Tecia Henry Strangled

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June 19, 2009


Tecia HenryAn autopsy revealed that ten-year-old Tecia Henry was killed by manual strangulation. Sources at the Forensic Science Centre said that further tests would have to be performed to determine if she was also raped.

The autopsy was witnessed by Tecia’s grandmother, Patricia James. Speaking with the media afterwards, Ms. James rejected reports that Tecia was killed due to family members’ alleged criminal activities. She said that whether or not there was criminal activities in the family, no one had the right to do what they did to her grandchild and that God, in his own way, would deal with the person who committed this murder.

During a statement to the media on Thursday, 18 June, Twiggy, Tecia’s aunt, expressed that she was upset with the media for disclosing that Tecia’s mother had drug related court matters and added that people are against Black women in the ghetto who are only trying to uplift themselves. She also said the forensic report did not state that Tecia was raped but she believes that it was jealousy as the motive behind the killing.

In related matters, the home of one of the suspects who had been held by police for questioning was completely destroyed by suspected arson this morning; the fire also seriously damaged two other homes. This act is believed to be a reprisal for Tecia’s killing and police have admonished residents to refrain from any further unlawful actions.

The police are still searching for the killer who has now been labeled the ‘John-John strangler’.

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13 thoughts on “Tecia Henry Strangled”

  1. Trinidad and Tobago have now join the other American states. what next? With all the various crime units being set up, along with all the various committees. Trinidad can do this.
    Trinidad needs a : Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, A Homeland Security and other various crime units to deal with some of this issues right now.
    Probably nuclear arms as this country is heading into Nation Status by 20/20, NASA should set up a base here also. All the various constituencies should have elected Governors. We already have a Congress, A President and a Justice Department.
    But the major issue is Having some of the Rich loosen up the Money so that poverty can be eradicated, inequality can be removed from society.
    If there is no Equality among the masses, no Law coming in existence can curb any offence and wrong doing. Wake up and become like who you copying.
    By the way we might need some Nuclear Submarines soon as time goes.

    Good Luck People- in building Nation Status!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. The Table would be turned soon, the haves would feel the need of not having. Pain and suffering is coming to all, all who have a share in creating this inequality among the people.

    Wickedness will come to an End, you could run but you can’t hide.

    The Land Is Crying!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Its seems like the authorities cannot handle the present crime situation in T&T they have failed miserably.
    Our whole Nation is going through a dark Karmic period that man cannot do anything about, when man has failed we must turn to Almighty God. The people of my beloved T&T should all call upon Almighty God for his everlasting Mercy, thats the only way we can get out of this situation. Just PRAY- PRAY- PRAY and our Prayers would be answered. Give God Praise- Glory-Thanks and Honour and everything would return as we once knew it.
    ‘Have faith there friends in God ‘

  4. A sad reality dark days ahead …

    I would say that 95% of the blame should be placed on the present government for the escalating crime issues in Trinidad. However I will be straight forward to say also two things. First fact, the individuals running this world, are people who sometimes deals with dark forces such as the lodge etc…Satan presently deceives many in this world today. In fact this is what his job is until Christ comes. Therefore anything that is dark e.g. Persons in authority disregarding the increase murders in the country, involved instead in corruption, contributes to pain and suffering, and increased poverty because of what they indulge themselves in, they cannot bring forth good fruit. In order to keep the status in the life the Government, maybe these individuals have to turn a blind eye and allow Satan to have his way as payment for success, one never know. As it is truly unbelievable and without sense, that this level of criminal activities can be taking place in a wealthy Island like ours.

    We must also start to think on a spiritual level in terms of answers, other wise what is happening in this place will blow our minds. Many evil forces dwell here, many worshiping of Idols which Our God has forbidden us to do. Idols contains evil spirits and sometimes the people worshiping them are not even aware what they are doing. The Creator of this Universe is Indeed Mighty, If he told us Do not worship nor bow down to any Gods other than Him, He knows why He gives this type of instruction.

    It is scary if we look deeply, when it comes to the facts of what some will do in order to gain temporary wealth and success.

    The 5% I will blame on broken homes, with a huge contribution to the delinquent and dead beat “so called” fathers who lack in participation contribution wise and devotion wise, when it comes to the welfare of their children. We see this also coming more from the African men. What a Shame to you fathers of the nations who, help bring children into this world to suffer and or to leave all responsibility for the mothers .

