partially decomposed body was found semi-nude and it is suspected that strangulation had a part to play in her death.

A short while after the body’s discovery, residents of the community gathered and some attempted to take their anger out on a community leader who they felt should have known something about the disappearance and murder of the child. Police fired shots in the air to disperse the crowd.
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EMA approval for smelter ‘illegal’

By Andre Bagoo
June 17, 2009 – newsday.co.tt


Aluminum Smelter PlantHIGH COURT Judge Justice Mira Dean-Armorer yesterday ruled the decision of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to grant approval for construction of the Alutrint smelter plant in La Brea was illegal and made in an “outrageous”, “irrational” and “procedurally irregular” manner.

Delivering judgment in a series of lawsuits challenging the EMA’s April 2007 granting of a certificate of environmental (CEC) to Alutrint, the judge found that the failure of the EMA to disclose to the public or consider a crucial report which analysed the cumulative impact of the smelter plant alongside a now under-construction power plant as well as a planned port facility had fatally tainted the process used in approving plans for the plant.
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Caricom: backward ever, forward never

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, June 14th 2009


Caricom LeadersCARIBBEAN unity is an imperative for the survival of small island states like ours. But it seems to be coming apart at the seams, thanks to our tactless and egotistic leaders. Our disintegration comes at a time when much of the world is moving towards some form of unity, if only to sustain their economies in a time of crisis and in the longer term. We are drifting apart as never before. From the draconian immigration policies of Barbados to confusing signals on free and fair trade between Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, our leaders seem to be working overtime to dismantle what little unity we now enjoy.
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Were John’s comments unfair?

By Dana Seetahal
June 14, 2009 – guardian.co.tt

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Justice Stanley JohnThree weeks ago, Justice Stanley John commented to the effect that if magistrates did not wish to do their work properly, they should resign. Then, despite the furore that his comments caused, he gave a lengthy interview to a radio station, during which, among other things, he queried the frequency of adjournments in the Court of Appeal and commented on the need for training magistrates.
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What a week!

By Raffique Shah
June 07, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

PM Patrick ManningIT was that kind of week, one during which so much happened, the columnist is left confused. What issues do I address? My colleagues-in-print have all but flogged “Mad Max” to death. Except that President Max, endowed with powers to commit sins then forgive himself, is not about to die from shame or demit office unceremoniously. Like the legendary “bag ah lion”, a tough cop of many moons ago, Max is saying to all who care to listen: “Ah bad ah bad ah bad like a whole bag ah lion!”
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