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Powerfully stupid on that smelter

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, June 21st 2009


Aluminum Smelter PlantIN the face of a court ruling against the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) granting a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) to Alutrint, citizens must wonder why the Patrick Manning Government seems intent proceeding with this multi-billion-dollar project. Justice Mira Dean-Armorer declared that the EMA’s decision was “procedurally irregular, irrational and made without regard to consideration of the cumulative impact of the three related projects the power plant, the aluminium complex (and) the port facility.”
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EMA approval for smelter ‘illegal’

By Andre Bagoo
June 17, 2009 – newsday.co.tt


Aluminum Smelter PlantHIGH COURT Judge Justice Mira Dean-Armorer yesterday ruled the decision of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to grant approval for construction of the Alutrint smelter plant in La Brea was illegal and made in an “outrageous”, “irrational” and “procedurally irregular” manner.

Delivering judgment in a series of lawsuits challenging the EMA’s April 2007 granting of a certificate of environmental (CEC) to Alutrint, the judge found that the failure of the EMA to disclose to the public or consider a crucial report which analysed the cumulative impact of the smelter plant alongside a now under-construction power plant as well as a planned port facility had fatally tainted the process used in approving plans for the plant.
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A Watershed Moment of People’s Power

By Stephen Kangal

Aluminum Smelter PlantDemocrats must celebrate and document for posterity this defining and watershed moment in the victorious enactment of people’s power by our Chatham folk. The script of the politics of post-Chatham T&T has been rewritten by the simple, rural, ordinary God-fearing people of Chatham. Their message to us is that State arrogance, insensitivity and unilateralism have no place in the new people centred political order that they have now ushered in. No government can now afford to underestimate the will and determination of the salt of the earth to defend and conserve the integrity of their living spaces as well as their inalienable right to be consulted and heard in democratic T&T.
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