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TT Olympians get their Chaconia Gold, $$

T&T Olympic Silver Medalists get their Chaconia Gold
Olympic Medalists get Chaconia. LEFT: Keston Bledman, Richard Thompson, Marc Burns, Emmanuel Callender and Aaron Armstrong

By Liselle Maraj

Six of the nation’s top athletes yesterday received the Chaconia Gold National Award for their outstanding achievement at the XXIX Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China last month.
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A Looming Maritime Disaster

By Stephen Kangal
September 10, 2008

Trinidad and TobagoCitizens of T&T must now awake. Let us discard our politically partisan lenses with which we have viewed and assessed the recent conduct of governance by PM Manning. We must demand immediate answers from him on what is going on with the defence of the integrity and continuing ownership of our abundant, rich-yielding maritime patrimony from the creeping encroachment of Barbados.
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Cost of PM’s house rises to $175.3M

By Gail Alexander

PM Residence

The cost of the Prime Minister’s official residence and diplomatic centre in St Ann’s has increased from $148 million to $175.3 million, due to additional external works outside the original scope of the project.
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