    Women! Please be careful when it comes to the type of men you decide to have children with. I know that this is sometimes difficult to do as the men do not show the true colors in the beginning. If so many who is responsible for the murder of his wife , if she knew her life would have been taken by her husband or lover, she would not have gone with him. If you are like myself a single parent, then please focus on your children upbringing. I live in the ghetto and the area is indeed depressed, both my daughters dads are dead beat fathers,but the law have departments in placed for these type of men. My eldest has 8’ALevels and 6’OLevels passes because I pushed them. My youngest just did cxc exams doing science subjects…I think that she will do well. It is not an easy job but I did not give up and I never spear the rod and spoil the child. Please If I can do it in an area like mine you can also . If you feel you need help there is the Creator and you can go to him day or night.

  5. i honestly think that no one should do such thing to a ten year old she was innocen and it doesnt mater if the mother was a drug lord or whatever that gave no one the right to take the life of a ten year old. These bloody bastards need to just leave the little children alone and if they have to kill why dont they jus kill one another not the little children. AND THEN AGAIN WHAT IS THIS CHILDS MOTHER SENDING HER TO BY BREAD AT THAT HOUR OF THE NIGHT I MEAN COME ON GO GET THE AM BREAD YOURSELF

  6. A quick quiz on crime:Who was Boysie Singh?
    Who were the Poolool Brothers?
    Who was MAno Benjamin?
    Who were members of the Chadee GAng?
    Now for the clincher question:
    Whho was in goernment at the time?

    The answer to this last is various parties, none of which was able to curb runaway crime which is geting worse.

    In those times too, there were rich and powerful people manipulating the society. There were scalawags, there were exploiters, there were hard working poor people, and those who spent their days in the pool hall. The newspapers then carries more news on the football pools in england than on the statu of poor pople in TnT.

    Nothing has changed except the people’s constant carping that the “present government” is to blame. Riddiculing every attempt to fight crime, and non-coperation with the police is he order of the day, until our child is attacked, taken, killed or disapered.
    then we tear our hair and gnash our teeth.

    The time to change is now. Wear out the Police with reports of the illegal things you see going on in your neighbourhood. Take sneak cell-phone pictures where possible and share it at the police station.

    Once, in this very country, an observant taxi driver helped arrest two iternational terrorists,who bombed a Cubana Airlines plane. The police did not take him on at first, but he persisted. Eventually someone higher up listened and acted.

    We could do it,people. Learn to see the policeman as your friendd, the one you would turn to, if being made a victim.

    Unfortunately the culture of the bandit, the thug, the dacoit has caught on in TnT. Only the people, with a chnge in attitude, can dig ourselves out of thi deepening hole.

    Instead, we ridicule the blimp, the purchase of helicopters, the placement of cameras in publi places, and the purchase of high speed boats for the Coast Guard.

    I would suppose that a law enforcement official must be weary at the end of the day from sheer fatigue at negativism in public, than from actual crime fighting endeavours.Let us, the people, give them a hand.

  7. This World is not only for Corrupted Government.
    Everything in the Media and News World is only About Government this and Government That. Is this all life is worth living on the Planet earth?
    Pretty Soon Government would install Camera’s in people’s home, in their bedrooms, their toilet, their backyard etc. Copy Cats should not Copy other People’s form of Administration when they can’t Govern themselves.
    Why boast about all this when situation arrive, we have to send for Experts? Is this making sense? I know we should support Good Government that respect the Rights of the People. But when Government is not fearing ,neither is listening to the people something is wrong.
    The Hearts of Mankind is Corrupt what should we expect?
    Who is checking all the Violent Movies that is pouring in !!!
    The Corrupt DUB Music that Pushes Violence !!!!!!
    All other Violent Music- The Raps and Hip Hops etc. !!!!
    We are all mixed up in this Poddle, yet we are at each others throat when the real issues are being touched.
    A Million Police
    A Million Helicopters
    A Million Police Stations
    A Million New Police Cars
    A Million New National Security Ministers
    A Million New Forms of New Government and the List can go on and on. Without Stiff Laws in Operation to deal with Current Issues nothing can be done.
    Because the Makers of the Laws are A Law unto themselves. I don’t know where to start and where to finish on a topic like this.
    Mankind needs God in their lives, without God Governing the Hearts of Men, Society would continue like it is. Moral Laws cannot be Legislated to deal with Man’s Sin Problem. Individuals have to take individual responsibility.
    When we turn our Backs on God, He would do the Same. All Can see this Who Have eye’s to See.
    Let us take time out to seek after the Spirit, we often are to caught up with the Physical, Mental and Material World there is no room for the Spiritual World.
    We brought nothing into this world and we certainly cannot take anything out. Put something in your Brains People, many are existing with nothing there.!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Let me finally take this opportunity to join the throngs of what I assume are generally well intentioned fellow global citizens on the blogersphere ,to mourn the loss of one of our dear , and delicate flowers in ten-year-old Tecia Henry .The general emotional rants , scapegoat maneuvers, and finger pointing are understandable perhaps at this stage.
    Unfortunately, this tragedy is quite common with what usually transpire for daily life in the predominantly urban , Brazilian-like ,post slavery Favelas , as well as other poor back ward, neglected , lower caste ,and socially menacing enclaves that are considered homes for numerous children of former indentured laborers in good old T&T.
    Politically, don’t expect to see much shift in the radar as far as meaningful actions by the power brokers on both sides of the ‘so- called divide,’ when it comes to rape , murder , and mayhem to perhaps 50 of our kids in the past year across the nation.
    The reasons some cynics claim are simple, for none of the kids can vote , or are from elite neighborhoods , where parents have an authentic social voice, due to possession of economic clout.
    Now some like myself may say, if Iran can take the tragic death of a young lady called Nada to become a rallying cry to help foster changed , think of the possibilities for Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country where it is most evident , especially within recent times that the life of man, woman ,and -for our purposes – children like young Tecia Henry , 8 year old Hope Arismandez, 14-year-old Zoreen Ansara Mohammed, and a multitude of others , can in the words of Thomas Hobbs be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.
    You’ve got to stop drinking the Vat19 , laced with our globally famous Angostura bitters ,crush ice ,and lemon, so early in the day Neal!

  9. Manning’s strange speech
    Referring to last week’s tragic murder of Tecia Henry, ten, what did Mr Manning mean by telling the audience not to take at face value the facts of the case as they believed them to be? Was he sending a message of some sort, or trying to brush aside the horrible crime that took the life of this ten-year-old-girl?

    Tecia’s mom demands apology from PM
    Referring to Tecia’s killing Manning, speaking at the PNM’s Special Convention held on Sunday at Chaguaramas, told supporters not to take the killing at “face value.” He said, “There is more to it than that, but I am not at liberty to say.”

  10. Mr. Manning once trivialized the kidnappings in T&T in one of his speeches,attributing blame to the victims themselves,while mocking and ridiculing the idea that kidnapping Indians for ransom was becoming a serious crime in T&T. Look at where we are today!
    Once again, Mr. Manning , in a very irresponsible manner, implies that he has inside information that makes this murder seem less heinous.
    This shocking and abdominable crime provided an opportunity for the PM to make a strong statement against the criminal elements of our society. Instead, in true megalomaniac tendency, he lectures from his high horse about “inside information”.
    When is this PM going to fire his Minister responsible for crime?
    When is this PM going to send a strong signal to the criminals that they can no longer operate in T&T?

  11. TMan when are you and crew going to finally recognize that you are wasting your precious time trying to fight the PM on every sing utterance he mutters , or course of action he pursue. From a political strategic standpoint it is useless and no major dividend can accrue as a result. I had an old Political Science A level Professor who always like to claim in quote that “ something is good if it works.”
    To you and Diane , Tecia’s overwhelmed mom, this comment might appear as callus and insensitive, but to his fervent supporters , and others – a prudent though calculating operative, as it appear as if he is requesting that parents and communities assume responsibilities , and slower rush to judgments.
    Attacking crimes, and protecting the weak and powerless – especially women and children , requires more clear thinking and collaborations by all sectors of our society. It is not an Indo or Afo Trinidadian problem but a national problem, and we are all victims – even the fortunate ,secured in private enclaves domestically or abroad.
    I know that you do not believe that you are threatened in your 2 million dollar mansion in Manitoba, but if when you decides to come home for a two weeks vacation ,you have to start to emulate our more savage Yardee friends, then you have a problem.
    Many of these ego inflated jokers will only tell relatives that they visited their country , two minuets before they get on the Jamaica Airline flight to return back abroad.
    I plan to follow your lead instead and now first purchase and pack my bullet proof vest before leaving. I will pretend when I land ,that I am a maniacal George Street vagrant, then drive around in a Penal donkey cart across the nation in my quest to attract little attention like a scrunting looser which I am not – simply to remain alive for the duration of stay.
    Well, sorry for my dramatization , but you catch my drift. I know that you won’t be caught dead in anything but your latest 2009 Lexus or BMW when on vacation in Sweet, Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country , even if you were threatened with an Israeli Uzi from one of our well trained Tethron Boys in Green.
    Hang in there my friend, but let’s focus on the real end game, and leave the stupid political Jig and Dance for insensitive political stooges , and uncaring , heartless characters.
    Now tell me Tman with news like this , how can we ever hate this blessed land call Trinidad and Tobago, eh?

  12. Enill defends Manning’s comments about Tecia’s killing
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning was merely trying to send the message that parents must ensure the safety of their children when he spoke about Tecia Henry’s murder at the People’s National Movement’s (PNM’s) special convention recently, Energy Minister Conrad Enill has said in defence of Manning’s comments.

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